Virgin London Marathon 2011 First Timers



  • Yep, my plan is to go for 22 miles before I go off on my very ill timed holiday in March & then do at least one 18/20 miler when we get back before I start tapering.

    Like the idea of the dextrose, might try that!  

  • Hellooooooooooo im running VLM2011 1st timeimage and can't wait running for Sense Deaf and Blind People......... Have run the Guernsey Marathon in 2009 completed in 4hr 10mins 20sec, so hope to break 4hrs for London, fingers crossed, good luck everyone. i ran a 19.1 mile run on friday in 2hrs 51 mins 32 secs, so all is well at the moment!
  • Hi all and welcome M-J & Danielimage

    Hope everyone had a good weekend! My legs just get stronger and stronger, I'll be back to my best in no time!  Pushed myself on the weekend and did 5 mile instead of three as was feeling good and no after effects so felt good about that!

    Aimee / Squeakz - The only reason I get up at 5.30 to do my running is because I have a delightful 3 year old boy who I have to attend to. The alarm gets me up at 5.30 (I have one snooze image) get washed, do stretches, out the door at 6 and back for 7 when I have to get the boy ready / breakfast etc and then off to work. I get my quality time with him in the evening before he goes to bed and then some quality time with Mrs Miggito image! I'm used to it now and don't mind it at all and this way my running doesn't impact on family / work too much.

    I must confess I do get a lie in on  a Saturday till 6.30 before I go running though and Sunday is my day off!  

    Ps - I will be doing a wee bit longer (22/23 miler) run as part as my training also at a very slow pace just so I know I can do it. Not sure if it would work for everyone but psycologically I think it will do me the world of good as well!

  • Hi All!

    Welcome to all the recent newcomers image Great to say everyone is training well - I can't wait to get back out there! Sadly, six weeks on I still have a sore foot image despite physio and things I am slightly concerned it is still there so back to the doctors we go today! Wohoo. Luckily it's November and not February!

    Kate image
  • Oh Kate, hope the Doc had some good news for you & you're not getting too dispirited.image Miggito - glad to hear you're on the road to recovery! Great news. image

    Daniel, you sound like a pro. 19 miles in under 3 hrs at this stage in the game - well done you! 

    Just back from the bone cruncher. He recons 16 week traing plans are a bit too intense for anyone who is new to running or isn't already running 18-20 miles per week on a regular basis.. He's an athlete and he's done several Marathons, plus he's working with damaged bods everyday, so I trust him. Anyway his advice for anyone who wants to run & not adopt a walk/run get you round strategy and who's not already doing 18-20 miles to slowly work up to that before starting on the 16 week plan. That will help avoid injury & build fitness.. Well you did ask  the when to stat trainin question folks!  

    Question .. Anyone tried the Lucozade Sport Jelly Beans?   image

  • morning . interesting to hear that Helen , is kind of what I have been doing these last three weeks, gradual increase of mileage , so its not a shock when starting a 16 week plan !

    remember to join FETCHEVERYONE and start logging the training on there , that way we can see each others training logs . if you do join , my name on there is mickeygooner image

  • Hi everyone, Helen definately not a pro image

    monday.... did some hill work for an hour

    Tuesday.....did 5.1 miles in 37 mins

    wednesday... i will do a 13 miler image

    Thurs day off

    Fri will wait and see

  • Didn't fancy it tonight if I'm honest.. Went for a swift 3.5 miles anyway & found a tenner! image

    Result....In the pot for the charity..

  • M-JM-J ✭✭✭

    Hey...that's a good sign isn't it...finding a tenner?image

    5.75 miles interval training for me with a couple of hills. 4 miles tomorrow evening, 3 on Thurs and again Sat and 10 miles LSR on Sunday.

