SS - You mentioned before that Voltarol can numb the legs nicely. How many times a day do you apply over the 3 days before the race? I luckily have a tube handy!


  • Well - technically it's meant to be 3 times a day I think - about the size of a 2p piece - but....well - I think I did it 5 times a day before London - and even the evening before my shins were still hurting when I was swimming and walking around in the pool... but by the morning they really were numb!

    If you can get the Pennsaid Topical Solution (liquid) it's the same stuff but half as strong again - 1.5% instead of 1% diclofenic sodium - and for the last day and a 1/2 before London I swopped onto that (someone from work had had an operation so we swopped medications for the weekend!) - so maybe it was this working at a stronger strength. I now have my own legite supply of the stuff on standby!

    Luckily my doctor was really helpful - I just told him what I needed, why and he gave it to me! Didn't even look at the shins!
  • PS Hope it works for you too!
  • I took a hell of a lot of voltarol tablets in the summer, wonderful stuff. The gel is ok, but be careful how much you use, and if you find you need it regularly, you ought to check your shoes, gait and perhaps see a GP.
  • Can somebody enlighten me as to what volterol is? Sounds like magic!
  • It's an anti-inflammatory gel. Similar idea to Ibuprofen gel but stronger. It's prescription only though. I went to my doctor complaining of shin splints and he told me to take cod liver oil and use Volterol before I run! I've since had a course of physio and had custom orthotics made. My shin splints are improving but I'm getting bad ass blisters!
  • Take it with food guys
    Can cause ulcers and renal failure, so wouldnt advise to use regularly, if you have to do that then see GP or physio
    Not good to mask your injuries
  • benz -- they're talking about the gel!! Lol!!
  • yeah, bit tired tonite
    What are you doing up still?
  • It's also available as Diclomax SR*. Known as a NSAD (Non-Steriodal Anti-inflammatory Drug). I agree with Benz - get proper treatment.
  • I've only used it once to run when I shouldn't have - and that was for the FLM and well - you know how desperate you get after a winter of training.

    Couldn't agree more with the sensible comments in this thread - as I'm now (probably only temporararily knowing my legs) cured of life long shin splints I'll only use my emergency stock if I ever get desperate again for a race.

    But it's far far better than ibuprofen gel
  • The medics amongst us may know better, but I believe that even the gels can have an effect on ulcers as it's not so much the direct effect it has on the stomach lining that is the problem, but the effect it has on the blood (by thinning it?). I had an ulcer many years ago, and have been advised not to take aspirin, ibuprofen, or to use any gels containing either of them. Same goes for asthma sufferers (my Mum can't use aspirin/ibu products for that reason).

    So be careful, folks.
  • Yes really good point Nessie

    Ibuprofen gel upsets my stomach almost instantly - altho the Volterol doesn't. So if using these things before a race - make sure you know if they'll affect you that way as well - otherwise you could really run fast (!) and also - they're a short term / emergency stop gap treatment only.

    End of Public Health Warning!
  • This will help shin splints


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