Microfracture surgery

After 30+marathons, earlier this year I underwent surgery for a torn mensiscus, but during surgery the surgeon discovered a "hole" in the cartilage on the femur. He then performed a procedure know as microfracture to rebuild the damaged surface of the femur. This was 4 months ago and the advice is "stop running".  This is driving me crazy. Anyone had experience of resuming running after microfracture?


  • miss slowmiss slow ✭✭✭
    Navs, I know your post was months ago, but just wondered how you're getting on?  I am due to have exactly the same surgery & also have been told to stop running in the future as well, (or maybe stick to very short distances) which I am finding hard to accept.  Have you managed to start again at all?  How long was your recovery?
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