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  • vds - i'm running for action medical research - i've supported them before and they've been great to work with.

    I have been looking at the runners world training plans and trying to decide what to follow.  I think i'm going to try the sub 4:30 ultimate schedule - but under no illusions about actually being able to make that time! image   Not too sure what to do in the meantime - think i may do a 10k race in hyde park this weekend then build up the weekend runs a bit...

    Must be frustrating not being able to run at the moment Kate  - hope the foot gets better soon!


  • Hello new Kate - and welcome image

    I do hope that foot gets better soon original Kate image Good advice about not getting too stressed about the number of runs per week I think.

    It sounds like most of us are at a similar level, with similar training plans. I too will be trying for a 4:30, though I'm not sure if my legs will do it. From what I've read so far, it seems that while most people can get the distance ok with a bit of planning, speed is a little more dependent on what you are starting/born with.

    I missed my long run yesterday - VERY large Sunday lunch in the local pub put a halt to any ideas of running. So ran a slow 10k today - completely shattered now.

    Toying with the idea of the Norwich half on November the 28th. Anyone had the courage to actually book a place in a half yet?

  • I missed my long run yesterday for exactly the same reason! oops, might need to get out of the habit of that image

    Was thinking about entering the marlow half marathon in november - but luckily read some reviews first and realised it may be a bit too hilly for my liking! Have entered the reading half though thats a way away....

    N x

  • am also a newbie running one for the first time , am runnning for macmillan cancer as my dad is suffering with cancer so a worthy cause and motivation to run 26.2 miles ! i agree with kate about no pressure on giving your self a time , just to get round one way or another will be a massive acheivement image

    have started training by a couple of runs a week gently building up the miles but the 16 week training plan kicks in with first run on new years day image i think 3 runs a week with a long slow run on the sunday is what most of us will stick to .

    also am reading this at the moment and going to use their plan , is a book for normal people with busy lives just starting out and the sole aim is to get round  - good enough for me !

    The Non-Runners marathon Trainer  

  • Although I got a ballot place im running for Macmillan, and its nice not to have the pressure of raising a fixed amount although I think it is a decent cause its as much to do with the support they offer runners and their familys for me. Its also my first marathon

    Im currently running about 25-30k a week, Im following a plan which ups the milage to about 45 km next week I really want to do a 20 mile run before xmas at least, just to make me feel better and more confident about things

  • My first time too!!!!!  Very excited and nervous but what an event to be part of. 
  • Hi Titchy Runner! Welcome to the forum! image

    Did you manage to get a ballot place or are you running for charity? How's the training going?

    Also to everyone: I was wondering if anyone has been exploring training plans and know which ones seem to be good for the beginner? I know the Virgin site has some as does this site, but I'm not sure which one to follow!

    Thanks! Happy Training! image
  • Hi all,

     I've got a charity place running for Macmillan.  I have only ever run 10K before so the thought of running 26 miles is quite frankly a bit terrifying!!  I've printed off the beginners runner 24 week training guide from the marathon website and I'm trusting that it will get me round on the day!!  I can't begin to think how long it will take so am not looking to do a time - I'll just be glad to make it round in one piece!!  I'm secretly hoping the person in the heavy diving suit is doing it again this year so I won't be last!!

  • Hello

    I'm mulling over an offer of a charity place in the VLM 2011. Only started running couple of months ago so not sure If I am up to the task. But I know the charity do some fantastic work.

  • Hi Nikki

    am also running for macmillan and furthest I have ran is 12k so in the same boat as you !

    its all about steady slow progress , gradually building the miles up each week with a couple of cross training sessions thrown in each week as well and we should be fine !!! good luck with the training .

    Kate - hope you find a plan that suits you , as others have said i think its best if you find one and just tweak it suit you . i would recommend the book Im reading which is not only a training plan but a source of inspiration as well as its about normal people just getting round the marathon and completeing it .

    link for it is in my previous post in this thread .

  • Thanks Mike - will check it out! image Andy - you should definitely go for it, I think you are in the same boat as a lot of us on here in terms of experience so don't worry. (Well you certainly are with me anyway)! If you have the determination I'd go for it!

    Nikki - You will not be last I am sure! Regardless of the man with the heavy diving suit running!! image
  • Hi All!

    First time Marathon for me too! Done a couple of halfs and so thought go for it to do a full Marathon next year, I had already signed up for Edinburgh but will opt out of that now I am in London as not sure I will do another one!  Like M-J I wish I had taken it up sooner as only been running for a year (36 now!)

    This looks like a decent forum of people around the same level so sure to be lots of support flying around!

    I'm injured at the minute and feel like I'm getting lazy!  Knees went after the GSR and just got back running a couple of weeks ago and done my calf in (too much too soon I guess!)

    Anyway, I am running for Clic Sargent and looking forward to the challenge of raising a tonne of money for them as I can only begin to imagine what these poor kids go through, being a father myself. Well done to everyone else raising money for their charities as well.

     Not started to think about training plans yet but guess will build up slow and gradual and try to keep injury free, time is on my side for a change so will decide on one early in the New Year.

     See you all around and all the best!

    Miggito image

  • Hi all,

    I got a charity place this year for HEART UK.  I have run one marathon which was the Edinbugh marathon earlier this year.  I'm really excited about London but terrified at the same time.  

    I would definately recommend doing a few events in the lead up as it helped me keep motivated.

    Is anyone with a running club.  I trained on my own for the last one but struggled a bit, bored my hubbie stupid with running talk.

    Good luck with the training everyone.

  • Hi  -  Can I join your thread ?

     First time London Marathon for me - obtained Charity place - running for Acorns Hospice.

