2010 Scotland Kilomathon™

I couldn't find a thread for the 2010 Scotland Kilomathon, only the 2009.  And it doesn't look like that attracted a great deal of interest.

 Well, I've signed up for this, and today received a rather paltry race pack (chip and number - what on EARTH made me think I'd be doing this in 2 hrs 15?  Add half an hour to that).  Not highly bargainous for 30 quid, but I'm hoping there will be a nice medal at the end, or a T-shirt, or just lots of wonderful things along the way. 

 Is anyone else doing this?  Any comments from past attempts?  The only feedback I could see online took me straight to the English Kilomathon. 


  • I believe the Kilomathons only started this year, the first was the England Kilomathon in March.  So there was none in 2009!image
  • Aha, that explains it.  Sorry for the duplicate thread... I'll pull up the old one instead.
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