Stolen Bikes

Some thieving bast@rds have had my Boardman Road bike and GT Agressor Mountain Bikesimage

If anyone in the Cheshire/merseyside area could keep an eye out for them being sold on.

Boardman bike has a compact chainset on it so not original spec and also has an orange Turbo tyre on with SPD pedals so hopefully the Bast@rd couldnt ride it and get run over.


  • are you insured for replacement costs??

    I would think the orange turbo tyre is a right giveaway when it comes to ID as I doubt the crook has any idea what it is
  • Hope you get them back JPenno, theiving bastards indeed :-/
  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    are you insured for replacement costs?? I would think the orange turbo tyre is a right giveaway when it comes to ID as I doubt the crook has any idea what it is
    Yes insured BUT not for the full value as I had not told Mrs JP how much the boardman wasimage
  • big ooops there mate! good luck on a recovery then....
  • There's a boardman with a red back tyre for sale on eBay bur it's in derby , have a look ?
  • worthwhile posting pictures up on here
  • There's also a Boardman listed in Luton though this has different tyres on it... I guess chop and shop is the main problem here, if they know anything about bikes.
  • Our local police station were recently offering to mark bikes with some or other invisible permanent ink / permanent stickers. Perhaps something for your next bike (a reminder to me to get mine done!)
  • Crap news JP.

    Re insurance, am sure my policy states in order for bikes to be covered at home, the bikes need to be locked to a non-moveable post. They aren't because it's not possible in my flat but I do keep locks around them.  I've also just ordered some datatags from Chain Reaction.

  • That is shocking.  3 mates in our club have had their bikes nicked in 3 months - Garage, House and garden.  A lot of the time we think we are followed home from training (bikes on car racks).  I got so paranoid I have swapped my car from my saloon to a Zafira!!  The one with the foldy down seats – two bikes will go in no bother!! And it has tinted rear windows – fantastic car!  So, no bikes on show when we leave.  2nd hand 3.5k ontr.  Plus roof rails for bikes on top just in case. Since it happened the last time a few of us clubbed together and bulk bought a load of bike storage sheds from a local company near us called Asgard  site is (I think).  Cost us a few quid, but so far no others have gone missing.    They are basically weatherproof (and bomb proof) security boxes/sheds.  I got a 5% discount on my insurance (£60 saving) for having one.  Worth a look. 

    Bike theft is on the increase – because the ride to work scheme has seen thousands of people buying 1k bikes for next to nothing through their company –Just how many carbon Boardman road bikes are on the road now?? So often with a middle aged man, with no helmet or lights just a purple face and an ill fitting suit!

    That said. I bought a Carbon Boardman too ...... well it was tax free

  • For bike insuarnce bty  Norwich are the best.  £38 a month (up to 3k of bikes) last guy who had his stolen got  a 2010 model to replace the 2007 that was stolen.  THey also replaced the cateye, mudguards, tools, saddle bag, lights and even his bell.  Within 10 days no questions!

     Well worth a phone call!  I know I will be swapping mineimage

  • Read elsewhere today that M&S home insurance with home and away option is recommended for bikes - they reckon that this would also cover your bike in a race so long as it wasn't your job.  
  • I feel your pain JP (from down here in Dorset).

    Last night an unwanted visitor (or visitors) removed nine hinge screws from the shed door six feet from where I slept and made off with my brand new 2011 Scott CR1 Pro and my 2009 S40 Speedster. There was an additional bike lock on the CR1 which was sliced through. Gutted. I cant believe I didnt hear anything.

    The copper who came round was very understanding as was the crime scene tech later. Chances of recovery are not high. They've told me to monitor ebay and the local cash converters etc.

    I'm missing the S40 more than the new bike it was the one I did IM on and was more attached to despite being a fraction of the cost of the new bike. And it was my commuter (weather dependant).


  • Terrible isn't it - happens far too often.   I lost a MTB out of my back garden a couple of years ago and a folding bike that I got from the tip - I mean ffs someone threw the thing out yet they still think it's worth nicking.  

    A mate of mine got his back from Gumtree, not sure what the other good free ads are, Preloved maybe ?   Might be worth putting a few wanted ads in for a Boardman road bike  - some of them are that thick they'd respond.   

    What Andy says makes you think twice about putting your name down as stuff like a cycling/triathlon club secretary.

  • Bad news JP. DId they get in the garage? image
  • popsider - don't let me put you off!!  Having said all the negative stuff (our club sec had his bike taken 3 years ago) As long as you are insured you are ok - in fact like our last club victim.  He was actually up on the deal with his nice new 2010 fully kitted bike.. you know my bike is looking a little shabby .. maybe if I left the bike shed open .......

     Only joking.  But there is a "2nd hand" bike shop in Bradford near where I work that sells used high end bike parts very cheaply... I woder where he gets the parts??  Problem is you will never proof they are nicked. and who's going to prosecute some one for a couple of stoken brake calipers?

  • "Read elsewhere today that M&S home insurance with home and away option is recommended for bikes"

    I have the M&S home insurance - your bikes are insured up to a single value of £4K anywhere in the world. OK - that won't cover an out and out bling top end spec bike these days, but will do for most people.

  • Halifax didn't have a problem covering my bikes, and got a deal as part of our "home & contents" cover
  • Damn, sucks to hear about these bikes going missing.

    I've just changed my contents to reflect my bikes, got all 3 bikes insured under our contents policy as extra items (£3800 total), and the whole contents policy cost £10 a month.

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
    Bad news JP. DId they get in the garage? image

    No - they were outside.

    It appears that we may have been targetted because I have the roof bars and NO garage as its now been converted to another room.

    Looks like they have noticed the roof bars and the shed and thought bikes must be in there.

    I was out at the time, Mrs JP was in and the dog went wild but she couldnt see anything outside, probably a good job she didnt let him out as some bloody big bolt cutters were found in next doors garden and they may have hit him with them.

    Insurance position looks to be a bit better as Mrs JP asked for them to get the taped call and she said to them she didnt know the value of the bike and Halifax said we will put £500, Mrs JP asked if they wanted anymore info at the time and they said no. Halifax insurance are paying out £900 and the branch were the insurance was taken out will pay the balance.

  • That sounds promising on the insurance JP. I have just taken my roof rack off I wonder if that is a sign for these w@nkers. Makes sense

    I was lifted up and then bashed back down again today. A copper from a local force to ours called to say that two bikes had been recovered and they wanted to bring them to my place of work for me to identify them. Yes please, I said.

    Ten minutes later he called back to say that wires had been crossed and that they fitted the description of two bikes stolen from another shed quite near to me but NOT mine. Oh dear, I said.

    Maybe they are on the trail though. TBH the police and CSI have been great about it so far. All the neighbours have been questioned etc. 

    My insurers have set up a call for Thursday...

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