Asics running shoes - heels wearing out too quickly...

I weigh about 12st 7lbs, give or take 2 or 3 pounds, and have been running for over 30 years; completing 32 full marathon races in that time.

I have used a variety of different makes and models of running shoes in that time but, for the last good few years, I have been a big fan of the Asics 2000 series and have had many of the models. Apart from the 2050 which caused blisters in my arches, I have been pleased with the shoes but I have noticed that, on the last few models, the heels where my foot hits the ground are wearing out far, far quicker than they used to and should do.  Have others in this forum noticed this? By about 250 or so miles, the rubber on the outside of the heels has almost worn away down to the next level. This seems to be pee-poor value from a top manufacturer.

I have bought and tried using the old-fashioned Shoe Goo on the heels but only get about 20 or so miles from each application before I have to apply some more. Apart from being messy and difficult to apply, this adds to the cost of my running and really bugs me. 

 Are there any decent running shoes out there where the heel rubber gives better value? I could end up running races in my wellington boots if I can't sort this out !


  • Hi there

    Was really interested when I read this. I changed from Saucony to Asics in May this year. I'd had the Saucony's for a year but I had done well over the recommended milage so knew I should change (despite the Saucony's being like slippers !!).

    I had the gait analysis done and the Asics came out the best however I have been really disappointed by the quality. After about two months there were holes in the top of both shoes where my big toe had rubbed. I have been training for a half marathon and this last couple of weeks I've been uncomfortable with muscle aches down my left side (back, knee and calf) and I'm pretty convinced it's down to wear on the shoes. The heels look really worn and overall they look very shabby...not what I would expect from the make.

    Once this half marathon is out of the way (next Sunday) the Asics will be going straight into the bin and I'll be avoiding then from now on. If I find some Saucony's that suit my gait I'll definitely go back to those.
  • I have found the same, particulalry with holes near the toe.  I think they are very overated personally, and having had four or five pairs, have found much better trainers out there, both more and less expensive.

    I have been using mizuno wave alchemy 9's for the past year and have not once had a blister with them - and they are half the price of asics.

     AS 'Born To Run' fleshes out in some detail, there is an argument to say the more expensive the trainer the worse it is for you as it over compensates for problems which are not necessarily there in the first place, causing bigger issues.

  • Thanks for the speedy responses.

    I have just looked up the Mizuno Wave Alchemy shoes (the version 10) and they get rave reviews. I am only a mild pronator and wonder if they might be for people who pronate quite a lot.  Do the heels give better wear than the Asics 2000 series?.

    I live in the Shetland Islands and would have to get the shoes by mail order as the sports shop here has a very limited supply so would need to be fairly sure that they would be right for me.. 

  • veggieman.if you are only a mild overpronator shouldn't you be running in the asics 1100 series not the 2100 series..they are for those who pronate a lot

    If you were advised that the 2100's were the most suitable then maybe the mizuno one s you are looking at might not be suitable

    good luck

    My asics 1100's always seem to wear away at the heels quickly.more on my left than my right......i just assiume its to do with the way i run

  • They do wear, but arguably less so than the asics.  They are built for heavier runners so i think they do last longer, though i suppose that depends on the severity of your heel strike.

  • Way, way back, I was advised by a running shoe shop that the Asics 2000 series was the right choice for me and, be that the right or wrong decision, I have done about 12 marathons whilst wearing them. A chiropodist I visited a month ago confirmed that I was only a mild pronator so that also prompted me to consider changing my choice of shoes. However, on you recommending that I switch to the 1100 series, you add that the heels have worn down quickly on them so that leaves me with my original problem.

    Which shoes have long-lasting heels that would be suitable for me as a mild pronator? As I said, living where I do, I will have to rely on a mail order purchase which is not ideal.

    Many thanks for your interest in this.

    Romford Slim - although I live in Shetland now, I used to live in Romford and Upminster and belonged to Havering AC for many years. Some great running routes in your area! 

  • I have worn Asics Gel Nimbus 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11, etc and have noticed my heals wear very quickly on the shoes as well.

    I was in a running shop yesterday and mentioned this and the guy asked if I had changed the inner soles. I have worn my own inner soles for a few years because of a knee injury and he said this might be the reason. He also advised me to use the very top shoe lace hole on the shoe which I have never used (two holes are very close together at the top) as this might stop the foot slipping around.

    I have thought about trying a different model, but having used Asics for 6 - 8 years am not sure what model to try

  • Chris - I am exactly the same as you in that respect.

    I have worn about 9 of the Asics 2000 series and thus it is several years since I have put anything other than an Asics shoe on to go for a run. However, I feel cheated by the fact that the heels just wear away so easily and I am determined to get something that will still suit me but give better value.

