Crap at relationships



  • Running Rodent wrote (see)
    I bet if you could see the number of hits on your profile that half the females on the forum have been trying to work out where you are.
    Guilty as charged, m'Lud image
  • Oooo a Runners World speed/tempo/long slow dating social could be fun.  Put me on the list image
  • It'll probably happen when you least expect it - like shinglesimage
  • Johnny Blaze wrote (see)
    It'll probably happen when you least expect it - like shinglesimage

    I'd like some notice so I can iron a shirt and have a hair cut.

    Oh you mean Slowfoot meeting someone, not a social image

  • I don't necessarily believe that you're crap at relationships. It's all about finding the right person. I found someone almost three years ago, having had some shit in the past. If you'd have asked me then, whether it'd have lasted this long three years ago, I'd have laughed in your face. I'm 32 now... Just bide your time. It'll happen.

    ps. Not having kk sleeping at the end of my bed every night seems to have helped.
  • She slept on top of me for the last two nights ............ is this a sign?
  • You didn't have your 'Special Willy' on, did you?
  • *pulls up sofa, pops Pringles and cracks open a beer*

    Tell us more meldy image

  • Don Minquez wrote (see)
    You didn't have your 'Special Willy' on, did you?
    No,  I lent it to someone and it wasnt returned in a similar condition
  • BDB... You're gonna have to temper your lezbo fantasies!
  • *gets wine out*

    Running Rodent wrote (see)

    There's a man out there in his 30's, into running, with a steady job and looking for a serious relationship?



  • I am in my veeeeery late thirties


  • Yeah ..... 1930's
  • Don Minquez wrote (see)
    BDB... You're gonna have to temper your lezbo fantasies!
    I'm just interested in how people go about lowering their carbon footprints.  Honest

  • I didn't realise that KK was that EASY!!

    RR Thanks did make me giggle

  • We should have a Runner's World dating thread for all of us running singles.
  • Morning

    early 40s and single but not too worried as I know there some other things I need to sort before I am in teh right place for finding the right sort of bloke however not ruling out entertainment with not quite right blokes if they appear - but so far have turned down a couple of those this year so not even managing that at the moment

    RICKSTER there have been singles threads before and they trot along nicely for a while maybe its time for a new one

  • Everything has already been said so I'll just add my hug (((((slowfoot))))) and confirm that when the right person comes along you'll know and you wont want to spend as much time at work.

    PS Be warned for hopefully when I finally meet you at the weekend, I am a hugger... just ask Cake.

  • image You guys are meeting at the weekend? image Does bruce know this?
  • Knew there was something I meant to tell him.... LOL

    Of course Bru knows silly, you don't think I could actually navigate myself around Edinburgh where we're meeting do you??? Now, please confirm that I'm not a freak in any way shape or form and that I'm a lovely huggery type person.... image

  • of course you are
  • I hate to say this, but all the above is B*ll*cks.

    I'm 44, fit and apparently attractive. I own my own house and car and am outwardly solvent.

    I have been single more than I have been a "couple". In fact, I actually cannot remember someone last asked me on a date or even intimated that they might fancy me.

    I got divorced at 32 and was sure then that I would meet someone else. I have nothing against the marital state.

    I have joined clubs, gyms, night classes, changed jobs, moved areas - all the things those so called self help books tell you to do.

    (And no, none of this has been done with an air of desperation - more that I had lived abroad when married and had to rebuild my UK life).

    I have a very wide and diverse circle of friends and a great family. I love my nieces and nephews and would lay down and die for those I care for. I am fiercly loyal and, again so I'm told, have a lot of love to give and am kind and generous.

    In fact, it would appear that I am faultless.

    But no-one loves me because they want to, not because they have to. No-one hugs me when I get home or asks after my day. I have been to therapy and had medication for depression. I spend more days than not with a puddle of tears at the bottom of my stomach - but you wouldn't know to look at it.

    I have recently decided that the life of a partnership is clearly not what has been laid out for me - I don't know why, but sort of assume that as some point in the future it will become clear. If I did not love my family so much, I would feck off to somewhere like India or Nepal.

    No-one who is in a relationship, even a casual one, can begin to understand how desolate life is when no-one actually wants to spend their weekend with you, plan romantic things, even a walk down the street. No-one touching you or caring.

    So - if you are relatively young single, get used to it now. That business about them turning up when you're not looking is also b*ll*cks. If that was the case, the path to my door would have been worn out years ago.
  • wrote (see)
    I hate to say this, but all the above is B*ll*cks. I'm 44, fit and apparently attractive.

    image Chuck ((((hug)))) anytime in a matey way before you slap me. image

    I wouldn’t say this talk is b*llocks but know what you mean.
  • I think those feelings are more common than most of us believe Min - even those in relationships - though I can't really pretend to understand what it's like to be single as I've been in a relationship for 20something years.    Even if you say so yourself you do look attractive - well at least from what I can make out looking at your avatar on a small laptop image   

    Do you ask many men out yourself - some men just lack a bit of self confidence to ask a woman out - to be honest if I was suddenly single again it would frighten me to death as 25 years is a long time without practising something.    

  • ((((Hugs))))

    I understand your pain, loneliness is a horrid feeling.

    However, I do remain optimistic that at some stage I will find someone to share my life with (32...and have also been more single than a couple). I also think that I would rather be single than in the wrong relationship ... my last ltr was 3yrs long and about 2yrs too long!!

    Stay strong.
  • (((((((Min))))))) and big snogs to ya.  

    Min is right, it is bloody tough especially when people tell you you're lovely etc.  I spend a lot of time on my own at the mo and sometimes need a cuddle and would love someone to take care of me and tell me everything will be alright.  But I've had that and lost it and sometimes think that I wont get it back, or if I even really want it again.

    I've wonderful friends who are looking out for me so I embrace that.  If anything else happens at the moment, it's a bonus.

    Don't be down though Slowfoot, things do happen and you can make them happen too.

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