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  • hey everyone,

     so..... first week of the proper training plan this week - its actually really nice as its a complete drop in miles so making the most if it while it lasts! Tempting to ramp it up a bit but think an easy week may be not such a bad thing.

     All starting to seem a bit more real now, and have got the sponsorship ball rolling with nearly £500 already.  Feel a bit cheeky considering I have barely started training but means I definitely can't bail on any of my runs!

     Jo - good to hear about the serpentine club recommendation, I might have to give them a try after christmas.  It gets really difficult to keep finding routes by myself without ending up completely lost as seems to be happening recently!

    Hope everyone's weeks going well, not loving the forecast of more snow on its way - be careful!

  • There i was being a smart arse thinking i would finish work at lunch time and get my long run... 9 miles in today before the snow came. It beat me to it... snow has arrived in Reading!

    Looks like a weekend of no running!!! Oh well ... good job its only early days and the mileage is still lower than normal... will catch up sometime no point stressing yet! I`ll just go eat some chocs!!!

     vds... i wont be running the rescheduled norwich half as it is the week before Reading which i have built my training around! Reading is good because the local support is great there is a large field so get used to running with lots of people around and the finish in the madejski stadium is good.Shame about Norwich...

    Helen.... what happened to you..... youve been absent for a while?

    Take care out there everyone..... miggito dont tell me you are still running even in all the snow you guys are having!!>???

  • I've started my training plan. Three short runs this week so far!!

    I've also had my first online sponsorship donation. Okay, it was from me but still ... having my justgiving page set up makes the marathon all the more real and my training more worthwhile.

    Fortunately the snow has not reached us in York this time ... YET!!

  • Snow has reached me over by Heathrow as well image I think its a weekend in the gym for me as I do not wish to risk injury and slip on ice.
    I hate running on a dreadmill though, for some reason I find the motivation is so much harder for me.

    Today I was caught up in the snow while out shopping. I just purchased another Garmin 310xt as I have had to send my first one back to Garmin for repair as their latest firmwear update has killed it. I also treated myself to some running kit more suitable for the colder weather.. (Skins AS400 active wear)

    So I now have another Garmin which I do not really need in the gym while my first one is spending xmas being repaired and some full length tights and top which are to warm for the gym.. Great timing

  • Hey squeakz.....caught up in snow... same. We just dont do snow down south do we.... how much snow have we got maybe a cm!!!! Enough to make it slippy and annoying and for the whole place to come to a standstill!!

  • I know what you mean mattys mum, its about a cm' here and everything has become insane.. We even had some major queues for petrol stations. It kinda feels like the world is going to end and no one has remembered to tell me. image

    Im not certain what my plans are for this weekend, I obviously have the gym option but I really do not like treadmills. Im also considering heading towards my local parkrun as hopefully the surface may be a little better or safer. I really do not wish to hit the streets as my biggest concern is ensuring that I remain injury free at this time.

  • I made it out this morning and headed towards the gym, managed to do 12 miles on the treadmill and when I came out the car was burried in about 4 inches of  snow, the drive home was pretty slow and dangerous but I made it OK. Im pretty content as I managed 30 miles this week image in  not pleasent weather
  • 12 miles on the treadmill, Squeakz...Is that humanly possible? I'm very impressed!!

    I managed 5miles in very cold weather this morning (but fortunately no snow). I've been out this afternoon to buy a wind proof top to me warm for my run tomorrow!!!!

  • Lets just say it was a mind numbing 12 miles as well and I can not say that I enjoyed any aspect of it.. I simply got the headphones on and ran while watching the TV which was basically telling me that it was snowing at every opportunity.
    Does it seem like there are more people presenting weather on TV recently or is it just me.

  • squeakz - am also very impressed at your 12 miles on the treadmill! I went to the gym today and did 6 miles - found it so boring.  Was made slightly better by quite a funny episode of topgear so managed to avoid all the weather people telling me about snow!

     Don't think I can cope with much more treadmill running, desperate to get back outside but not looking too likely this week...

  • not snowed that bad in Sheffield so went for a seven mile run with the wife some of it off road , it was nice to get out and running with the other half made shure i didn't push the pace like i sometimes do if running on my own

    Squeaky great effort 12 miles on a dreadmill i know i couldn't do that even if i tried nearly fell to sleep when i did 11k on one the other week

  • Morning all!

    A combination of Christmas parties (and hangovers) and the snow have meant I haven't run since Wednesday image  I'd love to have gone running in the snow but sadly the less you get the riskier it seems to be on the pavements and roads down here!  I've been doing yoga (cop out I know) and am off to the gym at lunch to face my fear of the treadmill!!

    I have however spent a lot of time preparing my training schedules which are now up on the wall next to my visualisation board and also on my kitchen cupboards as a prompt and reminder.  Yikes, I'm feeling as though I am behind schedule already.  Must...... get.......running!

    Well done all you super motivated people though - I am very impressed that so many of you have been out! 

