adidas for the overpronator

ive recently switched to adidas adizero tempo which i picked up fora  bargain price and im loving them, but thinking they are a little too lightweight for everyday pounding and looking for sowmthing else i can use day in day out and for LSR's, will then keep the adizero's for trackwork and racing.

as a new convert to adidas im not totally familiar with their range so after advice from anyone that is. im looking for a shoe for a moderate overpronator, i like something that feels a bit more responsive and not totally overblown with cushioning. from checking adidas website it looks like the supernova sequence, adistar salvation and response stability are the 3 contenders.

anybody have any opinion on any of these 3 ?


  • I think you're best bet is to go to a specialist shop for advice.

    I use Adistar Salvation and I overpronate very heavily so maybe they are a bit too much for mild overpronation.

  • im having trouble finding a shop with them in my size to try out sp13, managed to try some supernova sequence today and had a look and feel of the salvation but couldnt try them on. the salvation felt very heavy and as you say tehy had a lot of support.

     may end up just ordering some no trying them on at home before sending back whats no good !

  • I strongly reccomend the supernova sequence. Im an overpronator and have been using them as my milage shoe for the last year, found them great.  I use the adizero mana for my track/speed work.

     The tempo would almost definatley be to light/not enough suport to use as your main shoe.

  • thanks mikey, ordered myself some sequence and they arrived yesterday and wore them for aprkrun today and i liked them, feel like tehy have good support and really comfortable.

    what are the adizero mana ? are tehy lighter than the adizero tempo ?

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