getting rid of someone

whats the best way to do it ?

do you let them down gently, tell them straight or ignore them mercilessly in the hope that the will go away.

Just wondering !


  • tell 'em straight that they are annoying you and then just blank them
  • send them a link to this thread.... image
  • A couple of concrete blocks and a deep stretch of water.
  • Tell them straight, I'd say.

    Better to be completely up front and honest.

    PS - I take it you're talking about personal relationships, not about firing an employee.....?

  • I'm talking about between so called friends - happened to me this weekend by one of the above methods !!
  • I like to think I'd be honest without being nasty (even if it warrranted it).

    In truth, I'd probably just avoid them.................I'm a wimp.

  • Or you could always do it my way .... offer a friend your spare room (as she had "boyfriend issues!"), then when she turns into the teenager from hell, you can ask her to move out knowing that you'll never, ever have any contact with her again as long as you live!!

    Worked like a charm!!!

  • Ok Greeny I will go for a ride with you this week.  Better now?

    Seriously, I hope you're ok.

  • Yeah I'm fine - someone just upset me ever so slightly - can you tell image
  • kk - this friend, well ex friend doesn't live near me so it was done by text so when I text them to ask why, they ignored that as well - still at least I know where I stand now but I'm not quite sure why they ignored me in the first place and I guess I'll never know but I have loads of mates so I think I'll live image

    can't be bothered to call - not worth it now - shame though

  • Text can be a dangerous tool - a bit too easy to misinterpret or read subtext that isn't there - or just make a good old fashioned error of communication.

    If you can be bothered ring them and find out but don't let it eat you up.

  • You're right GTC - a few other factors as well - has been a bit of a one way friendship for a long time now so maybe the signs were there for a while. 

    Anyway I'm off to the pub tonight with some of my other mates so like I said I'll live image

  • I did text you back.......


  • I really struggle with this world of cold, written dialogue. Text, email etc, it;s so one dimensional. Whetever happened to the old heart-to-heart, eh?
  • Plum, you're 'text' is other people's 'stalking!' - they're bringing in rules to sort you out!
  • I have recently done just that, the quiet pulling away - there was a situation that they will have decided its all about and competely misanalysed it but this person was self absorbed needy and fake to a point where they were completely toxic to me it was all one sided - something that someone else agreed with a few weeks later.  This person has never bothered to text or ask why which says it all

    Can't comment on your case as all are different but sometimes pulling away is the only course of action especially if you don't want to sort it out because you are better off without them around

  • yeah but you never rang Plum image
  • anyone notice how FB is blanking Green Eyes?
  • Green Eyes, was it a text that they originally ignored?  I'm a b8gger with not replying to texts, quite often because I get a text when I'm too busy to reply and then forget, it's not personal.  I've also lost/broke/lost all my numbers recently so maybe they're not ignoring you and are just having phone 'issues'?

  • Green Eyes what GTC said, stuff 'em it's their problem.

    Hurts, though, when friends turn out not to be friends after all.   In many ways it's worse than being dumped by a boyfriend, at least then you know it's something to do with not being 'the one'.   

    I got dumped by a 'friend' in a particularly nasty way - accusing e-mails full of complete lies sent to my husband, which he didn't want to tell me about knowing how much they'd hurt.   Yes I know she's not worth wasting a second thought on,  but we had some good times over the years and I have no idea what went wrong, or what I'm supposed to have done.

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