How was your day?

After a long lay off from RW threads I am making another start with a view to not getting too sucked in and enjoying the experienceimage. This conicides with a half-arsed attempt to start running again for fun.image

Anyway, talking to many, and looking on FB, I thought a thread for generally telling anyone who's in the mood to listen, how good or bad your day has been or is going (whether running related or not) might work.

Just an idea image



  • Ok so far BB, been out this morning and done just over 10K, lovely morning, hardly anyone around, normally i keep looking at my Garmin for time and distance, but this morning i really relaxed and didnt want the run to end, normally i have to have a fe minutes to relax before i entre back into the house to catch my breathe, but this morning didnt need to,
  • Cool Steve...whereas I am still not showered or dressedimage...have grand plans to go to gym and cycle to work today though so we shall see image
  • On the glass half empty, it's grey and wet, I've had to turn the heating on, and my legs still ache from a 5K on Thursday.
    On the glass half full the 5K was my first run after 3 week off with foot problems, the 2nd fastest I've done, and the injured heel/Achilles feels fine.
    Pub opens in 5 minutes too image
  • Glass 1/2 full:                                                                                                                                                            Did 10 miles on the elliptical trainer in 1 hour 5 minutes and my achilles is fine and dandy.             

    Glass 1/2 Empty:                                                                                                                                                             I was going to do the 10k at West Pinchbeck (was going to enter on the day) but decided that it was too wet and windy to drive the 2 hours and run for an feeling a little like I've let myself downimage

  • Life is good, good, good. image

    Have discovered that running in Autumn is much easier than running in Summer and I am actually less carp than I thought image

  • Mortimer 10k and a new PB of 41.39.... Today is a good day!

    Hamilton could have done better in the GP though...

  • Nice idea for a thread BBS and wlcome back

    Glass brimming over.  I've had dodgy knee problems (maltracking patella) since January, but on the road to recovery with ups and downs along the way.  It was muttering overnight, I really wanted to do 10 miles today to fit in with the training plan.  I've got a very high profile race next week (in my life!) which the boss is starting and running, along with a load of people from work  who are running their first ever race.  All of us wearing team vests, photo at the start, you get the picture.  I'm the team "expert".  


    Translation - the only regular runner in the team who they've been looking to for advice for months, so the thought of DNS or DNF next week is too hideous to contemplate.

    The knee mumbled for the first mile this morning, then shut up and behaved beautifully for the other 9.5, all of which were done within a couple of miles of home just in case.  I'm currently sitting here with a bag of peas on it having spent aaaaaages stretching, and all's right with the world.

    Here's to the best physio on the planet for her preventative exercises

  • Thanks BB for the thread.

    Glass half empty:

    I have been in training since my fracture in March and today was my first (10k) race this year, Dorney Lake, not good experiance :0(  We got lost finding the event and I only just made the start, so I was crying before the race which was bad, I ended up pulling out at 5k mark. My stomach was all knotted up and felt really uncomfortable, I set off far too quickly and panicked.

    Glass half full:

    After a long soak (and more tears) in the bath, I have just entered the Dorney 10k for two weeks time and am determined to finish and control my nerves. Feel more positive now.

     Thanks again for all who write on RW forums, it's great to discuss all the highs and lows and feel a bit more human after my cr*p day.


  • Sorry to hear about today Sarah, hope everything goes fine for two weeks time, you can borrow my son if you want he has ASD and is a walking satnav.
  • Glass half full : Painful foot stopped me running for a week but decided to do a 15 mile LSR anyway.

    The sun was shining, blue sky, light winds and cool temperatures (bliddy freezing actually). 

    I got round with only a few twinges and it still feels okay now. 

  • glass 1/8 full - it's been a lovely day here and I managed a gentle cycle along the prom

    glass 7/8 empty - I'm no longer allowed to do much weightbearing exercise (so no running or recreational walking) and sciatica is limiting my cycling. Then some barsteward nicked my bike while we were having lunch. Back to w*rk tomorrow as I can't afford more time off whilst I wait to see the spinal surgeon.

  • ((( Slugsta )))  That's nasty re the bike also.

