Traithlon clubs in Sheffield?

I'm a first year undergraduate studying at the University of Sheffield, having moved up from Luton. I want to join a triathlon club at Sheffield, but don't know what clubs are around! Can anyone help me here??


  • The two I know of are

    Racing TNT who are very friendly and inclusive of all abilities. Free to join and you pay for each session as you do it. Give Matt a call on the website

    Sheffield Triathlon club are a well established club who have always been friendly whenever I have come across them

    Us Northerners are always friendlyimage

  • Ah thank you for the info, this'll help my training now image woo great cheers.

  • I'm in Sheffield too, microbe man's correct there are two clubs.

     I've only done swim sessions with STC, but they've been really friendly & helpful.  Also got friends who've been to TNT sessions & rate them - just depends what fits in best with your time.  The only niggle I had as a newbie looking at TNT info was that the website wasn't updated frequently enough, so it was hard to plan which sessions to go to.

     There's a few local's on here.... Cake, Baz, Aitch, Mozzy, have all done tri's and there's a whole sheffield social thread in the clubhouse if you take a peek!  If your of the right gender, there's a ladies running group Mozzy co-ordinates (smiley paces) that's branching out to tri image

  • Hi

         I have been out on the bike with 18 others from RacingTNT today and it was a great training session.

    Two groups with a stop off to watch the hill race at Monsal Head.

    You can find out which session you would like to attend by looking at the training planner which covers the next 6-8 weeks !!!!! easy image

    Have a look here, couldn't be easier.

    RacingTNT Training Session Planner

    Also Sheffield Tri are a good group to train with 

    Give Matt a call @ Racing TNT ........ You will receive a warm/ friendly welcome from all at RacingTNT & Sheff Tri

  • image Can't believe I've only just seen this. The sheffield thread is useful in clubhouse also in shef tri. If you need training buddies the chances are I live near you and there are others out there. Enjoy sheffield and remember your right next to the peak district for hills. image
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