I was lucky enough to be accepted for VLM with my first attempt. As others have said there are plenty of other marathons to do but keep an eye out for the announcement of a Liverpool/Mersey marathon due to take place next  October.

The local council  (who unfortunately awarded the running of the race to a non local company and rejected the plans of the man who organises most of the major races in Liverpool!) are hoping to make this a permanent fixture on the running calendar and want the run to be one of the biggest in the country eventually  only behind VLM and GNR.


  • Would be nice to have a Liverpool/Mersey mara as is near to meimage I think I know the organising body you mean but not happy with them as they never got back to me re coastersimage I don't hold grudges but good open comms help make an eventimage Are they the right peops? -you cannot help but ask.
  • Indeed it was a shame for RunLiverpool not to we awarded the rights to run this event as all of their past runs within Liverpool have been spot on. I have run in them all Liverpool Half, Tunnel 10K, Santa Dash and the Liverpool 10K and they have all been run well and they have been organising these events for years.

    Not sure of the council's desision to pick this other company who I believe are based inLondon and have never organised a Marathon before, I could be wrong but hopefully this will not affect the run itself. I will indeed be participating in this Marathon (following my dads footsteps of 20 years ago) after the London Marathon off course which I was lucky enough to get in.

    I'm sure given time this event will prove to be hugely popular with local, national, and overseas runners as Liverpools architecture and land marks rival any other city in the land. Inc London and Newcastle.

    ROLL ON LIVERPOOL 2011!!!!

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