bum and hamstring pain

I've just started the running thing in August and im totally hooked however I just completed my first 10k race event and completed it in 46.41.(this I thought was quite good time for a newbie) but 2 days after the race I have developed a pain in my lower right buttock and its progressed into my hamstring. not good! it feels like I had a kick in the ass can anyone help im gutted. I don't want to stop running, is this a result of pushing the run a bit or is there something I should do to help myself? there is a few more races i want to do before Christmas Help.


  • Sounds similar to sciatic pain.If you sit down with your back straight and try and straighten  your leg can you feel something pulling down the back of your thigh?

    See my post on this thread  to see  how I managed to control mine,

    Good Luck,


  • Could be Piriformis Syndrome 

    Thats where a nerve gets squeezed by the Piriformis Muscle - I had it for years but exercises helped just google it you will get lots of stuff to help

  • Don't want to offend you and say you're an old git, but I never used to have this sort of problem until recently. I find that I now have to spend a fair amount of warming up before I run or I suffer the same way. Could be you just need to gently stretch out more before running, would be interested if any other cause was to blame?
  • Thanks for the reply, I've not run for 6 days now and the pain has subsided but what I have done is swim on 2 occasions and I found this to help (not that I'm a great swimmer). I'm running tomorrow afternoon nothing to fast, strenuous or indeed long 3-4 mile but I'm hoping that its all down to not stretching sufficiently after a run or indeed warming up properly fingers crossed. oh and I'm 38 not that old really how long should i be spend warming up?
  • Could be your hamstring, I had this quite badly and turns out my hamstring was strained through overwork (technique out of wack). Maybe see how it goes and go to a fizz if it gets worse, i did lots of stretching and was given a lot of strengthening exercises to do.

  • strengthening seem the way to go, what as recomended to  yourself  for this could it also be a result of the wrong trainers?

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I'm with 3.30 or bust on this one.  Piriformis syndrome sounds possible, and it can have lots of causes, including wrong trainers, not stretching enough, and doing too much too soon.  A quick google will bring up lots of info and treatment suggestions.  I suffered with it on and off for ages, but it is sortable.

    Oh, and that's a pretty smart time for a first 10k off a couple of month's training.  Well done, and don't give up!

  • ......but you don't suddenly wake up with piriformis syndrome - it's just a term for a collection of symptoms. If you don't know why you've got it, despite doing something about it, it'll be back.

  • wrong trainers unlikely, I was given things like the bridge to do (you tube it), lunges and had sets of warmups to do before my runs. I now do all the relevant weight machines at the gym. Focus was on glutes and hamstrings.
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