    Good day, did local 5k despite having to abort running with the jogger due to high winds, just about to sit down with film and pizza image

  • Cup overflowing.
    Beautiful clear sunny day with slight chill in the air, ideal for LSR. Got home had a bath, ate lots of icecream.
  • 40-60 here - did parkrun yesterday in an average time but haven't run for a couple of weeks due to knee probs which sound not unlike Hashs above-  did a wet 6 mile run today with Oh half and little lad on bikes which was lovely.

    Said a sad farewell to my mum who went back home up north -I'm in Surrey and rest of my life a bit up and down at mo but at least I can run which is summat

  • imageOooh some people joined my thread, some people joined my thread image Glad you liked the idea. Mind you, must warn, I find it much easier to come up with glass half empty stuff cos I am a miserable sod who listens to The Smiths all the time these days.

    Glass half full:

    Have got into cycling to work and back again (22 mile round trip) - and someone told me good to do it in the autumn because more likely to continue through the winter.

    Have just eaten a Mint Aero image

    Glass half empty:

    Work = pants. Working all the hours God sends. Huge barney with a client yesterday because I couldn't take any more of his whining. Son asked me the other day (on the phone from work I was) if I had left home.image

    5 people coming to stay at the weekend and loads of kid's sports stuff, parties etc... so the guests have to "fit in" so CRAZY mad and on auto-pilot.

  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)
    Then I filled my car up and played 'try to get the digits to stop on a round number' and managed to get 20.00 bang on.

    imageDoes everyone do that? Me too.

    Devoted2Distance wrote (see)
    Now I'm sat writing chapter 4 of my novel. 

    Wow - I want to write a novel or a short story - loads of ideas but no time to ever put pen to paper.

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭

    Half empty - I'm in a lot of pain having returned to w*rk this week. the fact that I have to go in for 2-3 hours tomorrow means that I will probably be laid up for the rest of the weekend.

    Half full - got my bike back yesterday, slightly damaged but fully functional.

  • Hi to everyone
    i woke up early today and i trained at 06:30 am with a runner mate of the team. our session training was about 01:15 sunny a bit cool.
    good run a nice w/e
  • Morning all

    Cup half full...Won Euromillions - well....£6.30image

    Cup half full - taking part in the Viking Challenge MTB tomorrow - yipee!!!!It's going to be raining..heavy....Should still be fun thoughimage)

    No cup half emtpyimage

    Have a good weekend

  • Morning

    Our younger son is 15 today, so hopefully a good dayimage

  • Cup half full -  : PB at park run by 20 seconds.  Not a lot,  but finally got under 25 minutes at last. Half  Marathon training is going ok and 12 miles (furthest yet) planned for tomorrow.  2 weeks to go and I am finally thinking that I can make a decent first attempt (hopefully in 1 hour and 59 minutes or less)

  • Good day for me on both Sat and Sunday.

  • Grumlethegoat wrote (see)
    Cup half full...Won Euromillions - well....£6.30image

     image that is the kind of win I have.

    Great idea for a thread this.

    Cup half full...ran for 30 minutes without getting friction burns on inner thighs....

    Cup half empty...have to conduct a disclipinary hearing with someone at work tomorrow...hat ethat sort of thing...

  • SourSusan - I feel for you. I hate people issues. How did it go? It is never as bad as you imagine, I find anyway.


    Cup half full - I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children.

    Cup half empty - have been ill last couple of days and hating work.

  • Cup half full - running is sort of gonig  to plan in fact better than predictedimage

    Cup half empty- Still cant  swim, need to see an expert ,which means loads of moneyimage also money is a problem since my wife lost her job, infact its become live from day to day almost. still my grand parents live a much harder life than me although thier houses are worth £750000.00 but at least they went down the mineimage once maybe. things were obviously much harder years ago

  • Love the idea behind this thread.

    Bitter sweet day. Found out I'm no longer at risk of redundancy, unfortunately some close colleagues haven't been so lucky.

    On a positive note, this mornings 5 miles easy really was.
  • Cup 1/2 empty - spent most of last night lying on the bathroom floor because I had an upset stomach and every time I went back to bed, I had to get back up again...wasn't sure whether to sit on it or lean over itimage

    Cup 1/2 full - Feeling better - just had some toast and marmiteimage

  • Afternoon at broken wife angry.i try thinking always positive.thanks my run..fight the stress.good run to everyone.
  • cup half full - finished work for the week - got a run planned for tomorrow and I'm off away with the girls on Friday  - no hubby and no kids image
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