Running a marathon with a Camelbak

I'm running the Leicester Marathon in 2 weeks. They have plastic cups at their drinking stations, which I'm rubbish at drinking out of whilst on the hoof. I really don't want to have to stop at every water station as it'll wear me out. It's only my second marathon. My first was London, where they gave out bottles. That was perfect!

I've been training using a camelbak for my water and was really looking forward to running without it, but I'm not sure whether I should use it on the day.

Does anyone else use camelbaks for marathons/ultras etc.? Do you find them to be better than drinking from cups at water stations?


  • Near the bottom of this page is a set of tips for drinking on the run.

    Since you've been doing long runs with your camelbak, it shouldn't be that much of a hardship, relative to the benefit of being well hydrated. (If I was doing a long event with cups, I'd definitely use the camelbak.)

    Good luck!

  • Lostkat I use a Inov-8 rucksack with a bladder for all my LSRs up to about 30 miles and have never had any problems with it, however if you really want to ditch your camelbak why don't you have a look about for a decent bottle belt? Have a look on Likeys on a similar site and I'm sure you'll find something suitable with the added davantage of having a pouch to keep your favourite gels in.
  • Being the cheapskate that I am I got a waist travel wallet thing from Poundland and attached a small net bag which used to hold washing tablets I think. Anyway swizz it around so that the wallet is at the back handy for some gels, tabs and wet wipes and in the net bag sits a small 200ml bottle that I refill, 2 or 3 refills gets me through a marathon. Works for me.
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