New Triathlete

I am a (Sprint) Triathlete Having completed the Fleetwood Triathlon this Morning image

A really well organised and marshalled event even the weather was excellent Thanks to all those who helped put it together image

This was my First Triathlon but I suspect it will be not be my last. Someone warned me about it being addictive. Think I could be hooked.

 One Worry I am starting to feel the need to wear sunglasses, self clad in Lycra, and I am experiencing an attraction to carbon fibre and expensive road bikes. Is this Normal ? image



  • ...... on this forum?   Yes 

    It gets worse   image
  • I suspect Fatboy-Steve that you will shortly be talked into wearing yellow and black lycra image
  • M. Thats what I was afraid of !! 

    SSP - Not Sure that is a good idea for anyone least of all me .

    I'm picturing a shrink wrapped bumble bee image

  • there's a regensburg thread around here somewhere.......


  •'s starting already for the hills
  • Not sure I can run anywhere after this morning....... If only I had a faster bikeimage
  • Bavaria is lovely in August.....
    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • And the beer's great.
  • image

    mmm hills to. Get your holiday booked son you know you want to. image

  • I have to laugh at you pirate lot !!! If somebody started a thread asking about sweaty socks I'm pretty sure after a couple of replies one of you would suggest doing an ironman to cure the problem !!! Looking forward to meeting you all at this Christmas doo , although I think I should start saving up as I'm guessing you lot will have me signing up for allsorts !!
  • Yep   image
  • Fatboy-Steve wrote (see)
    Not sure I can run anywhere after this morning....... If only I had a faster bikeimage

    Yes a faster bike is always an answer.. Start saving

     Jack sparra wrote (see)

     If somebody started a thread asking about sweaty socks I'm pretty sure after a couple of replies one of you would suggest doing an ironman to cure the problem !!!

    A serious triaflete doesn't wear socks..............

    Oh Yeah you are on a pirate thread.. Socks lots of them yellow with go faster stripes

  • No - mine have got skull and x-bones
  • in gold thread

  • mmmm.

    I used to live in Bavaria (Munich) its a nice place very flat. ........Except the mountainy bits which are very mountainy.  Good Skiing too....but not in August.

    I have a vague recollection of Very nice Beer in large glasses which contributed in no small part to the first part of my screen name image 

    I have some friends who used to live in Regensburg seem to remember a big Church. I wonder is something happening there in August?

  • image There might be if you want to play. Go on you know you want to think off all that beer in the beer halls.image
  • FBS, I used to live near Augsburg. Did the Regensburg city marathon once.

    Come and join us at IMR in August - there's nothing quite like a Pirate outing! Massive support during the race, and a celebratory party the next day.

  • Ultra IW  I was warned that this might happen.

    Having only just started this year. Not sure I am ready for an Ironman just yet.....

    My plan for 2011 is to do a few more sprints, an olympic (Liverpool) and maybe a first marathon (never done one before and Nottingham next Sept is looking favourite ). Also will do some more swimming and cycling events through the year. See how I go.

    ...........Now 2012 ????? 

  • What about a half IM then? Though I only did my first sprint and half this year too, I think doing a half gives us a better idea of what to expect before an IM than a marathon. Actually you could do the half earlier in the year ie around July and then you could look at doing a marathon later in the year image
  • Fatboy Steve no excuse !!! I also only started this year and I'm 17 1/2 stone , did sprints and Liverpool oly , and the pirates have talked me into doin IMR 2011 !!!! You can keep me company ??? Right at the back !!!! ?
  • A year is plenty of time to train for an IM, and there's more than a few pirates on here who did an IM as their very first triathlon!
  • OMG image

    I'm getting a little frightened now.

    Jack Sparra - You are saying the same as me did sprints & Oly this year IM next year.... thats my thinking for next year. ie IM 2012

    Little Ninja - The plan of a half IM next year sounds slightly less bonkers.

     Ultra I - A year might be plenty but I would only have 11 mths and I suspect some of those pirates were not also doing their first 3.8k swim, 180k bike and marathon on the same day. I would be.

    Why do I feel like I am sat at the top of a really big scary roller coaster image


  • Pirates were formed on the premise anyone could go from 0>IM in a year. Read this  You can do it but need to make the right decision for you based on what else is going on in your life/health etc.
  • As one pirate said to me , not mentioning any names but began with m and ended with .....eldy !!! ........JFDI !!!! Let's be honest what's the worst can happen ??? ( he says bravely !!)
  • I think it depends on your current fitness level, the time you have available, (family / work / pc gaming commitments), and how much you want it. 2/3 are enough,
    (ie very fit but no time = blag it,
    not very fit but lots of training time + wanting it = its def doable, (see some pirate race reports!!!)
    not very fit but no training time + wanting it = its doable with lots of pain, (see most pirate race reports!!!) image

    do the time / training ox ver the next 10 months getting fit and the training will get you through the event,(along with pirate support and beer!)
  • Little Ninja - Thanks read the how bad are you thread which is interesting. 

    I can Swim an open water mile in 37:50mins  which would convert to 95mins for 3.8km. Cycling don't even own a road bike yet did the Sprint 20k in 45mins (on a mountain bike) but even at 40min for 20k that would be 6hrs for the cycle. I have never run a marathon my 1/2 Mara time is a slowish 2:30 so that would be 5hrs for a full.

    Assuming (a very big if) I could sustain my current pace that would be Total of 12:hrs 35mins + transition say 14hrs image  As a minimum..... Do you get lunch and dinner ??

    O.C. - think I am somewhere between 2 & 3 ie definately not very fit. with some training time. Not  yet got to the wanting it stage

    Oh sweet Lord what am I doing I am Starting to think about this now which is scary. Wondering on the possibilities image

    No No Leave me alone what are you doing to me image


  • IMR will be my 8th long distance event and I've never managed a 14 hour finish, so you are way ahead already! A 6hr bike ride is very good.

    Anyway, like OC says, it depends purely on you and whether you want it - if you do, it's do-able. But if you're really not up for it, then don't.

  • We've cracked him !!!
  • Fb Steve I like your workings out for the times for each section based on your sprint times , I did the same when trying to guestimate my times but until you train to similar distances then your sprint times will bear no resemblance , as I'm sure you already know , 3.8 km swim seems never ending and also allow for , in my case , falling over when you leave the water and feeling very light headed and dazed whilst trying to co-ordinate transition 1 , then there's the bike .....I don't know if you've done any 100+ mile rides at a good tempo ?? I was quite shocked at how much harder and longer they are compared to the 25 to 35 mile rides I was doing to prepare for the oly , and then after all that there's the run !!!! Don't get me wrong I'm yet to do my first ironman , and in no way can advise , but I have done the distances a good few times so have a vague idea . I have got 10 months to train hard and up my training hours and work out all my nutrition etc. And after all that I will be on top of the world if I can finish in sub 16 hours . I would definitely consider the advise of the other posts , on wether you really want to do it , before you waste money on registering and get into the huge expense of ironman !
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