  • hey all - a little chilly isn't it! image

    Matty's mum - I got out on Saturday morning for a wee 7 miler - it was freezing for the first 15 minutes but then warmed up and it felt good! I'm being careful though and running only on the paths and roads that have been cleared - although there's not many of them about so I just find myself running backwards and forwards - lol!

    I went out on an all day drinking session on Saturday so there was defintiely no running for me yesterday, which was just as well as they snow came back! I just demolished half a tin of Roses with my wife instead - felt a wee bit guilty this morning! Hope the roads get cleared today though so I can get back out in the morning!

    Jo - my training schedule up too - counting the days till the 26th when it starts - I'm more excited about this than Xmas - lol image

    Stay safe folks!

  • Two posts in one day!?  Just wanted to report I'm just back from the gym and I ran for 40 minutes without stopping (as per the training schedule) image This is a first for me!  I also ran on a treadmill - a double first!

    I've had to considerably change my outlook and way of life to "fit in" my marathon training but it's all good and my friends have realised that come April 17 2011 they will be very proud of me! 

  • Hi all,

    I found out on Saturday I managed to get a place for 2011 through my running club in the draw!

    I haven't been following a training schedule as I wasn't expecting to get a place!

    I hope everyone's training is going well and good luck! I will have to get mine sorted now and let you know how it goes!


  • Hi Everyone,

    Please can I join this thread too?  I put a couple of posts on the "Just get round group", but is this thread where all the new people are posting? 

    We still have snow and I don't want to risk injury, so have been to the gym to run on the treadmill.  Well done Sqeakz for your 12miles, I only managed 3.5 miles.

  • Hi all

    Have been inspired by your treadmill tales - squeakz, you need a medal for staying on for 12 miles image - and have got myself an ad hoc gym membership at the local leisure centre, so tomorrow morning am hitting the treadmill! Will be spending tonight putting some good tunes on my ipod to get me through it!

    Will let you know how it goes.... image

  • Hi Guys.
    The way in which I 'try' to keep the treadmill interesting is make it a game. To play this you need to get talking to someone in the gym and rope them into what I call 'gymleks' which are similar to fartleks but requires two people or more.

    1) First of all agree a maximum speed on the treadmill and a maximum incline.

    2) Start running on an incline of 1% and a speed of 5kph to warm up for 1KM

    3) After you have past the 1KM warm up the first person makes a call :-

    They could increase or decrease one setting, for example the first person may say "10kph" at which point you both increase your speed to the setting stated for 1KM at which point it becomes your turn to make a call you could :-
    Increase the speed further
    Reduce the speed
    Increase the Incline
    Decrease the incline
    At no time are you permitted to change both the speed and the incline.

    Find out who has the most stamina, and play tactically to keep your energy to beat your opponent to 10-15k or what you have decided... A loser stops the treadmill before the agreed distance is reached image

    It helps makes treadmill running a little more interesting as well as helping pass the time and give you a challenge.

    UPDATE : If you want to do similar by yourself, write down inclines and speeds on bits of paper and put them in your pocket, pull one out every KM and thats what you must do for the next KM - It adds a bit of variation to the run and stops you from taking it to easy

  • Could not stand another treadmill day so I got on my trail shoes and headed over the park, it was actually really nice, all the kids were out and about on sledges.
    I thought it would be colder, but once I got running it was fine and really enjoyable. I must admit I did find it more challenging to run in the snow though. image

  • Well done all for beating the 'snow chaos' - nothing is going to put us lot off our marathon training!!!! Snow bad here, so been on 'freddie the treadie' - Major airports are closed, trains cancelled but we are all getting our runs in - that's the spirit!!!

    squeakz- I'm loving the gymleks - my treadmill is in the garage facing a wall!!! keep thinking of putting up some cool pictures etc, but as long as I've got my ipod it's not too bad, but I will definately try  a 'lucky dip' approach to my tradmill sessions. Did 9 miles today at marathon pace - so did lots of mental maths to keep the boredom at bay - my times table has improved!!!!  Hopefully will get out on the tow paths in a couple of days.

     Nik40 - how did your treadmill run go today???

    My hubby has already banned my Christmas Day run - Bah humbug!!!  but long run on Boxing Day, so I'm hoping I can get outside by then.

    Peace & good running to you all X

  • OK, so I was officially rubbish on the treadmill yesterday!! Managed 20 mins steady run before I was bored, hot and clock watching, so then did 10 mins of intervals which were much better, but I'd lost the will to live by then so bailed!!! And to think that up until about 18months ago I only ever ran inside in a gym - how things change!!
    So, am trying again today, going to dig out a positive mental attitude but just do intervals....fingers crossed for a better session!!
    Well done to all of you treadmill pros - Jayne - running looking at a wall - i'm impressed - I wouldn't last 2 minutes!!!
    Let's hope we can all get outside again soon....
  • Went to they gym again today and did 5 miles which was all the schedule demanded, wasn't particularly quick but I got it done.

    I then went and sat in the spa, sauna. steam room and solarium, which was followed by a massage which was really nice and just what I needed in this miserable cold weather. 

    Looks like the snow is starting to melt as well, lets hope it keeps up image

    How is everyone else doing?