    I haven't used anything other than the inner soles that come with the shoes although I have had cartilage operations on each knee in the past two years. It is a real dilemma.

  • I've worn 2100s for three years now and it's always the outside of the right heel that wears out at around 250-300 miles.  I like the shoes otherwise
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Doesn't help but I've been wearing the 2000 series since the 2040s so probably about 10+ years.
    Seldom had a problem, and usually get 500+ miles out of each pair.
    Is it possibly worth getting gait re-analysed and a better recommendation?
    Fwiw, I've also run in saucony (omnis?) which I've found to be as good as the asics
  • I wonder if it's a problem with certain Asics models??

    I had some complaints about later versions of Cumulus wearing away quickly but then changed to Nimbus (they changed the design of the Cumulus which prompted the change) and haven't seen the same wear issue with the Nimbus. bearing in mind that both models are neutral it's clearly not a gait issue so it must be the materials
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Can't remember exactly what my last Asics were, but they were a Gel Nimbus model.  The rapidity of the wear in the sole under my toes was shocking.  Especially as they were prescribed to me as a neutral runner but with a heavy tread.  You would have thought they would have been tougher.  I went back to the same shop and changed to Saucony.  They're not a glove-like fit as they have a wider box and I'm narrow footed, but they are very comfortable and with much less of the wear I saw under the Asics.  On a side note, I also put a little toe through the side of the Asics - that was when they went in the bin.
  • I moved from Adidas to Asic's this year. I over pronate so bought Motion Control Asic's shoes. Got one wear out of them and couldn't wear them again. I'll try them at some stage but went back to my Neutral Adidas until Saturday.

     Bought a pair of Mizuno which fit wonderfully and were reduced from 89.99 to 49.99 I believe. I ran 10 miles on them in the first run and they felt good. So far so good.

  • I have had four consecutive pairs of Asics Cumulus trainers. I have done 3 marathons in the last 15 months including Loch Ness yesterday. I used to have the Asics GT 2140s. I land on the outside of my feet and this model continually tore my outer calf muscles on both legs and tore my soleus on my right leg. The neutral Cumulus shoes have never done this. My problem with these shoes is they seem to spread quickly and 300 miles seems to kill mine off. The heels dont wear they are fine but the left shoe goes wide then the meshy top starts to hole. For the money I think this is poor. I tried some new balance which are narrower and seem to last forever but the top of both feet satarted getting gangleons which havent cleared.

    Yesterday at 17 miles running out of Dorres on the Loch Ness I might as well have not had a left trainer on as the ball of this foot felt hammered. I need a trainer like an Asics Cumulus that as narrow as a New Balance but doesnt chafe my ligaments and that last ata least 400 miles. I cant afford my calves to tear anymore. This is something I cannot seem to resolve.
  • I am on my third pair of Asics 1150 and have had no problems at all with this model. Iwear them for approx 450 miles and they show no wear whatsoever on the heels. The only sign of wear is on the soles under the big toes. When placed on the ground and looking from behind, they don't lean, so are probably the ideal shoe for me.
  • I have spotted a pair of Mizuno Wave rider 13 shoes in my size online. The blurb for them includes the phrase:

    The most durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas...

    Does anyone here know anything of these shoes?

  • I  wanted to add to the comments as 2 items in the original comments seems not to have been addressed.

    Veggieman, you mentioned that you have worn similar shors for years. Me too, it is only the last 3 pairs that have started wearing  too quickly. I bought several pairs inn a sale and only the newer Asics wear down so quickly. The older ones still give good milage. I have no doubt that Asics have changed the composition.


    The other factor that is missing is your physical structure l eear down the left heek twice as quickly as the right, due to a short leg. This may be a factor. I was also recently advised to change my running stride to land more ball first than heel first.


    Hope this helps a little.



  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    All my asics have gone on the mesh at the big toes. After my first pair did this after about 4 months wear I wrote to asics direct explaining that I had recently switched from new balance and whilst I found the shoe great in fit etc I was very unhappy about the lack of durability.

    They responded immediately and asked me to return the shoe for inspection, 2 days later they sent me a brand new pair. Obviously I cannot do that on repeat as its now my choice to keep using asics. However, I think its worth anyone doing it once!!

  • My asics didn't see the end of a 18 week marathon plan , mesh gave way , heels mashed, sore knees the result ! Mizuno wave rider 8's next great shoes no complaints, brooks rayenne now good shoes mesh is still a bit weak to be honest I think I will return to the misuno

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Two pairs of 2170s first retired just because I man paranoid after 500m second pair done 300 plus with no problems. Love em.

  • Not just me then! Last pair of Asic shoes .. gel nimbus 15, cost a bomb and big toe wearing through upper (never happened before to me) and heel wear astonishing after week 8 of my Loch Ness marathon preparation.

    Time to look at other brands!

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