Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon



  • You can leave your stuff in the boot of my car if necessary ET. I'll be there early (next half hour or so) and will be there til the end.
  • Just £2 a bag and with a free shoe clean as well what a man just look for ford focus with baggage cart on it he heimage
  • Should be doing this today but I've done something to my ankle doing a NYE marathon in Liverpool and I can't walk, never mind run image Currenlty lying on my bed with my laptop and it is even hurting when rested and elevated - this could be a serious one I think.

     Gutted as 2011 is going to be an intense year. I have Ironman in July and training was supposed to be intense and daily to whip me in to shape. If I can't even lie down without being in pain, what hope is there to be up & walking any time soon? 

    Good luck to everyone today, hope you all get a nice 1/2 marathon in to kick start an awesome new year. 

  • Disappointed to miss this for the second year, last year it got postponed re-arranged for Feb(i think?) and i was ill and AGAIN it comes around and i have been ill over the Xmas period and still recovering.

     Ah well, maybe 2012 is my year!

  • My first time at this event. And isn't it just lovely? image

    It was never going to be a speedy run for me, coming back from illness and injury, but the people were very friendly and made it worth the trip. I was also surprised just how flat it was, especially when looking up at the scenery and nearby hills!

    Thanks to everyone involved with the organisation image
  • Very enjoyable race

    Well organised and a very flat course with PB potential.

    Weather was perfect for runnin-sadly im a stone too heavy but i struggled round and was happy enough with my time.

    Wouldve loved to have had a post race massage but a bacon roll and coffee were more important to me at the time.

    Thanks to all the organisersimage

  • Fantastic....thank you Brian and those who out the event on. Seats, massages, lots of future race flyers, a great atmosphere and even a choice of a Mars bar or Wagon Wheel at the end....just fabby image
  • Excellant race and very friendly people. Loved the reaction the impatient driver got at the start. Lovely mars bar at the end and nice to have a medal.Well done
  • results up already


  • Had a GREAT time. The first half marathon run for me in event form and loved it.
    Impatient driver was a good start followed by Brian saying he was my wife, LOL.

    Very well organised, nice medal and very friendly officials etc.

    The wife and kids came along and enjoyed themselves as well, a great way to spend a few hours in the fresh air on a crisp Sunday.

    Thoroughly recommended to everyone wanting a nice run.

    Tea's, coffee, butties, pre and post race massage and some cool running gear were all on offer.

    Can't wait to sign up for next years run.....
  • Ha ha Scott.

    The driver wasn't very impressed when I said we'd put the signs out in English so people would understand themimage

    After everyone had kindly stood aside to let him through, he got stuck behind the safety carimageimage

  • That driver will have your 'pregnant goldfish' comment ringing in his ears, Brian image
  • image I don't think he heard meimage

  • Great run, great start to the new year (though might be biased with an 8 minute PB image ) Many thanks to all the marshalls for giving up their time to ensure we went the right way!
  • Great run, thanks to all the organisers and marshalls for making it go so smoothly!  Thanks also to the guy with the beard and the red 'Moore 6' vest top on who was on my tail all the way round - without him I don't think I would have pushed myself as hard and got a PB!!

    Hopefully will get to do this again next year when I spend new year with mum in blackpool.


  • Hi Linds,

    I'm 'Moore 6', and I was going to apologise to you at the end for shadowing you all the way round but I was in too much pain to find you! I'm glad to see that it helped anyway! My watch battery went over New Year and without that to pace me, I just had to tag along behind someone who I thought was going at about the right pace...

    I've only done one (very slow) half before, and after little training over Christmas there was no way I would have managed it all the way round without stopping if it wasn't for your unasked-for help. It was a bit rude of me, and I was kind of glad when you overtook me in the last mile!

    Thanks to all the organisers, volunteers and marshalls, it was a great morning. I only entered because the Clowne Half was cancelled at the end of November and I had to do a run to honour the sponsorship money I'd received for the Bobby Moore Fund. It was very friendly and a lot of fun, and I'll definitely be looking at entering next year.

