Marathon - single lap!

Are there any single lap marathons for 2011 (as most the one that I have found listed are multiple) and I would prefer the single approach? image


  • Amsterdam, Paris (I think), Somme Poppy marathon, Nice-Cannes, Marathon du Medoc. 

    I guess they have more room in France!

    I wouldn't fancy a multi lap mara either.

  • London, Beachy Head, Snowdonia (I think) are all single loops - am sure there must be many more
  • Greensand is an out and back so not technically a lap.

    Farnham Pilgtim is an out and back over part of the course.

    Venice is one way.

    Florence, Rome, Parma, Milan and Turin are all one way (I think)

  • Brighton?
  • Does London count as a lap or point-to-point?
  • Point to point, surely?  Nice-Cannes is also p-t-p.
  • yeh - you're right - London is a point to point in reality as is Brighton which has a double back section in 2 places - up one side and down the other side of the road after a 180 turn
  • Berlin is a single lap

  • Halstead is a one lap if I remember correctly
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    Moray Marathon in September image 

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    Chester or Gold coast marathon in Aus
  • Loch Ness - point to point.
  • Windermere - once round the lake

    Isn't there a new one planned early in the year down Blackpool way?  I thought that was an out&back route

    Lochaber - out&back?

    I believe Edinburgh is point to point

  • Robin Hood marathon in Nottingham would seem to fit the bill, you run a half marathon with the half marathon runners and then the second half is on a different route altogether, so not a multiple lap race


  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    there was one planned for Blackpool as I and a few others had entered then it said race callanced and also had an email telling me there would be no more Blackpool marathons but I did get my money back
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