  • am chuffed with myself . had 12 hour shift walked home , took dog out for a walk then went straight out and  done 3.5 ,. Its the first time i have planned a run after a day on shift as normally work round the shift and run when off but am going to have to get used to it so am making it a habit . What helped was rather then dread it all day and not look forward to it , I told myself I was looking forward to it and it really worked , was bloddy freezing and got very strange looks as was wearing shorts ! but was well pleased when I got back and felt good image
  • Good for you Mike - PMA is defo the wat forward!image
  • Hi All just a quick question-

    I am currently doing 3 x 7 mile runs a week, which i'm finding ok- atm i am out of action as i pulled a calf muscle (ouch), but i have been told id be better doing shorter runs in the week (i.e. 3 x 5 mile runs) and a longer run at the weekend?

    Has this worked for anyone else?


  • i think that is what most plans advise , maybe two shortish 3-5 and one long which increases each week .
  • Hi all!

    I'd like to join this forum if that's ok?? I got a ballot place for the VLM on my first application (like others, I thought I'd get a knockback and a jacket!!) and have decided to run for Cancer Research UK as a close friend has been diagnosed with the big C recently.

    I'm a running novice and currently on holiday in Hong Kong, I am off for a run around the racecourse later (1.35km) which I have done a couple of times whilst here..back in the UK next week and I'm going to start my training proper! Also going to get some orthotics made next week on my return too - I've had several ops on my feet so am really hoping that my feet hold out! My physio has been pre-warned lol!

    I've read through all your threads and have just joined fetcheveryone (JoSmith) and am looking into the parkruns too... I usually do the Hyde Park Last 5k of the month too....

    Loving the ideas for sponsorship too! Particularly the idea of it in Christmas cards or e-Christmas cards!! Think I'll do mainly e-cards (for Cancer Research UK of course!

    Jo image
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  • M-JM-J ✭✭✭

    Hi all and Hi Jo..Welcome.

    10 miles for me today in a time of 1hr 33 mins. It would have actually been faster but we stopped at 9.2 miles when we reached home , did some stretches and then decidede to round it up to a nice 10 miles image. I ran with a friend today which was a new experience for me (running with someone not having a friend!). She's a really good runner and usually runs 8 minute miles so I was slightly worried about the pace, anyway we chatted all the 10 miles and it passed very quickly. I also ran a PB for 10 miles. Although she's not doing the marathon she would like to train with me so I may have a running partner for my long runsimage. My only difficulty will be getting her to slow down as I really don't want to be running any faster than 9:30 min miles on my long runs.

    I usually run 3 nights a week during the week (evenings) and always 3  miles on a Sat morning. I find my long runs (which are always a Sunday) are easier if I've done a 3 mile warm up the day before. This week though I've only done 4 runs- I missed the 3 miles on Thursday.  Life just sometimes gets in the way of running!

    Anyway, happy running this week for you all

  • Im doing pretty well at the moment, my issues have started to sort themselves out and im feeling really strong at the moment. I simply can not complain
  • Hi Everyone.

    Its my first London marathon although i did the edinburgh mara in 2006 and 2007.Really looking forward to it..nut nervous too.Mt times have been 4.30 and 5 hours for Edinmburgh,but I just want to finish.It will realise an ambition of mine.Will be a great feeling.

    Hope this finds all well and "reasonably" injury free.

    PS Did a 10 miler today,with branny shoes.Felt good


  • Hi all just found out on tuesday that i have been given one of the places from my running club was feeling good then on friday came down with the dreaded lurg so not run this weekend image

    hope everyones training goes to plan  

  • Hello again everyone.

    Welcome Jo.

    Very jealous of that 10 mile time M-J.

    I've had a quiet week, though just finished it off with an 8 mile slow run. Went out at 7pm expecting it to be freezing but it was a really nice clear night with a bright moon. Taking it a bit easy as I prepare for the Norwich half next weekend. All set mattysmum?

  • No running for me this weekend - After a couple of good weeks the calf/shin problem came back with a vengance while I was out for my Friday 3mile round the block trot!image

    Sooooo, frustrating yesterday as it felt fine & the weather was great for running over the Downs, found myself cursing the people I spotted out & about on their long runs.. Green eyed monster, not one of my better looks... But just can't risk making it worse.