  • I was around and about you two, too image - I was trying not to race it, and was a good bit off my PB pace, but following you in the second half made sure I didn't get too lazy image
    Hope you make your fundraising target, Richard image
  • Cracking run and enjoyed Brian hammering the driver, nice way to start the day.............

    Defo one to add to the list, cakes looked really nice and the mars bar was needed indeed..

    Thanks to all the organisers, volunteers and marshalls

  • Brian`s good!

    I liked the `it`s 10 minutes until the start and the start line is15 minutes that way!`

  • Not surprised to see only 230 odd finishers from 350 (?) entrants as lots will have entered, not trained and then dns on the day but, did imagine it,or could you eod for £15 which was cheaper than advance?
  • Great way to work off the excesses of the festive period, 1st ever 1/2. Thanks to all the organisers, marshalls etc. Any pictures up anywhere? Saw a photographer on the finish line, local rag??
  • Well organised, thanks to all the hard work of the marshalls and organisers. The sports massage afterwards was a real treat thanks to those guys. Managed 5 mins off the PB too! Recommended +++.
    Dewi - google Mickhall photos and follow the links to road races and youll find the photos. Mines an absolute shocker.
  • Thanks for that breadcrumbs, quite happy with mine image
  • Well done to the organisors.The bacon butties and coffee in the centre were ace...thanks to the lasses feeding us all.

     Enjoyed the race..nice to have a quiet time running rather than the masses of the GNR to trip over.

    Might come back next year...okay I will...one moan can the water stations be at 9 mile instead of roughly 11 miles...the signs promised us drinks from mile 8..which wound me up at bit..

     Thanks anyway lovely folk...and isn't it posh and nice around Catforth?

  • Richard - hope the fundraising went well.  Good for you! If it's any consolation I went straight to the massage people straight after the race!!  Thanks again for the motivation and you weren't being rude at all image!

    The only reason I managed to overtake you was because Green day 'American idiot' followed by Blur came on the iPod - my legs were shot! image
  • Game on runninglinds,,,,,,sure I saw you, very well done
  • Just had a closer look at the results and realise it was you, Brian, telling me to chase down the lady in front of me in the last half mile! image
    I didn't have the energy to turn around and tell you that I wasn't meant to be racing and was only out for a potter.

    Does anyone know if the poor chap being rather sick around 9 and a half miles made it in OK?
  • Great race, enjoyed it very much image.

    Sounds like I was around you too Frodo. The red "Moore 6"  (hi Richard image) was just ahead of me for a good while, but I lost sight of you towards the end.

    I was recovering from Xmas chesty cold germs, and hadn't run for nearly 3 weeks, so I definitely wasn't racing (nowhere near a PB!!), but that made it all the more enjoyable. No pressure.

    I saw the poor chap struggling and being sick towards the end, hope he made it back OK.

    if anybody was near me, I was the misguided runners who was told to cross-over onto the pavement on the rhs (at about 12-13miles), and then switched back again after being reminded that road races are always stick left (I knew that really, just lemming mentality of doing as I'm told!!).

    One minor gripe, perhaps more than one ladies loo.........otherwise a perfectly organised fab race, I'll definitely be back next year.

  • Hiya, BB image

    It was you that Brian was encouraging me to race!

    I was just as bad, I followed you when that guy told us to run on the right. I tell you, that swerve from left to right to left really felt like it added an extra half mile on at that particular point, even though it could only have been a couple of yards image

  • I had fun trying to track down a fella in black and a Wesham lass both of whom were ahead of me until about 9 miles. Then I got past the bloke after a brief chat and then past the lady at about 11. As I was passing 2 blokes at 12 miles, they said `we`ll be just over 1:40` and that spured me on to beat it by a few seconds in a final sprint.

    Don`t forget to rate this race folks ; it deserves credit imo.
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