  • Finally after 5 days of no running I made it out!!! I`d adopted the policy of one week out wont make any difference til all you guys started getting into your treadmill thing!!! I darent look at or talk to anybody in case i get flu or winter vomiting virus which seems to be surrounding me!!!!

    Pavements/roads here a real no go so i ventured out to the local forest. I was surprised how deep the snow was or slippery where it had been walked on. Boy was that hard work... i managed 41/2 miles but it felt like about 10!!! Kind of got used to it after a while. Tomorrow i`m gonna go with the thinking that it will be a breeze when the snow melts!!!

    Jayne.... i dont think a run on xmas day would go down well with my crew either...boxing day for me too. I`ll be near the beach so should be ok even if the snow has not gone!

    Happy Christmas and happy running all.

  • Well this will be my last post for a while as I probably wont get a chance to look in over the festivities so I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a fantastic New Year! image

    My motivation finally left me this morning, when I got up early, saw it was still freezing and went and got myself a nice cup of coffe and watched tv for an hour rather than venture outside! I'll be back out tomorrow though image

    Well done to all those getting on the treadmills - I actually wish I had one now so I didn't need to go outside but still keeping everything crossed the snow and ice will dissapear soon as I only have one route I can run on at the minute so it's getting really boring!

    So keep up the training and the good work, I'll be back in January sometime to read all the posts and catch up with you all and will let you know how my schedule is going!

    ho ho ho!

     Miggito image

  • Hey all!

    I've been lucky enough to be on the treadmill for the last couple of days but I am away with now with friends and have no access to a treadmill.  Thus, I dared to go out this morning and slipped and slid my way to the park, ran on snow for about 2km until I couldn't take much more of the slipping and sliding on compacted ice - plus I have my first blisters in my arches from my orthotics (despite twin skin socks) so I gave up.  I feel pretty rubbish about this, but at least I tried.  It does seem to be melting at last which is great - but not soon enough!

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and hope you can get out running in the bad weather/mince pie fest!


  • Same Jo... full marks to you for getting out there

    I ran 2 miles in the snow/ice at the park was awful..really hard on the calves. Then i realised that the carpark there was completely free of snow/ice so very sadly ran round and round it to clock up a further 2 miles. At least i know where to go next time we get snow!

    Ordered another pair of trainers hopefully to wear on the BIG DAY!

    Got a xmas present of GU energy gels from the states today so am itching to get out on a long run to try out..... chocolate outrage sounds great doesnt it!!!! Anyone tried them?  My friend knowing my love of running and chocolate couldnt go far wrong plus being motivated from over the pond too feels good! 

    Oh well having only so far missed one run due to the snow i`m feeling pretty pleased! Catch up with you all after xmas.


  • going  to do a nice 8 miles tomorrow went out on Tuesday with the club and ran as hard as i could have  only to find out i only averaged 9 min mileing not good when i have hopes of a sub 4 marathon image 

    hope every one has a good christmas and a great new year   

  • Hey All,

    How you doing? I managed to get a ballot place for 2011 (third time lucky!). I've done a few half marathons (albeit v slowly) in the past. Got out of running regularly in the past year but have got back to it in the past 4 months or so, especially now I have my ballot place! I don't mind what time I finish the marathon in, just want to try and run it all if I can. I'm planning on starting a 16 week plan next week. What one's are people using? I'm currently running about 6-7 miles in my long run. Was thinking of using the RW one to get me round, or maybe the one from Sam Murphy's Marathon from Start to Finish book.

    Anyways...ermmm hi! Oh and *wave* to Rio if she is about!

    PJ x
  • Hey mattys mum
    I've tried GU gels and personally found them a little syrup-ish (is that a word?) I find they have a similar consistency to the stuff I used to put on ice cream as a child, they do advise that you was them down with fluid's as well so make certain you take some water with you when you try them out.
    They are not to bad overall but just not for me. some of the gels I have tried have really disagreed with me, and I have suffered stomach cramp as a result.
    In general I would advise trying a few gels and seeing what type suits you, they most certainly are not all created equal.
    Good on you for only missing one run, keep it up image

    foofighter, im hoping for around a 4.00 as well, when you say you ran hard to obtain 9 minute miles, do you think you could keep that pace for  26 miles as this is my concern. Not simply doing the pace, keeping it.

    Hi Plod_Jones
    Im 'loosely' following the Lucozade schedule as it is based around spending time of your feet rather than doing fixed disances.

    Lucozade Basic Training Schedule

    I'm due for long run Christmas morning, and  the thought of it does not seem to be making the family to chuffed. I will let you know if I get it done.

    Merry Xmas Yall

  • Squeakz wrote (see)

    foofighter, im hoping for around a 4.00 as well, when you say you ran hard to obtain 9 minute miles, do you think you could keep that pace for  26 miles as this is my concern. Not simply doing the pace, keeping it.

    hi Squeakz

    the pace was harder then it should have been as earlyer in the year i was running at 8 min per mile no problem that is why i was concernd about hitting 4hours for the marathon the way i felt i dont think i could have kept the pace up for 13 miles only did 7 and was dead in the water

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