Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon

I'm seriously considering this one to keep me on track over Christmas and away from the over indulgences....

I have done the 10k at Catforth in years past.

Is it a similar course etc? I remember it being nice, flat and friendly place that sets off from the village hall?



  • Sell it to me KI!

    And then tell me why I should sober up for the second of Jan.image

  • sounds good i did my first at the new balance half yesterday. would this be a good 2nd attempt. i'd hate to finsh last lol.
  • Hi LB

    Thats what I was thinking! With a trace to aim for and all paid for... I will have to behave over Christmas and thus keep on track for the marathon season...

    LB: you have London to get ready for and should therefore be out running a half on January 2nd instead of polishing off the reamins of the drinks cabinet!

    There is also the added adavantage that it may be cancelled due to inclement weather giving you permission to just get drunk instead with a clear conscience....

    Lee: What was your Warrington time? If this is the same club and clientelle that runs the catforth 10k then its a good mix of abilities so i wouldnt worry!

  • 02:01 really wanted under 2 hours was pissed off when i seen 02:01 lol. but been with a running club for last month so hopefully will see this come down
  • I doubt you will be anywhere near last if you are chasing a sub 2 hour Lee. That last minute will be down to the canal bridge, and there is nothing like that around Catforth I believe!
  • Just snooping round findinding 1st run of 2011... & come across this little beauty!

    Hold on.... I recogonize those names above me!! You all dryed off from English Half?? I'll bookmark this give me another target after Hellrunner image

  • My Asics are still so soggy I have had to run tonight in a knackered old pair of Sauconys.

    I dropped my running vest in the changing tent and think it may only be fit for the bin now : both were once white and are now the same muddy brown.... a bit like Hellrunner R32!

    Enjoy it - its mental!

  • Think I might have held the record for finishing this one last in last years event. A sub 2 hour aim will see you nowhere near the back of the field. They may market it as flat but I disagree, plenty of quite steep motorway bridges. It was a nice little race though with friendly staff and a good medal and a Mars Bar at the end!

    Think it got postponed last year, I was a late sign up for the race as I couldn't do the original date.


  • IS it a pb potential?Might fancy this one.
  • david bastow wrote (see)
    IS it a pb potential?Might fancy this one.
    Warrington Road Warrior wrote (see)

    Think I might have held the record for finishing this one last in last years event. A sub 2 hour aim will see you nowhere near the back of the field. They may market it as flat but I disagree, plenty of quite steep motorway bridges. It was a nice little race though with friendly staff and a good medal and a Mars Bar at the end!

    Think it got postponed last year, I was a late sign up for the race as I couldn't do the original date.


    It certainly has PB potential. Can`t believe people say the motorway bridges are tough; they`re a steady slope with exactly the same gradient to go back down (and make up time) a few steps later on the other side!!! There was a little bridge after about 11 or 12 miles over a stream that was quite steep but it is a flat course imho. Last year I smashed my PB by 3 minutes. A nice race. I`m contemplating it even if it means not drinking much on NYD!

  • This one I'll be doing as part of my build up to London. Helped with it last year taking the numbers as people finished. It was post-poned last year due to the weather and went ahead in February. Here's hoping the weather this year isn't anywhere near as bad as last year. It'll clear the hangovers and cobwebs from christmas and New Year and send us back to work feeling really good with ourselves as everyone is still suffering.imageimage.
  • Does anyone know how quickly this fills up? I see they state that they allow on the day entries.

    I will be running a mara in early March, my schedule calls for 16 miles with 12 at MP on 2nd Jan, so this would be ideal. The focus of a race will keep me relatively sensible over the New Year.

  • Last year there were 235 finishers although the info on RW events says it sold out all 350 entries - ?
  • Just signed up for this - did it last year as well.  I think there were a few (including me) who turned up on the day it was postponed and I think not all turned up for the rescheduled race (which was why there was a few not finishers despite selling out).

    Was persuaded by managing to book the travelodge in Preston for £19 for the night so not huge expensive for a change. Just hope I am not next to the lift or the stairs again image. Well, that and the free mars bar on finishingimage

  • Just booked a cheap hotel room so Mr O4S and I are in for this - combining it with a visit to Martin Mere. As others have commented, it should clear Christmas out of the system and set us up for VLM training.  It will be our 3rd race in a week - Boxing Day 4 mile dash, 27th 14 mile off-road and then this one.  Hope to get to 4th January and back to work with no extra weight to carry..................................
  • Contemplating this one also as training for Edinburgh, done the Catforth 10k a couple of time too and it's all fairly flat country lanes with the odd hump back bridge over a canal so steep but short hills and not a patch on the ones in Through the Villages today!!
  •  Entered this one this morning as wanted a half marathon in January as motivation through the next 2 months and the Four Villages HM was sold out.

    Heard its suppose to be flat so will be hoping to beat my PB of 1.37 which was from last May so should be able to do it. Hope the weather is better than last winter image

  • I fancy this one too, but my legs still ache after Lancaster half yesterday so might see how I feel wed image
  • Need to do this one as part of training for London but worried about timings (don't want to be last!!!) am thinking around 2 hours to complete

  • Andrea,

    I did this race last year and it took me 2hrs 9mins and there was still a few finishing after me so I reckon with 2 hrs you'll be fine. (I'll be behind you at least so you might just be second last) image

    Plus there was a mars bar at the finish which will encourage a last minute sprint.

  • Thanks Duffs think i am going to be in this one, its a good time to do a race will keep me on best behviour over xmas so that mars bar will go down well ha ha!!!
  • Hadnt realized it sells out.

    I'll have to get my entry in quick!

    Lancaster Half had a change of course due to flooding, and the change included a couple of hills which wrecked my PB attempt by 36 seconds!

    I was hoping to run this one as a leg loosener after Christmas but it may turn into a serious attempt on a PB now!

  • Sells out? Didnt realise so many people wanted to run so soon after New Year. Most of the people at my club said it was too close for them to recover!

  • Just signed myself up for this one. Looking forward to it.

    Never done it before so should be interesting.

    The perfect thing me thinks for avoiding some of the Christmas temptations......although a little is always good, it is never enough.....

    Duffs and Andrea, I can't do the mars bar - loosing weight 46KG and counting, but would be more than happy plodding along with you.

    See you all there I hope
  • Welcome aboard Scott - I'm sure someone will volunteer to disown you of your mars bar - well done on the 45kg so far - that's an impressive achievement image

  • just got my number 600 an someat
  • Cheers Duffs. Anyone who has ever wanted ( or in my case needed ) to loose weight, it's all about the encouragement you get. My friends and family have been superb.

    Looking forward to getting my number as well.......how long does it normally take from entering until they issue numbers???

    A free mars bar to the person who gets the right answer, LMAO
  • Scott,

    I got my confirmation email for enetering on the 1st November and my number came through in the last day or so, so you should get it pretty soon. It also comes with some good instructions and directions.

    However, also in my bundle was an application to do the Blackpool Half Marathon in February and I am really tempted as I haven't done that one before. Evil tempting more races. . . image

    (mars bar prize not necessary)


    (also apologies Scott - in my congratulations I robbed you of 1kg image- and I now how hard each one is to shift)

  • Sent my form off on Friday it was here be Wednesday.
  • Think I'll do this one again. Let's hope there won't be snow & ice like last year when it had to be postponed for ages..... image
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