    I have done 1 marathon before ( 11 years ago, & struggled ) when I was 51 - now 62 ( knees & back in a worse state !! )

     But I have done all 30 Great North Runs ( 1981 - 2010 )

    I am in a running club however & do compete on a regular basis ( 5k,10k, 1/2 mara ). But need to 'step up a big gear' for next April.

    Need also to consider best options for accomodation etc. for a 2 night stay in London area.

  • Good for you Claire - I did the Edinburgh half and knew a few people running the Marathon, stayed around to cheer them on but it was hot!!! I'm thinking of joinging a club too as I always run on my own due to work / family commitments but these will have to change I guess if I'm upping my training!

    Nick - you're an inspiration - all GNRs is quite an achievement!!! I guess it's true in that you're only as young as you feel and am sure the younger ones on here will take encouragement from hearing about your achievements (I certainly do - not that I consider myself that young anymore!)

     Miggito image

  • thanks for that Miggito

    GNR is on 'my own patch' ( I only live about 15 miles away ) so logistically easier to enter & take part in for me.  - and it is only 1/2 mara

     VLM is going to be a big challenge to all of us -- I know I will value ( & need )  all your 'encouragements' just as much through the next 6 months

  • recommend PARKRUN to anybody

     freeto enter, no commitment, do not have to be a Club Runner, and it's good fun

     hopefully one nearby for you

  • Hello everyone

    Good to see so many new runners join this thread image

    I second the most excellent idea that is Parkrun. I try to run my local one once a month or so to keep pushing my speed.

    Not in a club myself - I'm not sure I could cope with company when running!

  • i think i'd quite like to join a running club - would be nice to have some company while running for a change.  Struggling to find one near me though (west london). Any ideas anyone?
  • Felt good when I woke up this morning so went out for a cheeky wee 30 minute run image 

    Feel a twinge in my calf again though but not too bad so hopefully that is me on the mend, wont run again until Saturday. It actually feels quite good having this much time to prepare yourself as never had the luxury before my last half and had to abandon my Kilomathon plans due to injury!

    Little N - sorry I can't help you but good luck, I'm sure there will be plenty nearby! 

    Parkrun - I had seen this before and looks a great idea but near me they were always on a Saturday (when I do long run) so couldn't get involved unfortunately. Great idea to get more people involved though.

    I actually looked at the VLM website for the first time last night (didn't want to tempt fate before I got in!) and got to say - looks very professional! Great to think I will be doing it next year!  

  • Hi all!

    had some good news today. My best buddie also got a place and we will be running together. Thank god for that!! I was getting a bit stressed about doing it on my own. I did my fastest 3 miles so far yesterday at 6am and it was freezing but I really enjoyed it. Off out again tomorrow morning



  • Miggito wrote (see)

    Parkrun - I had seen this before and looks a great idea but near me they were always on a Saturday (when I do long run) so couldn't get involved unfortunately. Great idea to get more people involved though

    Yeh Miggito, all Parkruns start at 9.00 am round the whole country ( 9.30 I think in Scotland  )

    It would mean yoy swapping days for long Run - or trying the occasional Saturday just to alternate your training a bit ?  Good luck whatever

  • Glad to hear you will have a 'good' buddie with you Katieloo - will make all the difference
  • Good to see so many of you one here.  I am on holiday in Turkey and so my running is taking a lie down on a sunbed !  Been out once this week so feeling a bit guilty. 

    I've neve tried a Parkrun, I don't think there are any near me (North Herts) but it sounds like a great idea.

    Anyway - I'm off to do some more lounging image

  • katieloo wrote (see)

    I was getting a bit stressed about doing it on my own.

    Don't worry Kate, you wont be on your own - there's another 30000 folk doing it too! image

    Only joking, glad you're mate got in too and good to see I'm not the only nutter that goes out at 6am in the morning! image

    Enjoy your holiday Claire, I'm off at the end of next week to Spain, won't be doing much running either!

     Hope we're all not talking like this next April, lol   

  • Hi All,

    Can I join in too? I didn't get a ballot place but closed my eyes and clicked 'send' accepting a charity place! Bit nervous now about running it and raising the money but my children have got very excited about it all and are very keen to help! 

    I have done 2 GNR's and the kilomathon before but haven't run for ages and seem to have got into a bit of a 'I'm too tired / still got a bit of a cold' sort of rut. 

    It will be great to be hearing how everyone's doing in the  training and as the excitement builds as it gets closer as it seems so far away at the moment.


  • Hi Wendy

    Welcome image i know what you mean about the Cantbearsed Syndrome !!

    Im finding at the moment that keeping a record of your runs is a way of being able to motivate myself as i keep wanting to do more once you have seen your weekly milege go up , Im not sure if i can mention it on this site but its worth setting up an account on

    can log all your training on there and its very simple to use . also try the book The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer . Is very good and something I read in there may help the CantbeArsed Syndrome is next time you feel yourself say " im tired/dont feel well/weather is bad " as an excuse not to run , just add on the end " but it does not matter " so you  have  a positive attitude and nothing matters as long as you get out and do the run . Im sticking with their traning plan as well which is 4 runs a week with one of them being a Long Slow Run ,

    Enjoy your holiday Claire and yours when you go Miggito , just remember to take your runniing trainers !

  • Hi ,

    Can i join please,  I have applied for the last five years and im finaly in on my sixth attempt.

    I would realy like to be part of your group as I  have never ran this distance before and would love to be part of a forum like yours... (usually im ust a forum reader, not a poster so im a little nervous)



  • hi kelly , your more then welcome , we are all in the same boat after all !! no need to be nervous about posting on here imagewe are all going need as much support as possible in the coming months and see this as another way to get some advice and motivation .
  • Thanks Mike,

    Is this your first time,??? 

    Its going to be great to have some people to call on through some challenging times and as I run on my own not feel isolated ( we will all be going through it together)

    Are we nutty????


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