Marathon News / GFA acceptance form

Hot out of the postie's hand less than a minute ago!

I would expect that all successful entries would get the Marathon News today +/- the odd postal day delay.

Smugly I knew I was in as I'm GFA again. Easy at 41: might not be so at 59 though.


  • I didn't get it again. 4th Time No, and just found out from tother half.

    Effing lividly livid. Every Single Year.

  • Obv well done you though eXpat.

    And good luck to you all.

  • Ho Ho Ex-pat, you sub 3 types do make me chuckle! .....'GFA again. Easy at 41.'  Well done to all GFA runners, as you obviously deserve a place. This is in stark contrast to the spawny little rat-bags who enter via the ballot and get in first time! This post has nothing to do with the fact that I have never been successful in the ballot. Honest.
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