Benidorm half marathon

Hi folks,

 have just joined the site.

 Anyone know how to enter the benidorm 1/2 marathon without going through "running crazy" ? It's £50 with them !!




  • When is it?
    You should be able to enter here but I can only see a marathon, not a half.

    Ticket run is available in English too.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Welcome Barry,

    Here`s a link - some helfpful information there LINK

    I`ll be there in Benidorm  image

  • Did someone mention Benidorm?    image
  • Mr. K - Cheers mate.

    Lady Wot jogs - yeah its 27 - 28 Nov for the 1/2 and full. Get on it. I can't wait. It's my first propper 1/2 marathon.

     See the link posted above.

  • Azacya - thanks mate. Much appreciated

    Looks like a handy site to know. Am really getting into this.

  • good man, Barry welcome to the site.
  • barry tone wrote (see)

    Hi folks,

     have just joined the site.

     Anyone know how to enter the benidorm 1/2 marathon without going through "running crazy" ? It's £50 with them !!


    tell you what that's some mark up, was only 15 euros on the site
  • I think you'll find the £50 for Running Crazy is the deposit for the hotel package.  I don't think they do entry only.    
  • Lady Wot Jogs - thanks for the advice. I e-mailed the hap and this actually their entry fee ! Though I guess that is business.

     Have finally managed to enter for 15 Euro through snake-hips.

  • If anyone else is interested, the official site is or for the full marathon it's  Though there is a link to the other race via a click on the bottom right hand corner of the homepages of each site.

    Not the easiest of sites to navigate through, and a few technical and lingual errors, but it's worth persevering for the 15euro entry.

     I can't wait!  See you all there!

  • I am going with Running Crazy.  The depost (hotel etc) was £50 but the cost of entry to the half is EUR20.00 which they collect at the welcome meeting
  • Anybody know of the web site link for the 2011 Benidorm marathon please...

    There is no full this year, though, just a half.

    The site has not been updated yet from last year. It will be updated in the next month or so, the half is at 6pm on the last Saturday in November.

     Hopefully not as wet as last year!!!

  • I'm going with running crazy...should be!

  • snake-hipssnake-hips ✭✭✭
    emily's dad, do you know why they dropped the full?
  • image

    what no full marathon ! This was supposed to be my debut !


  • Hello barry, how are you?

    Cove Joggers are all doing Amsterdam this year.

  • Am very well thank-you.

     How is your good self ?

    Have you done amsterdam marathon before ? What's it like ?

     Always been a bit wary about going to the dam

  • snake-hipssnake-hips ✭✭✭
    I can see Barry getting a pb in Amsterdam, not necessarily on the roads either.
  • lol image 

    There's an Amsterdam thread somewhere Barry.

  • snake-hips wrote (see)
    I can see Barry getting a pb in Amsterdam, not necessarily on the roads either.

    lol. you cheeky begger. benny is calling. May just do 2 laps of the 1/2 and call it a marathon.

     Lady Wot Jogs - thanks for the tip,i wil check it out.

  • snake-hipssnake-hips ✭✭✭
    Might aim for the benidorm half but lay wot hogs has got me thinking about Amsterdam.
    Any idea when the deadline to apply for it is?
  • snake-hipssnake-hips ✭✭✭
    Gives more time in the dynastic as well with the cream of British society.
  • snake-hipssnake-hips ✭✭✭
    To answer my own question registration for Amsterdam possible until Sep 18th.
    Would need to check with work first before booking.
  • Anyone know when the 2011 Benidorm half entry will be available?

  • Been checking for weeks but website still has last years info up. Running Crazy still advertising it for  26th November so must definitely still be on,have booked my flights along with a few from our running club who are combining the race with a stag weekend so should be good. 
  • The organisers have sent me an email stating that the website will be updated in September

  • the website for the half is "down" at the moment so I suspect they are updating it,  search google for medio marathon benidorm in the next week or so I think you will be able to enter, ignore the commercial running company based in this country you can enter yourself and simply pick up your race package  the day before or on the day of the race.
  • still cant find the link.

    are you doing it again Emily's Dad?

    Anyone else doing it again?

  • just seen the September comment 2 posts above...
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