brooks nightlife gilet

been looking at getting a gilet for winter and quite like the look of the brooks nightlife one and found it half price in a few shops. anyone got one and can give me an idea what teh sizing of it is like ? most places only seem to have small available and not sure if it'll be a little snug for me ! info on brooks website is vague about chest size and i never bloody trust them anyway, ive got running gear ranging from small right through to xl !!

cheers for any help


  • I've got one in black / yellow and it's ok sizewise. Think I have a medium and it's not tight and I'm a 40ish chest.

    It is short though so your t-shirts do tend to stick out the bottom which is annoying.

  • If its a winter one - maybe err on the side of caution so you can have a layer or two on underneath ?
  • Yeah I just wear it for the wind chill and for night time running. Definitely wear a tshirt or skins top underneath.... it's a weird material. Probably get a good joggers nipple with it!!
  • im a 40" chest adn i can get it in medium for £15 which seems a bargain, so might just go with that. should still be able to comfortably get a base layer underneath
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Any chance of sharing the link Mr SJ? I'm a small so won't be competing with you!

  • actually looks like 15 was a lie !!! didnt realise fiver delivery on top, but 20's still a bargain !

    keir - brooks gilet

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Thanks Mr SJ. Certainly looks a bargin. Will dig out the credit card tomorrow!

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