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  • 5 weeks to go!! How's everybody's training going? I'm not exactly where I want to be yet but I'm going to work hard up to the end of march and then taper off.

    Didn't realise that about travel insurance, better check myself.
  • Go the the easyjet website.  Their travel insurance is pretty cheap and covers marathon running. image

    Hi again smiffie. image

  • Wow, a long time since I posted on this thread. It's amazingly quite really, seeing as how the race is a little over 4 weeks away image

    Hope everyone's training is going well. Not long now til Taper Madness sets in.

    Don't know if people have seen the news - bib numbers/start waves are now available on the official website. I'm in Coral 6 in Wave 1. That's a red bib for me with a 10.00am start.
  • Hi All,

    Thanks for the tip OsloNeil. Had a look and I'm in the same wave as you in coral 2. 

    It's true it's certainly not long now! I'm almost forgetting I'm running a marathon really as my main goal was Barcelona 2 weeks ago and really Boston is just for the occasion. I'm sure it'll seem more daunting as it gets closer! Maybe they'll let me go in a further back coral as being in the competative sort I know I'll go for it if everyone goes off hard!

    Caniggia33 - Cheers, I actually went back to my travel insurance people and argued the point a bit and they have covered me. It's a bit of a gray area but it seems if I was trying to win the prize money therefore running professionally I wouldnt be covered. I explained I wasn't Kenyan. 

    Be good to keep this thread going as we get nearer! Hows everyone else training going?

  • I'll be joining you Rich_W in corral 2 in the 1st wave. Can't believe how quickly it's approaching now. All being well, I'll be out doing a 20 mile LSR tomorrow, weather is looking good this weekend for a change.
  • Tis very close and for me the best of them all.image
  • How did the 20 miler go micromagic? Nice to see another Brit in that corral! What sort of time are you going for?

     No 20 milers for me. Still definately have Barcelona in my legs from 2 weeks ago. Went out for a not so LSR and got about 8 miles before the calfs tightened right up. Maybe more stretching is required!

  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭

    My training could not be going any worse!!!

    Shin Splint left after Brighton Half 20th Feb. Rest for two weeks............still bad.image

    Further rest...............yes you've guessed no good, running in painimage. Never had this before what a bast**d.

    Physio says only solution REST. With 28 days to go.

    So Boston strategy, best case try to get round............ worst case, dosen't bare thinking about!!

  • Wasn't quite a 20 miler on sat, ended up doing just over 30km so about 18.5 miles. Felt a bit tired before going out which is never a good start. Anyway was going alright until I ran out of water. Only had small bottle with me and forgot any money. Stopped at a petrol station and asked for tap water, to cut a long story short, she couldn't give me any, so final 10km was a killer!

    Anyway I feel my fitness returning so I am aiming to go under 3 hours for the first time in Boston. But anyway see how I feel on the day. One advantage for us Brits is that jet lag should work in our favour...I hope.

    Biggles - Any chance you could do some none impact training in the mean time? A few hours on the bike should keep your fitness up while the shins recover.
  • Biggles - try not to despair and take the docs advice! If he says no running then try to get out on the bike or in the pool to keep your fitness up. I've never run a marathon ever that I've had a perfect run up to. I've always managed to get injured or ill and missed a load of days. If you can get to the start line as uninjured as possible I'm sure the day and the occasion will get you round!

    micromagic - Good luck with the sub 3. I managed it for the first time 2 weeks ago in Barcelona to my amazement. Maybe I'll bump into you at the start. I'll be in a blue vest with RICH written on it!

     Is anyone bringing friends or family and they have a plan for where theyre going to cheer from? My girlfriends coming but we havn't worked out the best place to stand.

  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭


    Thanks for the support/advice. I've been trying to keep fitness up with cycling and even bought a flotation device and doing Aquajogging! You don't half look a pratimage in the pool.

    Jusy hoping I'll be able to run at least a bit before thinking about a modified taper!

    My number starts 83 so I know I'm in wave One but how did you discover which Corral you are allocated?

  • Hey folks!

     Well, I started this thread and haven't been on in ages. You know how it goes...work and crap.

     Anyhow, my Boston # is 5062 so I'll be in middle of the first wave. I am arriving in Boston on sunday morning (arriving in the US on Friday), watching the Sox and picking up my gear. I am really looking forward to the atmosphere but also wishing it was on a different weekend than London which I ran last year.

