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  • I've been running since 1983 (done 138 Marathons/ultras) and never used a heart rate monitor or a Garmin! Just a good running watch is all that is needed (in my opinion for what it's worth).

    Once you start racing you get an idea of your usual pace so it is easy to work out training run distances from that. Life's too short to,worry about the odd mile here and there!

    Sometimes I think we are a bit obsessed with distances being accurate, does it really matter?

    After all why do we run, for pleasure/fitness.

  • Miggito - I am often like that! I am just trying really hard to be very good at the moment. Don't worry I still have a few treats just try to think before I put it in my mouth 'do I really want that?' Usually the answer is 'Yes'! image

    I use the Nike plus with my ipod and I find it really good for tracking mileage and just keeping a record of my runs. It helps that I have Nike trainers so the sensor fits in easily but as it cost about £20 it is a bargain. image

    Supergirl Pam - I see your point about running for pleasure and not worrying about distances but as most of us are new to all this and will be marathon virgins come April I know that I for one is totally obsessed with how far I have fun and how fast etc!! I guess with your amazing experience you know how you run very well. One day I might be like that!!  image

    Did a really good speed session today and then a gym session afterwards so feeling chuffed with myself! Got my first run with my local running club tomorrow night which I am a bit nervous about. They are only running 6 miles which I know I can do but still feel nervous! image

  • Day 3 of going to the gym for a quick blast of cardio at lunchtime and I am feeling good!  I haven't been on the treadmill, but I have been busy on the cross trainer, bike and rower.  It all counts right?  I'm looking forward to going on a long run this weekend though - bearing in mind my long runs at the moment have been 8km so probably not as impressive as you all! As long as it stays sunny that's all that matters right??  The snow should have all melted by then so I should be ok!

    My current fundraising target is £500 on my webpage and I will be targetting people after Christmas for donations.  I'm running for Cancer Research UK and when I'm struggling to get up that hill I think to myself that my friend who has a brain tumour has no choice in whether she can run or not!  

    I've also told everyone I work with and all of my friends that I am doing it now - so I can't back out!  (a top tip from "The Non Runner's Marathon Guide For Women" which I suspect is also suitable for men!) image

  • Supergirl Pam - you are my hero!!!!!!!!!

    I had a garmin forerunner last year for a surpirse crimbo pressie - I don't use all the functions on it as I am the ultimate technophobe - I do find it helpful to check my pace, it does loads of other wizzie fab things, but I don't bother about those - if only it could run for me!!!!!

    Did my first proper speed session - based on 'the book' so feeing chuffed with myself, and then scoffed choc biscuits & crisps!! Well I needed the carbs.

    Happy training for the rest of the week folks - looking forward to getting out for a LSR, but depends on icy patches etc - don't fancy a long run on Freddie the Treadie!! (yes my treadmill has a name)


  • Well done everyone with the training, hope the weather holds out for you.

    Regretably I do no where near enough training these days but I am running 7 or 8 Marathons/Ultras a year so I run off experience not fitness!

    Hopefully I will have run/ walked a couple of Marathons before London so I will have no trouble getting round. It is always slow as we stop and entertain the crowds to get more money in our buckets.

    Great fun if anyone wants to join us. Please let me know

  • Hi everyone

    Nice to see some new people on here too.

    been having a couple of lazy weeks...kind of went well with the weather.seem to have too much else going on to fit in many runs....lame excuse i know.

    Hopefully will get out on Sunday and then on monday my son has got me playing in a mums football team so not expecting the legs to be great on tuesday after all that sprinting!!! oh well

    My training plan starts next week... anyone else?

    P.S I`ve been eating really well until the large box of ferrero rocher called yesterday...not good!!!!

  • Pam - that is an incredible achivement and I dare say you have raised many thousands over the years so a big well done from me and thanks for making me feel a bit better re my wee running watch!

    Kate / Jo - loving the enthusiasm! I always think myself very lucky in life and you're right, thinking of others less fortunate than myself always gives me that kick I need! I wish your friend well!

    Going to check out the ipod thingy as well though as I'm getting an iphone soon so maybe it would work with that? Not down with the kids as much as I used to be image

    MM - "my son has got me playing" lol - go in goals and then go for a run after image My training doesn't start "properly" until 27th December so will try not to annoy you with tales of gluttony and laziness until then!

    Off to Europe for a couple of days for "business" so will catch up with you all next week! image

  • I am a trustee and the fundraiser for this charity

    My own website is if anyone is interested.

    I haven't kept a total of the amount of money I have raised but I usually only do one event a year for sponsorship plus London with a bucket. I guess it would be over £5000.

    My latest venture is on if anyone fancies making a donation!


  • Supergirl - you are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the great work!

    Matty's Mum - the football sounds a laugh. I would love to play football and saw an advert for a local team but have got so much going on at the moment and now with marathon training taking up 5 sessions a week I won't have any time! I play netball and have training for that every week and do pilates too so lots to cram in! 

    My first run with the running club tonight so am looking forward to that and no doubt I will get lots of tips for marathon training. All seems so real now!


