Is it possible to run for a very small charity?

Hi. I am in the ballot for the VLM but when I entered I didn't select a charity to run for. The thing is, I would like to run in aid of my local sports club. It's in a tiny village in rural warwickshire and they are under threat of closing down due to lack of funding. They are regestered as a charity but i could not see any way of chosing to run for them from the VLM website.

 Any ideas?


  • You don't need to chose anything on the VLM website.  If you get a ballot place you can raise money for whoever you like, using justgiving or whatever. 
  • Luke, if you get in via the ballot you can run for whoever you want to. 
  • O.K cool. thanks for that. Just had a look on the justgiving website and it looks quite good. Fingers crossed for getting a ballot place! image
  • Luke, for very small charities there are better options than JG - check out CharityChoice which the co-op runs - no costs for charities or donors . The charity do have to claim the gift aid back themselves but I'm told this isn't hard.
  • didn'y get in anyway image
  • Berlin's better anyway image
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