What a difference 5 months makes

I started running in May this year - I did a C25K programme and when I started I could barely manage the 60 second runs.

I did my first 5k race on 29th August and came in with a time of 32 minutes which is slow by most people's standards - but I was delighted as I had made it round without stopping, it was the fastest I had run and most importantly, I wasn't dead.  I felt sick for the second half of it and ended up with a stitch as I was trying to keep up with my sister in law.

On Sunday I am running my first 10k race (the cancer research 10k in Victoria Park if anybody else is doing it!).  This morning I realised that all of my midweek short (5-6k) runs are now being run quite naturally at my August 5k race pace, without it feeling like a huge effort at all.

The point of all of this ramble is to anybody who is new to this - yes, it'll feel like a big old jumble and bloody hard work at times, but suddenly it seems to fall into place and you have some markers of improvement that are very noticeable to you.

My goal for Sunday?  Get round in 70 minutes (yes I AM SLOW!), remain uninjured and not dead.


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