  • Hi everyone,

    I've got a charity place for the VLM running for Chickenshed, a wonderful theatre company in North London.

    This is my first marathon and the thought is pretty daunting but I'm loving the challenge.

    I've been training for 1 week, and I've managed to get into it quite well, with a 5K run on Tuesday. I'm hoping the temperature picks up a but before my long run on Sunday… a bit fed up of running in 0ºC.

    Any other beginners around Victoria feel free to get in touch… I'd love to have someone to run with.


  • Miggito/Kate.....Yearly school mums vs girls football match....very serious stuff!!! Managed to be busy at work last year and got out of it but this year it was "Mum i put your name down for" I used to play for a ladies team few years ago so i would never be allowed to play in goal!!!

    I kinda thought i might get away with it if the weather was bad and they cancel! If I`m playing i play to win .. the competitive streak in me!!! so i gonna give the girls a run for their money...sore legs or not!!! It will be as good as a speed session surely!

    No doubt next tuesday i may be struggling to walk.....runners legs just dont cater for thumping a ball!!!!

    Miggito.... enjoy your trip....hope its warmer where you going!

  • Welcome kelvinj - hope you enjoy your training!  Have you thought about joining the Serpentine Runners Club based in Hyde Park - they seem really friendly!  I take part in their last Friday 5km race every last Friday of the month at lunch time.  On Christmas Eve I'm aiming to break 34 minutes for 5km - that will be an official PB then!!

     Kate - how was the running club?  I'm looking to join my local one here in Medway in Kent... just need my friend to give birth to her baby sometime soon (I'm going to be looking after her kids and don't want to commit to too much if I know I can't make it..) 

     Mattys Mum I am very impressed - you seem like a very up for anything kind of person!!  Woohoo!!

     Hope everyone is managing to keep chipper!  I've been to yoga tonight and enjoyed it, even though its "just stretching" it really doesn't feel like it!  

  • Thanks Jo, that's really helpful. I may pop down to Richmond for the slow long run on Sunday to see if there's anyone else as slow as me. image

  • A week of due to the icy conditions. And now bogged down with Man Flue (or a Cold as the wife calls it). Desperate to go out and run again but don't feel 100% at the moment. May try a couple of miles at the weekend.
  • Probably the best time to get man flu cosmic. Difficult to do much running in this weather. I've avoided these dreaded lurgys so far thankfully! I managed three miles on the treadmill last night which is really good for me as I find treadmill running extremely difficult. I'll try a longer run at the weekend and plan to start my training plan on Monday!!
  • Hi all,

    just joining the thread as it's my first VLM too!  I guess everyone's in the same boat but I'm feeling a bit worried atm because I've not been training much.  Did 13miler on 28th November and then only a few short jogs since due to all the snow and ice!  Doing a 10k tomorrow morning so hopefully that'll kick start me for next week.  The ice is finally melting here - woo hoo!

    Not so great north runner - IKJWYM about treadmill's,  it was a real struggle and faff on wednesday down the gym (got a free day pass hee hee) so it made me appreciate the road running.

    Hope everyone's training goes well and good luck with all the fundraising.

    Linds x 

  • realy finding it hard to get going should have gone for a long run this morning but just rold over and stayed in bed got to get my arse in gear  
  • Helen Bainbridge 8 wrote (see)

    Hey Smileyk8 know how you feel! Been nursing a knackered soleus since Royal Parks. Just won't give it up! Have had a few days off & I'm gonna give it another week just to give ot the best possible chance.

    I've got a great sport Physio who treats proper bonafide athletes, she's warned me to take it very steady on treadies as the belt causes you to snatch your foot forward which puts a huge pull on the shin, so no speed work until you are pain free.. image Olyptical trainer is aparently the way forward for us poor sods with dodgy shins & knackered calves!

    vds - we've missed you, step away from the sofa! 


    Helen- thanks for that! I'm really pleased in some ways to read that I'm not as crazy as all of my friends think i am to be training for a marathon already injured! Treadmill advice very useful as all of my runs are at the gym right now, yawn! Must.... get..... out......side!

     Fingers crossed that the next cold snap is not quite so brutal for us all!

  • Okay:

    Chose a training plan - CHECK !

    Type it into my fetcheveryone account - CHECK !

    Get my running kit out - CHECK !

    Go for a training run ....hmmmmmmmm...

    My training plan starts tomorrow with a three mile run. Will need to get up early and brave the cold. Foofighter - I know that dilemma well - I will have to battle with the stay in the warm cosy bed option in the morning!

    It will be exciting to officially start. Next, I need to open a justgiving account.

  • thought that buying two new pairs of running shoes would help got up this morning saw how wet it was and put on my old trail shoes dont want to get the new ones mucky now do I image at least i did 5.5 miles

  • Hi all

    Not been on the forum much since the cold weather - welcome to all the new faces image

    Had to use all the motivation I had to get out of bed this morning - got out of the training habit with this snow & ice...... but got my arse out of bed (chose the lie in option yesterday!) , got out in the cold and did 10 miles! First time breaking the double figures - was so excited (how sad am I??!!). 

