Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon



  • I'm also looking forward to it. Definitely fingers crossed with the weather. Should be a nice little run. Don't mind the cold, wet or wind, but I draw the line at ice and snow....especially in the amounts we had last year.

    I am also signed up for the Brathay Windermere marathon in May.....now that will be a killer, and I may well resort to a mars bar after that one.

  • I've signed up image. My race number came within a few days, 600 and something.

    As I see it, I'll have a hangover on 1st Jan, spend all day lazing about, drinking lots of water, so I should be rested and hydrated ready for the 2nd !! image

    Don't actually know where Catforth is...............other than near Preston somewhere (deduced from the Post Code!)

  • bbp - it`s, well, in the middle of nowhere! nice little place though!
  • Absolutely gutted.

    Just got my number, woohoo, but now it looks like I may be working!!! image
    Not an excuse as my work takes me all over the world, currently in China.

    Doesn't matter how much you plan.....aaaahhhhhhhh.

    Fingers crossed I can still make it.

    If not then all the best to everyone who runs. image
  • Unlucky Scott.

    I entered last night. Hope the weather is like it was second time around last year not that black ice nightmare. Not sure whether I`ll be `racing` or `taking part` but we`ll see how training goes and how the Xmas Xcesses go! imageimageimage

  • Do you think there will be entries on the day?

    I couldnt make the rearranged date last year after the first one was off

  • I`d guess it`d be sold out this year as it`s a very small field in a time when there`s not many races about and lots of us daft runners!
  • Got my number yesterday. Good motivation to keep going through the bad weather. Want to beat my time from last year!
  • All is not lost. Apparently, my return trip may have been delayed by a month or so, game on for the run!!!

    My number arrived a few weeks ago, sweet, and I agree with the egyptian, good motivation.

    Not many places left to join the run apparently so if you are sitting on the fence it's time to fall on the right side and go for it.

  • Hi,

    I've just signed up for this because the half I was supposed to be doing in November was postponed due to ice & I'm doing the VLM in April for the first time so need a focus!!

    I am aiming for 2hr15 providing the course isn't too hilly but after reading the posts it sounds perfect!  I did an 8miler round St Annes a wee while ago on a trip back home and after training in Sheffield I actually missed a few hills!!! image  Never thought I'd say that!

    I don't know Catforth at all so it will be nice to see a new area.  Am I right in thinking it's not too far from Beacon Fell or am I way off?!!

     Linds x

  • Not too sure of where that fell is Linds because Ilive in Sheffield too. Occasionally travel to the in-laws at Preston to do some flat races like this one!
  • 9 miles on the catforth on a good day you can see it all the way round
  • O and around the preston area isnt all flat as there are many races that make your toes curl up at the thought of climbing all those hills like longridge 7 caldervale 10 blacksticks 10k garstang 10k garstang half so these are the ones to tryimage

  • Hello everyone - I'm in too image
  • Good job frodo, that's the way.

    Can't be too many places left, gonna be a good run.

  • Thanks Alan - I think I'll give those challenging races a miss for the time being!! image  I'm such a lazy runner - I do hills in training but only because I have no choice!!!  Although I have to say that they've helped my running enormously so I don't fear them so much anymore. 

    I grew up in St Annes so have fond memories of driving to Beacon Fell to go windberry/blackberry picking!  I remember the steep drive up there too..... 

     Looking forward to the half - will look out for the Egyptian toe racing up them hills!!  Fingers crossed no more snow to disrupt training!

    Linds x

  • is this deffo full?

     this is the only site claiming so and others are offering me to enter it.

    tried to email 'ron@blackpoolmarathon.com' as i found that on another site as the contact email and it appears the addy is dead....

    can anyone help? if i've missed this due to my internet being down for 2 weeks i will be fuming!

  • I don't believe it!!! In the immortal words.
    Came on line to book a place and it's full.
    Think I'll just turn up on the day, there's gotta be someone just too hung over to get out of bed.
    This run looks just too good to miss!
  • Hiya,

     please could someone tell me what the route is for the race so I can have a look on mapometer?


  • Couldn`t really explain the route Linds but it seemed to go over the motorway a couple of times, all flat.

    I wonder what the chances of this race happening are. I know it`s 10 days or so off but weather could well be a factor again. I`ve kept going with the training but most of it has been treadmill. Did Stockport 10 but really short on LDRs. Hope to do a long run on Xmas Day ideally.
  • Same here ET, and the Stockport 10 was fairly slippy image
    What's the procedure for notifying us of cancellation?
  • Frodo - last year it was poor. No email or call, which I`d hope for in a small event. I think it just appeared on here, firstly as a rumour. Some runners turned up at Catforth apparently. I won`t have internet over the New Year either!
  • If it's any help, I will have full net access and I'm the right side of the Pennines for judging local conditions - you could PM me your mobile? (Cake will verify I'm not a loony, honest image )
  • I haven't seen the long term forecast, but I'm optimistic that surely this crappy weather can't last that longimage.

    I've been doing all my training on the treadmill. I learnt my lesson last winter when I put myself out for 4 weeks with a pulled leg muscle. Physio said doing a 12 miler on snow probably caused it, landing differently, using muscles in a slightly different way. Apparently, but who knows ??

    But flipping heck, it's boring!!!!

  • Long term forecast is for better weather come the new year......this is awful though?just off to do a ten miler before I go insane!!
  • Did myself an 18 miler on Sunday........not doing it again in this weather.

    It was that cold, found out minus 7 degrees, I had ice all on my hat, my earphone leads had thick ice chunks on them and my running top looked like it had a suite of armour breast plate on the front, it was rock solid, again all frozen sweat.....so it's off to the gym for me until the new year.

    The tread mills are so boring, but if you tweak the settings you can still get a great run.

    Shame it's sooooo cold and icey because I love running in the winter especially round the lakes, beautiful part of the country to run and train in.

    I agree that I think it will soon warm up a bit, enough to make running a bit easier anyway.
  • Good optmism all! btw Winter has started today!

    Frodo - thanks, if I get chance, I`ll PM u. Phone dead at the mo!

  • Would it be possible for someone post on here if it's going ahead or not?  I don't fancy a 2hr drive to find it's all cancelled!!  Have been trying to train - managed a 14miler on saturday but it was so slippy it was slow going.

     Thank you in advance!!

    Egyptian toe - thanks I'll have a look and try to have a guess!! image 

  • Entered months ago as part of VLM training (first timer). So far so good, did 12.5m Sunday and on my taper. Found training in this weather quite dangerous at times until I discovered "Grivell Spiders" No good for road work but superb for x country, £20-£25 Is well worth it rather than the monotony of the treadmill.

     Hope it's not postponed as I am due to go overseas in early Feb

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