Are there any good running log apps out there for the IPAD. I have seen a lot that are for the iphone but want one that fits the IPAD screen.




  • If you search the net for the podcast "ipad today" you'll find a recent issue on fitness apps. There might be something there.
  • Thanks - Still cant find what i want but love the podcasts - Thanks for the tip.
    I just want an app to log my runs after I have run them - to keep up on my progress. I am sure I will find something soon. Only problem is that I spend more time sitting on my bum searching for gadgets to help me run rather than actually running!!!!!
  • Don't all the apps work for iPhone, Ipad and Ipod touch?
  • You can get the iphone apps on the IPAD but they don't fill the larger IPAD screen.
  • What sort of thing would you want to log, with what equipment and how automatic would you want it? Garmin of course has their website that will automatically read in runs from certain gps watches, and the Fetch site will do the same. You can look at these from the ipad. Are those not what you want? Then there is mapmyrun and mapometer and the like, too.
  • There is a review of Nike+ GPS vs Runkeeper on Techcrunch http://fwd4.me/SKl
  • I like the review, but there is also a good app they don´t mentioned it´s called runtastic.

    runtastic for the iPhone is for free and great features!

  • I agree on this one Flo image!
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