Another Worn Meniscus



  • Just thought I'd update:

    Had MRI in July 12 as knee was still unstable, turns out tear was still there, not sure if repair did not take or whether it was torn again but after MRI, I went to Matthew Barnett Consultant at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow who is also the knee specialist for the British Olympic Association whose medical unit is based at Northwick Park. Had another arthroscope surgery yesterday where he trimmed away about two-thirds of my medial meniscus.

    I think my desire to preserve as much of my meniscus as I could was a bit futile because if it is not doing it's job and is just contributing to irritation and inflamation within the the knee without providing the support it is meant to then there is no point of it being there. If anything, the greater task is to develop quads (and to a slightly lesser extent hamstrings) of a champion so that the knees don't get such an unsupported pounding.

    24 hours after surgery, I have no crutches and am full weight bearing on the knee, a lot further ahead than when I had meniscal repair last year. Am hoping to be back to full strength by March, will update here on how it goes.


  • Good luck Saqib, it sounds like you have been through the mill a bit!  Hope it all works out for you this time!

  • Cheers mate, appreciate it.


  • Right so to recap:

    Tore medial meniscus in Jul 06, a week on crutches then was fine to play football until twisting knee playing football in Oct 09 then unable to do much beyond cycling.

    Sep 10 had meniscal repair which did not take, Dec 11 had menisectomy where they cut out about two thirds of the medial meniscus, this also had little positive effect.

    Things stayed bad but began to get worse in late 2014 when my GP referred me to Mr Rahul Patel at UCL Hospital in Central London. He is a legend, really felt he engaged with me. He looked at my latest MRI scan and pretty quickly recommended a High Tibial Osteotomy to stop bone-on-bone contact on inside of knee. We agreed it was beneficial to have an arthroscopy beforehand so that he could make sure of that diagnosis and also evaluate me for a meniscal transplant.

    Post-arthroscopy, he recommended a Unicompartmental (Partial) Knee Replacement and said wear on inside of knee ruled out the transplant. When I saw him again to discuss the op, he said he had been troubled by recommending the partial knee replacement to someone so young (I'm nearly 42) and said he'd discussed it with his colleague Sam Oussedik (also at UCLH) who said he'd had success in similar cases and felt I could be pain free with an Osteotomy and that it offered best chance of returning to active life as I made it clear that I wanted to return to 5-a-side footy and marathon running even if it brought forward partial/total knee replacement from 60/75 to 52/62 respectively.

    So roll on 10 December 2015 and let's see...

  • Sounds promising Saqib.   Good luck !

    How have you been since December 11 ?

    I had a medial menisectomy about 4 months ago ( I think approx 20% was cut out ).  Its improved some everyday issues ... the pain I had when getting into a car or into bed for example has now gone.  However, I still cant run any great distance on it.   Pretty much regardless of pace, after about 30-40 minutes of running it starts to hurt.  Its not a big pain , but I feel very reluctant to run through it  .. highly frustrating.    Shorter runs .. 5ks etc are fine and at at least as good a pace as before my problems.

    Did you have similar experiences ?



  • Hi Jamie,

    20% out doesn't seem so bad, but each knee is it's own animal. My knee always felt unstable and after 5 mins of exercise, it would swell up and there was pain. After the menisectomy, I was told the knee was all sorted and that it was just rehab that would get me to full recovery, gave it time and then spent two years with no real improvement. In the meanwhile, my knees were bone on bone and wearing each other out faster. If I had gone sooner, I might have been able to get a meniscal transplant, but the wear and tear ruled that out. The Osteotomy will load the lateral side more and alleviate the bone on bone on the medial side. Let's see...

    Most important thing for you is to do the rehab and grow quadriceps like Roberto Carlos (google a pic of him), the key to people like us for the rest of our lives is to have BIG quads, that's the be all and end all of alleviating knee issues. Also take Vitamin D3, not all the Ds combined, just D3. My surgeon said it was proven to regenerate bones and he recommended that for the rest of my life, said to take at least 1000ug a day, and that it was impossible to overdose on it.

    Anything more, give me a shout.


  • Thanks Saqib

    I used to like  Carlos.   He only hit about 1 good free kick in every 100, but his strike in that Toulon Tournament some years ago was amazing.

    What are your quad exercises of choice ?

  • Not really got one, Leg Press makes mine grow but lunges with weights in your hand also work, I guess the Leg Press isolates it.

  • I

    hi 2 years ago I devellope a pain in the anterior part of my right knee after a long run(15 miles) at the time i receve so many dianostic a different every time i was seeing someone

    extreme as to stop running because to old 58 at the time or a surgeon telling me that i can get the operation or wait as it might get better on his own

    I did stop running for a wild and have done cycling and it has got better

    now i am running again for more than year but infortunatly the pain is back again after some long run

    i just have a pain no redness no swollen sometime big clic

    I can t get RMI i was operated from an anewrism and the clip is metalic that was what they where using in the 90 th

    any advice




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