Making a 10k into a long run?

Got a 10k next Sunday at Swansea. this is the one where I started competitive running last year.

Question is, , I need to get another long run in this week ( 19-20 miler ) in preparation for New York . Is it sensible to race the 10k and then run the eleven to twelve miles home after. Or would it be too much to do a long run from fresh on Monday morning?


  • Go for it. You have plenty of time to recover before NY. Do the 10k race then a gentle jog home - or could you do a warm up jog to the race, do the race, then jog gently home?
    Probably easier than upsetting all of next weeks running by putting the long run on Monday.
  • george, if you are intending to run home after your 10k I'd recommend that you run the race at no more than 1/2 marathon pace, probably even less. something like 65% working heart rate.

    Good luck

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    I've tried this after a couple of races. Unless you take the race "easy" you may not enjoy doing the long run afterwards.

    Why not do the run in the morning and do an extra 14 or 15 miles in the evening?
  • Depending what time the races kicks off , can you do say 10-15 miles beforehand?
    Then at least you'll be doing the 'last' 6 miles of your training run with the crowds which will keep you going.

    Agree though that whatever you choose, ensure you race at a much slower pace.
  • I'd just move the long run to Monday - where's the rule that says all long runs have to be on a weekend?

  • George,

    Last year I was training for a marathon and didn't want to sacrifice a longish run for a measly 10k but all my mates were doing the 10k. I ran the 4 miles to the 10k, had a break waiting for the start, ran the 10k, hung around for a chat afterwards and then ran home. It worked really well - got in 14 miles without feelign as if I'd done much. I also enjoyed the race more than I had for a while because I eased off to about 10% slower
  • George it all depends on your fitness level. This is a good example of where a HRM would come in handy.

    I assume the New York is your main target so you must do what is best towards that event. Most of the advice given is sound and I certainly agree that long runs dont have to be done on a Sunday.

    Many training programmes are such that they have a 8 - 10 - 12 day cycle so that all the different training development needed can be covered. ( 7 day training can at times be very restrictive and training is done to suit the week rather than what you really need.) It should not be like that.

    To be honest, if you cannot cope with doing the 10k and include addition runs either before or after or both, are you ready for New York?? It seems like you feel you can cope with it and as others have suggested,go for it.

    Drew has brought the twice a day training concept into it.This should become an essential part of any training programme at given points,if only to get your recovery runs in if the previous session was quite hard.

    I quite often have a group who are doing a 10k, running before the event as a warm up of around 5 miles and a warm down of around 7 miles to get a 18mile run as marathon preperation.

    Anyhow there is no logical reason why you should not do as most have suggested.

    The most important thing is the time between when you mix it with a race. Try to time it so that there is no more than 12 to 15 minutes between warm up and run and about the same,but certainly no longer than 15minutes before you set off on your warm down.

    Dont forget to take on board plenty of fluid during the rest period. I would advise isotonic.

    Good Luck Ron.
  • Thanks for All your advice guys.
    I don't really see the point of running a race if I'm not going to give it 100% so at the moment I may race and if I feel good, still run the 12 miles home after wards. That will leave me free to go for an easy/ recovery cycle ride on Monday morning .
  • Well guys, I don't recommend it !!!!
    Ran the 10K in 54.47 at what I realized afterwards was probably 95% of race pace. Still a personal by 5 minutes !! Hooray !!!!
    Ran the twelve miles home afterwards but it was agony , had to stop four or five times and took another 2hrs 40 minutes!!
    Thanks for the advice guys.
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