Garmin 405cx Freezing

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help, for the second week running my Garmin 405cx has decided to freeze. Last week it happened before my long run this week at the end, getting very annoying now and thinking of returning it to Amozon before it gets chucked in the bin imageimage Anyone else having or had the same misfortune?


  • SpadgerSpadger ✭✭✭
    Just happened to mine, how do you fix it?
  • Ummm don't know, it seems to come back on by it's self but with a completely flat battery image I was told to speak to Garmin 08708501242, that's a freephone number from the UK and if they couldn't fix the problem Amozon will give me a new one. Will wait till it happens again before I phone. Hope you get it fixed.
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    If you hold both buttons in and the bezel on the opposite side it'll come back to life; sometimes takes quite a few's in the manual.
  • Thanks Mr Boat, maybe I should of read the manual imageimage But still annoying that when it happens the battery goes flat. 

  • Mine's done this four times today for the first time in the year and a half I've had it.  I've reset it each time but it keeps doing it.  Luckily it didn't do it during the 10 mile race I did this morning!  Is there any way to stop it happening?  I don't want it to be broken so soon at the price I paid for it! 
  • Mine did that and I asked a garmin man at the tri show earlier on in the year. Make sure you have all your satalites etc, when you're ready to go press the start and lap buttons on the side together to lock the bezel this stops it from freezing and you can still start and stop the watch etc.
  • Thanks, but unfortunately  I usually lock mine anyway.  Now it seems if I press any button at all, it freezes and I have to reset.  If I don't touch it, it runs fine as a watch - but it's a pretty expensive watch! 
  • Send it back to Garmin and they should replace it with a letter to explain the problems and what you have done. My first one locked regardless of what I did and they did replace it for me. Apparaently there has been some reported problems with the screen locking, so I would contact them about this.
  • Even though it's over a year old? 
  • Definately worth a go. Ring the customer services and explain everything. They were very good for me.
  • Thanks, I guess even if they charge me something it's cheaper than buying a new one! 
  • My just stopped working and they will change it for £113 plus p&p. Its 15 months old and cost nearly £300. I think its a disgusting service. I expect it to last longer
  • Hi

    I have a different problem, its the battery life. I've had the watch (405cx) for nearly a year, but just recently the battery power seems to go down really quick, it supposed to last 8 hours,fully charged,  I'm only getting about 4 1/2! it used to last a lot longer than this. has this happened to anyone else, can the battery be changed?

  • Untill I read these I was wanting a Garmen 405cx but Im wondering if I should change my mind...!!
  • The manual says the battery cannot be changed. My battery is down to about six hours at a guess after 10 months. I'm not pleased but I don't intend to take that long for my next marathons unlike two of the first three.
  • supermouse: I shouldn't worry too much, most of our club members use them without any problems. Obviously there are a few exceptions and you would expect ot hear about them on an internet running forum; its normal. I would probably post on here the minute I had a problem with mine. I've had mine for two years now and the battery is still fine; I can do over two hours with the light on and still only use 30% of the battery life. Once you get used to locking the bezel, they're fine.
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