Stockport 10



  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭

    Hope your feeling OK, NRAR.

    I believe we might be one of the feature races in RW next month. Look out for the pictures.

  • Hia, is there any way of correcting your finishing times ?  Mine are around 20 seconds quicker than on the provisional results. 


  • Great race, very well organised, disappointed about the goody bag though, there was nothing in it, and the long sleeve shirts  never fit me as I'm tall (short sleeved t-shirts please). Marshalls were very friendly though. Overall, a really good race, and I will be doing it again.
  • My finishing time is a minute slower than it was on the clock and had me a almost a minute behind the finisher who was a second ahead of me ??????
  • I enjoyed it too. Felt like a fartlek at times going really slow on icy bits then pushing on when you got a clear piece of road. Really dull course save the park and the little stretch down that lane but the enthusiasm of the club make it a fun race. Anyone know what the tempearture was when we started?
  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭

    It was well below freezing I'd put it at -2 or -3. It was -7 when we we're setting up.

    Re-results, drop an email to the results man, he can either put it right there & then or he'll get onto the Race Director to double check the checkers sheets.

  • Thought it must have been something like that! I did 4 laps before I felt warm. Where will the photos be?
  • Glad everyone enjoyed it.  The photos are staring to come in now from the various people who were taking them.  They should be on the Harriers' website in the next few days.

    We may go for chip timing next year.

  • Eric

    good idea with so many runners in it in training for the spen 20 in March in west yorkshire so happy with my time at your race
  • Some photos up now on the site - taken from near the bottom of the steep downhill stretch towards the Goyt and the farm.
  • My number arrived today image
  • Excellent Frodo, does that entitled you to 2 Meal Worms ?

  • my number came aswell how daft
  • I think Royal Mail charge 5p delivery and 2p per day storage
  • Just to let everyone know there are some great pictures up on the Stockport Harriers website.

  • Cheers JoHN. Still more to come?
  • So who's number will be the last to arrive? Mine came today!
    Merry Christmas and thank you Royal Mail. I'll put it up with the Christmas Cards.
  • Got my number on wednesday!  I'd forgotton all about it by then.  No running since this race due to bruised ribs (fell at about 7.6 miles).  The doc reckons it'll take a couple of months image.  I'll have to give the now traditional Christmas morning run a miss this year.  I'll be back next year and this time I will get a PB!
  • I am expecting some stuff though post that should have come last week all this snow and things come late
  • DesRes wrote (see)
    So who's number will be the last to arrive? Mine came today! Merry Christmas and thank you Royal Mail. I'll put it up with the Christmas Cards.
    Monday for me!!! Thought I`d won a prize! image
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