    Not doing so well with the healthy diet though - made a serious dent in a tin of Roses last night image

    Good luck with starting the training plans guys!

  • Well done Nik, I felt the same when I ran 8 miles for the first time - I had been running 6 for ages and then one day decided to just keep running (think Forrest Gump!)image and only realised I had done that, when I checked the route! I'm a bit more senisble about things now though....

    I was out for a wee 5 miler in the ice this morning, thankfully I managed to stay vertical, am getting exited too NSGNS about starting my training plan (is that just a wee bit sad - lol!)- just feel like I'm cheating a bit at the moment because mine is only a 16 week plan and those doing the 20 week plans will have started already. 

    I'll tell you what else is really sad - when I have to wrench myself out of my scratcher in the morning I think of you lot and how I can come on here and gloat about how super motivated I am image

    Hi RunningLinds - with all the snow and ice that's been around I wouldn't worry too much as you're probably running more than most - I haven't done 13 miles since my last half back in September image

  • Hi everyone

    Hope you are all getting some runs in before we get more snow!

    Well the football went well..of course the mums team won but my legs were sore from sprinting! However when i came to run 5 miles today i was flying...maybe i should play football every week!

    Training programme started now... 2 weeks done nearly... and i just got my first on line donation... how exciting! I`m enjoying all this..feel really motivated still.... now i know i`m mad!

    Hope the weathermen are wrong.. keep running!!

  • Im doing pretty well at the moment, my schedule has well and truely started.
    My biggest issue is limiting my miles at the moment, I was supposed to do 3 miles today and  ended up doing 11miles simply because I felt ok and was enjoying the run.

    Can't wait untill its over to be honest, I think I enjoy running for myself far more than for a specific purpose or race.

  • I am also planning on doing the marathon...but honestly have no idea how to start training. I'm so shattered when I get back from work..and a rather amateur runner. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? How do you full-timers organise your training?
  • lol - I just wrote out a load of stuff and then checked another page and it all disappeared so not writing it all again and will give you the short version!

    Mattys Mum - Well done!

    Squeakz - Stop writing things like "can't wait until its over" - you're messing with my motivation lol image

    Adele - are you serious? image

    Getting out but pavements still covered in ice!

    That's it! image 

  • Adele is it not possible for you to run to work? -- or at least run a certain part of the way?
    Also what about running during lunchtime at work, is it not feasible to undertake this.
    The fact is that you will have to make sacrifices for running, im due a long run on Thurdsay as such im simply going to have to get up a 6am to ensure that I get it done.
    Im also getting up early xmas day to get my long run in before the day starts. I think you have to be committed to the task you are undertaking if you wish to enjoy April 17th and make the time you need,

    Damn Miggito you really have my admiration getting out there on the pavements still covered in ice. Good on you with motivationn such as yours I dare say I could not dampen your spirit.

  • Hi everyone image

    Welcome Adele!

    Most of us on this thread are pretty new to this running lark and I think we have all had to move things around to get runs slotted into our routines. I am trying to make sure I get three runs in a week. Would love to do more, but it's tricky. Certainly there are many marathon training plans that are based on three runs a week. You'll find a few on this site. They work to the routine of two shorter runs in the week and a long slow run on the weekend.

    I guess you just have to squeeze in as much as you can while still enjoying it.

    Congratulations on the 10 miles Nik40!

    Well done on the football matty's mum - I've no idea where you get all this energy from. Did you get the email about the March date for the Norwich half?

    Watch out for that ice Miggito! I've been a chicken about it and stuck to the treadmill these last two weeks. Hopefully there won't be much snow in the next couple of days - really need to do an outside long run this weekend.

    Do you need a more advance training plan Squeakz? Sounds like your current one is leaving you unfulfilled!

  • Hi all,  good to hear everyone is still full of running spirit - I went out on the  canal at the weekend, but still really icy and unrunable, had all good intentions this week, but only managed 1 run so far this week - not good, but will really get stuck in next week (17 weeks to LONDON next week - OMG) so hoping that will be the kick up the backside I need. However, the chocs are far too tempting. Why does everyone at work keep bringing in sweets, chocs, cakes & biscuits??? I feel obliged to eat them when people are being so generous.  I really want to do a decent long run this weekend so fingers crossed for no snow.  Enjoy !

    Adele - I find it sometimes works well if you work out in advance when you are going to fit your runs in for the week - I am normally more commited to doing them if I have put them in my diary - I was flagging at the beginning of the week - so I wrote in my diary to run today.  Also I prefer to run first thing in the morning so it's done and dusted before the family get up. Find what works best for you and try and stick to it - sometimes easaier said than done!!

  • Hi all,

     well done everyone for keeping going.  I'm trying to get out 3-4times a week with the long run on a saturday.  I had to warn my DH that the time he would be spending on his own with the kids would get longer and longer as the long runs got longer and longer!

    I'm doing the Norwich half (touch wood) too.  My in-laws live nearby so it'll be nice to see them again, the original half timed very nicely with FiL's birthday.

    Keeping everything crossed the snow's not too bad....

     Linds x

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