Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon



  • Frodo, glad it wasn't just me swerving from left to right and left again, I remember thinking knowing my bloody luck I'll get run over criss-crossing the road image.

  • Glad to be of assistance Frodo.

    Bburn plodder: it was me who told you to stick to the left.

    The guy who told us to cross was nothing to do with the race - he was just interfering. I dealt with him later in much the same way as the impatient driverimage

  • I saw you give some bloke a bollocking at the end of the race.

    I wondered if it was that soup fellaimage

  • Frodo & BB - I was a bit of a lemming too image!  I'm sure I was probably following you guys around for a bit so thanks to you too.  Being a lone wolf when out running (no club..... yet) It was nice to run with other people and not struggle.  It was a real confidence boost and a lovely way to start 2011.  Getting all misty eyed thinking about it!  It was only my 2nd HM, first being the GNR in 2001, which i did in 2h30 so i smashed my PB, hence the over excitedness!

     Brian - you had your work cut out with disgruntled drivers and rogue direction givers!!!

    Sorry to hear about the guy being sick, when I passed him & asked if he was ok he said it was his stomach.  Hope he's feeling better now, he was doing so well for ages.

  • Linds - Sounds familiar:

    'lone wolf' runner - check
    nice to run with other people and not struggle - check
    2nd HM - check
    smashed PB - check

    I think I found myself tagging along behind the right person!

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