Tuesdays Session

Morning all

What : 2000m Swim
Why : Ankle sore from weekends race (went over on it during race) so no running

Last Hard Day : Sunday
Last Rest Day : Yesterday



  • Cor - second! Feels a bit of a cheat since I've done nothing yet though. Decided thumping along on a treadmill for the last speed session probably wouldn't help my knee so am going for 40min run this evening instead (for some reason I run like an elephant when doing intervals). Added bonus was that I didn't have to get up at 6 to go running before work (they only have 4 treadmills at my poxy University gym, so if you want to run for 50minutes or more you have to go early).

    What: 40mins or so
    Why: substitute for last week of 100day schedule
    Last run: Saturday
    last rest: yesterday

  • What: Should be 9 mile fartlek with club but still feel a knackered after Sunday so probably do the 9 miler but steady.
    Why: Tuesday is club night.
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • Late this morning as......

    Today: 8 miles steady (already done)
    Why: Nighmare long work day with no chance to be home before 10:00 pm therefore decided to get up at six and do run then. Still in work before most!
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last Rest: Saturday

    Running first thing in the morning does not go down that well with my body - but I feel incredibly virtuos for having done it and felt unbelievably relaxed whilst driving into work. I think I may do this more often (i.e. run early not work late!)
  • What : 6 mile run then 30 mins gym at lunch time
    Why : Usual
    Last hard run : Yesterday
    Last rest day : Sunday - sort of
  • What: Maintenance run - 6-7 miles steady.
    Why: It's Tuesday. Routine stating to fall into place at last.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
  • What: planning to do 7 miles steady
    Why: Still following RW schedule
    Last hard day: Saturday
    Last rest day: Sunday
    When am I going to do it: 9pm+ tonight. I'll have to drag myself out the door when it's dark and 'orrible! I'll post later Martin H and let you know if I've done it!!
  • Did 1 hr weights last night
    Today: 1-2 mile warm up run
    hill training - run up, walk down x how every many I can do.
    1-2 mile cool down run.
    Why:I hate hills, but I will learn to love them.

  • What: should be club run but am busy tonight so will prob do 2-3 miles gently at lunchtime
    Why: still stiff and sore after sunday
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: sunday
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    what: plan to do 6 x 1200 off 2 min recoveries (but feel a bit poorly today so I'll see how I feel tonight)
    why: key weekly session
    last hard day: Friday
    last rest day: Sunday
  • What: club night surprise
    Why: varied hard session
    last hard day: sun
    last rest :Mon

    Muscles & Joints appear to be calming down. I realise that by dropping cross training over the last couple of weeks and throwing in a Long run my milage has gone up by 30%/week - 19 -26 -35 so no wonder I was facing a 'trike.
  • what: gym (gentle) session and swim in the pool.
    why: because I have my car and freedom to come and go as I please
    last rest day: yesterday (I did very little)
    last hard day: Sunday
  • what: 10.3K steady
    why: 2nd choice session - other commitments dictate that I can't drive to the nearest hill (about 65m) and do 4 x 800m uphill in preparation for climb out of Mersey Tunnel Sunday.
    Will do this tomorrow & Thu instead

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat

    Cath - your first gym session since...?
    brilliant stuff
  • What: 10min warmup (2km), 4*2km at 10km pace with 200m slow jog recovs, 10min warm down = 12.8 kms/8 miles in almost exactly 1 hour (on t/mill).
    Why: Weekly intervals

  • What: about 5-6 miles of fartlek
    why: MartinH advised me to, and thanks very much Martin as it was great!

    Last hard day: sunday
    Last rest: yesterday

  • What: Dunno, tired but need to get out for a run sometime.
    Why: Up 'til 3 am decorating. And enjoying a CD-fest of Glastonburyesque proportions.

    DIY tip of the day: don't paint windowframes in the dead of night whilst drinking red wine, you'll only have to redo it in the morning.
  • What: 8-10 miles steady
    Why: Loch Ness Marathon less than 2 weeks away. 10 milers maximum from now on.

    Did 5 miles rather than the 8 I planned last night, as it was a 2 miles + 2 x 3 mile loop, ending at the gym (to go for a swim). Got to the end of the first loop, reckoned the second would be boring and bailed out in favour of the steam room/swimming pool. Just as well Loch Ness is point to point!

    Thanks for the DIY tip Laura. I also find hanging curtains takes on a whole new perspective after a few voddies.
  • I’m well chuffed - I’ve just had a marvellous session in the pool – earlier this year I set myself the goal of being able to swim 2000m front crawl non-stop in 40mins by the end of the year.