     Training has also been affected by work but I ran an ultra last month and a half earlier this month both in decent times so I am just going to run hard for hte next 2 weeks and then taper up, hoping that the base is still there. In all honesty, I am looking to enjoy this more than try for a PB.

    I hope all is well with you guys

  • Biggles - I think the corral is assigned by the first number in your bib number so you're coral 8. This vastly over complicated american chart seems to explain it.


  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭


    Thanks, as you say Corral 8 for me. Makes sense as my qualifying time was 3:20 .

  • Can somebody let me know when they receive their bib pick up cards in the post? I've just moved house and my mail re-direction doesn't kick in until Monday. They sent them out last week apparently.
  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭

    I got mine last Friday.


  • Mine turned up today.
  • Got mine on Friday...... image posted gels to hotel today.....

    Any idea how complicated it is to get from Airport to Expo?

  • Thanks for that. Went to my old place at lunch time to check mail box and the BAA envelope was sat in there. Panic over.

     6am bus pick up from Boston common!! I'm guna have to be up at 5am at the lastest image

  • Spent an evening reading through my welcome booklet. Very excited now!!

    I can't seem to shift this annoying ache in the whole bottom part of my right leg so I'm going to have to follow my own advice and give the running a miss for a couple of weeks so basically that's it for me untill race day! I better make sure I get the bike miles in!

    Everyone else into taper mode now?

    Hows the injury Biggles?


  • Smifffie - Doesn't look too difficult to get to the expo from the airport. Jump on the 'T' subway at the airport, ride the blue line to 'Government Center' station, change to green line and get off at 'Hynes' station.

  • Taper starts on Saturday for me. My legs are SO ready for this taper time. I am absolutely knackered still.
  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭


    Sorry to hear about your injury I hope the rest from running does the trick.

    My shin splint is still painful, ok when walking etc but as soon as I start to run I have pain (could it be a stress fracture?). Its getting to the stage with just over two weeks to go that I might have to review my options Too be honest I'm in denialimage I just can't believe my luck. 

     Last year I couldn't get to Boston due volcanic ash!!

    Oh well flights are all paid for (non refundable) so I'll be in Boston regardless.

  • Thanks for that micromagic, getting excited now, though this is the furthest ever travelled for a Marathon.  Normally stick to an hour'sh from home so Berlin, Prague etc.........

    Last year running this distance (doctors have been telling me not to run for over 2 years now), so will down to half's image, not run are they MAD image is my sanity time away from work/kids image Oh and so can eat copious amounts of chocolate image

     Anyone else staying at the 'Park Plaza, 50 Arlington St ?

  • Thanks Biggles. I'm please to say it's feeling a lot better for having a break.

    Sorry to hear things aren't any better for you? It sounds like you're probably at the point where you need to get a professional to diagnose it, at least then you'd know what you're dealing with.

    Less than 2 weeks now! Can't wait!

    What's everyone else planning to do in Boston? (other than a Monday morning jog!) 

  • Only just found this thread! Almost here now and I can hardly wait for my first Boston marathon image We are travelling on the 15th, missed out on entering the 5k on Sunday as I presumed it was a race!
  • I am still knackered from all this training but managed a 5 mile job in Regents Park last night. The weather is amazing at the moment. image
  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭
    Injury Update
    Have been on a course of high strength anti inflammatory pills. Seems to have improved the shin pain. Also went to see a podiatrist who diagnosed a bio mechanical problem which can be sorted with orthotics. Good news is I've been for a few runs which while not shin pain free but were a improvement.

    Beautiful day today (Fri) so went for a run in Windsor Great Park did 16 miles just to prove that I could manage the race. It's too close to do any more distance training but more confident now I can least have a go!!!!!
  • Glad to hear the shin pain is improving Biggles image

    Off out for my last long run of 13 miles as soon as it cools down image
  • That's good news Biggles! If you can get 16 miles done then I'm sure you'll get round!

    I've still not run for a couple of weeks but as my leg feels so much better I can't see there's any point trying to go out now and risking possibly doing damage but more likely it just feeling a bit dodgy and going in less confident. 

    Can't wait now! I'm flying Wednesday and spending a couple of days in New York before heading to Boston. 

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