Burnham Beeches 10K

what's this one like? Worth doing?


  • did this one 2 years ago, in it's second year. I'd seen the winner had done about 42mins or something fairly respectively slow to be a winning time, so thought I'd pot hunt.

    Came 2nd, as some uber local runner smashed me by about 4mins!!

    Nice course, mostly offroad, largely woodland, some grass and trail. Few little bits of foot paths, but don't be influenced by the Burnham half marathon, that's completely road, this is multi terrain.

    Some reasonable ups and downs, but nothing too hilly, but enough to make you feel a bit knackered. 2 laps as well, which taxes you mentally the second time round.

    I remember thinking the stewarding company were mutes as not one made a peep the whole way round! Not put on by a running club though, so to be expected.

    Decent saturday morning outing though.

  • Thanks for the fast reply Stevie! My mate wants me to run this one. Not sure about the 4k and 9k hill through. Did the nice flat O2O today which was ace. Liked the wet and muddy grass parts, but as I say it was nice and flat.
  • Is that the Reading shopping centre race? The one that got cancelled one year? I thought it sounded reasonably interesting until I heard it was all xc?

  • Yes, that's the one. Purple patch running have brought it back. Lovely race today. About 4k on muddy grass/tracks, 3k on tow path, and the rest around Reading town centre. Or something like that.
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