    I managed this in today’s session – over 3 months ahead of schedule – I’ll now have to aim for 3000m in 1-hour by the end of next June

  • What: 9 miles incl 35 minutes fartlek
    Why: Some much needed speedwork
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Saturday

    Nice going Will :o)

  • Laura,
    another top DIY tip that I discovered first hand in January this year is not to try and rewire your kitchen at night without a torch :-0
  • Glad I'm not alone in the daft idea club then MM...Try cleaning out your sockets with a damp cloth as well.

    Nice swim Wild Will.

    Done mine, 5 miles fartlek, Ron Grover please note I trained in my pain zone peaking at 94% max, felt sick.
  • Laura
    Definitely not alone! My DIY tip: don't drill through an electric cable, having said to your spouse 2 secs earlier "I've hit something, do you think I should carry on?". My answer to him was, of course, "No, it might be an electric cable". Fortunately for hubbie the drill had a rubber handle, but the electrician charged a small fortune!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hope you're feeling better this afternoon Drew.

    Well done Wild Will. I'm aiming to be able to swim the full 400m of front crawl so I have a long way to get to your standard. I can now manage 4x25 before having to do a breast stroke to recover before going again. This is how I'm going to do my triathlon on Sunday. I was concerned but I'm not now as I've timed myself several times and I do it in about 10mins. Hopefully I won't be the last out of the pool!

    Anyway today
    What: club night, so will do about 8-10 miles off road. It will be classed as a fartlek session as the pace changes often and I normally try to stay close to the front.
    Why: weekly club run.
    Last hard: Sun.
    Last easy: Sat.
  • Okay, So I went to the gym. Remember how on 1st September (day before I went for surgery) I ran 5Km in 36 mins and 20 secs...?

    Well not only did I run 5Km today but I also knocked a full 50 seconds off of my time - I ran it in 35 mins and 30 secs!!! Also, I didn't push myself... all through it I was saying to myself "I'll just see how it goes" and "maybe a little longer" and before I knew it it was done! I also used the stepper for 10mins and I cycled 5Km and I did some leg weights and then I went in the pool and swam 25 lengths (only an 18m pool though) for the upper body stuff and I finish off at the gym by sitting in the "Spa Pool" for 20 mins aka Jacuzzi. Finally rounded the day off with a walk with Oscar around the park - which also equated to 2 miles.

    I don't feel sleepy tired. I feel like physically I have done a work out but I feel much better for it. After the gym I felt so much more energised.

    MikeS --- yep, it was the first session today since my operation.
  • and a PB as well Cath - yessss!

    did my 10.3K in 41:08
    legs feel like they need a session on something a bit softer than road & pavement
  • Well done, Cath!

    DIY tip? Don't redecorate when you're pregnant. As soon as the baby is born, you will realise that when all your guests used words like "innovative" or "unusual" or "not a colour combination I would have thought of", they were being polite, not complimentary.
  • First of all well done Cath, that really is excellent.

    I actually did my session today at lunchtime but am so late posting this cos I've been reading through the threads in the URWFRC forum, and I've now stopped laughing.............

    What: 8.45km including 3 * 2k at 10k pace
    Why: Latest day of Windsor training programme
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Yesterday

  • My steady run became a tempo run, then a fartlek session. Why? Snicks has not run in the dark for some time (as it's been summer and all that). I was feeling a bit edgy. 15 mins into it decided I was going for a tempo, as it was late, I was tired etc...See a car waiting to pull out onto an empty road. What's it waiting for? ME? So I cross the road and hey presto it pulls out. I leg it up the hill. 10 minutes later, I see the car again - or was it my imagination. Another 10 mins later I'm into the run, and what I think is the same car pulls up beside me - Fartlek session. At this stage I'm 30 mins from home, it's 930pm. The rest of my run was a fast run home - looking out for red cars. Then I spot it again and see it's full of teenage boys.
    I'm annoyed about this. Not sure if I was imagining it - it might not have been the same car. But the bottom line. I felt intimidated, and vulnerable. Some might think it's irresponsible to go out late at night - but I don't have much choice. Oh well, it was a good run, a full hour and lots of extra speed work! Right time to stretch... BTW Will, well done on the swimming. I've done a couple of Swimathons, my best was 1:43. I really want to do a Triathlon next year, so I'll be reading yours and Hilly's posts with interest.

    Until tomorrow...
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Great stuff Cath - just take it easy - can't have you usurping us regular PB beaters!

    Hilly, thanks for the comments. Managed to do 5 x 1200 off 2 min recoveries before I was sick! 4 secs per mile faster than my last similar session in August.
  • Today's the day when everyone went training mad - well done everybody, Cath especially.

    What: 3 x 2miles at faster than 10K pace - ouch! almost lost my breakfast there.
    Why: longer intervals for marathon training
    Last Rest Day: Thursday
    Last Hard Day: Sunday
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