Brass Monkey HM 2011

...............................and all entries will be on line!!!!

See Knavesmire home page here and prepare for actionimage



  • Desperately want to do this in 2011. Brother has just done 1.27 beating my pb of 1.30 set back in 2003 on this very course. Haven't been road racing for years but got the urge again having just completed first season in triathlons. Any idea when entry opens?
  • quality I will be up for this one!!
  • Shhhhh! Don't tell everyone!

    I've already bookmarked the link on my mobile so I can check when it opens regularly image

    Wonder if the site ends up crashing once entries open, VLM-style?

  • They have obviously got a new race administrator, because the previous incumbent told me himself, that the day it goes on line i've finished.
  • Anyone know when the entries are going to open?
  • Dunno but it wil fill up in a hour and half   !
  • In year's gone by, its been the weekend 3 months before the race.
  • Hi Old Timer
    I remember our discussions last year about the on-line entires so was a bit surprised to see this!!

    I will update this thread as soon as I hear the date

  • ......................the enrtty forms were available on the 18 October last year when the race was on the 24 January.

    Next years race date is the 23 January...........................

  • Won't be long then.  Sure we got more notice than a week last year though...
  • This needed to go to on line entry. It was a shambles last year with some people hand delivering on the Sunday not getting a place when some posted entries did which could have only arrived on Monday at the earliest. Good on you knavesmire harriers for addressing this.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    How can they work a 'first come, first served' system if everyone rushes their entries in at pretty much  the same time?  On the other hand do they open it for, say, 3 days, then close it and have a good old ballot?

    I will be interested to see how it works with an oversubscribed race like this one.  Whichever way they do it there are still going to be some disappointed people.

  • Torque Steer wrote (see)

    ......................the enrtty forms were available on the 18 October last year when the race was on the 24 January.

    Next years race date is the 23 January...........................

    Oh, crumbs I'm in Amsterdam this weekend Saturday til Tuesday. May have to pack the laptop image

    Unless Archie's theory is correct and it'll be next weekend.

  • To play fair they will have to have a ballot because if you miss logging on for just one day you'll miss the chance
  • Well that's no different to the postal issues of prev years is it? There hasn't been any mention of a ballot, I just assumed it would be first come first served.  At least then you'd know straight away if you're in or not.
  • Any news yet?  is it going to be tomorrow?
  • Where is this race based?

    I am a novice runner looking to enter half marathon distance races next year.

  • it's in York, word on the street is that entries will open today - it fills in a day so you need to get in quick.  Failing that, there's a half in Cheshire on the same day which I will be doing I think if don't get in BM

  • Whats the Cheshire race H&T?
  • Helsby 4 villages half.  It looks like a nice race - £18/£20 entry, you can buy a t shirt when you enter, which is a techy one for a tenner, then when you've done it you get a commemorative boxed medal and a surpise extra gift as it's their 30th anniversary.
  • Could be worth a dabble as back up eh?
  • That's my plan!
  • Well, my money is still on next Saturday for entries, however there does appear to be a number of people already signed up on Fetch??
  • Really? I haven't seen this thread on Fetch for a few days.  Can you post a link?
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I really don't see how that can be the case.  I have it on good authority that no entries have been offered to anyone anywhere thus far.  Since this race became oversubscribed the club  have ALWAYS given plenty of notice as to when entries will become available.
  • Hello Wardi, this is certainly the info I got from the lady that emailed me from Knavesmire.  Do you know if we will get notice when entries will open, rather than they will just open and I might miss it?!
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Hi H&T, in the past KH have always given at least a few days notice, usually a week.
  • OK, i am guessing these people are simply being optimistic!

    (Still getting used to my new Mac, and can't get the link function on here to work)
  • Ah thanks Artie - you can log which races you want to do, and there is a feature to click whether your entry is confirmed or not.  Even if you put 'no' other people can't see that it's unconfirmed, so just looks like you're in!

    Wardi - I will keep checking the page, thanks.

  • still no sign of this opening, I'm checking daily at the moment - hope I don't miss it!
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