    Await call from Sports Physio..

    Anyone else injured & frustrated???

  • Morning all and welcome Jo - hope you all had a good weekend image

    I'm slowly but surely getting back into my stride and managed to get a 7 miler in on Saturday although I was feeling it on the Sunday. Was still a wee bit tender this morning so just did a cheeky wee bike session for 45 mintues, hadn't done that for a while but forgot how boring it was!

    Sorry you're injured Helen, have you tried toe-tapping for your shins? It helped me when I had bother with them. You basically just sit and tap your toes. Do 20 straight/20 with your foot angled left/20 with your foot angled right x 3 for each foot. Doesn't take long to do and it worked for me so I guess it could be worth a try, I've never had problems with my shins since!

    I totally sympathise with the calves, I tore one last year and it was not nice and even now with my new running style they are in knots and I'm having to do lots of stretches / foam rolling /  muscle building work with them to get them really strong as they always feel tight after my runs. Going to treat myself to a wee massage on Friday as well to help too as I haven't had one for a while image

    Anyway, hope you're back to fitness soon and welll done everyone for keeping up the runs - not long now till the real training starts - I can't wait image

  • Hi Miggito, Glad to hear you are getting stronger - I had a look at the POSE website as I'd never heard of it before.. How are you getting on with it?

    My basic problem is that I've been sitting on Horses for 38 years & as a consequence my calves are the envy of all my friends, no need for stairmaster for me... image

    Anyhow, the muscles I've built for staying put in the saddle are not necessarily the ones I use for running & as a result I've got all sorts of very deep tissue tightnes etc. etc.. Not heard about toe tapping before, I'll give that a go.. See the Sports Physio at 12 tomorrow fingers crossed I'll be back to running very soon..


  • Hi Helen,

    Going good thanks, I guess the most frustrating thing is that I have to temper the length of my runs and try to not overdo it. My biggest problems previously were with my knees and since I have started to run POSE, I have not had even a twinge from them (touch wood!) However, it is testing my patience (and my calves) but I hope in another month or so I should be reasonably comfortable with it. It's just hard sometimes having to do all the drills and then try and put in into practice when running as it can still feel a wee bit strange although I'm getting used to it now. I'm glad I've started the process when I did though and not next year as I didn't quite appreciate the time it would take me to do it "properly".

    Hope the physio sorts you and I totally understand the calf issue - was the same for me when I started running, my legs didn't know what had hit them!

  • Hi all

    Sorry to hear about your injuries.. still better to get them over with now.

     vds.....Ready for Norwich .... weather permitting that is. I mean i dont mind running in cold weather but could the forecast be for anything colder!!! Last time i ran Norwich it was the hottest day of the year , this year it will be the coldest! Did a 10 mile yesterday  but every step of it was unenjoyable for some reason..i did think of cutting it down to 6 but didnt so at least i was strong enough to not quit.... hoping thats my bad run out of the way for a while so will be okay next week. Am number 201 - if you see me say hello! Nice to have a little rest this week tho! Good luck.. enjoy!

  • Just booked my hotel, got a package deal with a coach to the start and massages before and after along with evening pasta meal image

    kinda starting to look forward to it now

  • Squeaks.... Yeah me too. Hotel booked (check), fundraising website set up (check), supporters recruited (check).. Able to run.... erm Lets hope so!

    Does looking forward to it make us a bit naiive or slightly insane I wonder? Anyway, me too!image

    Went to see the Physio today, recomended by a friend who coaches Tennis to Olympians (Ooo get me,) anyway, marvelous woman. An hour later I'd had acupuncture, deep tissue presure relief & been prescribed some excercises. Basically my legs are not a pair - seems I'm a Friday afternoon body - explains a lot believe me. Anyway she recons she can nurse me through.. Result!

    Acupuncture rocks - really weird feeling & (for me) immediate relief! Superb..

    Hows the rest of you feelin?image 


  • So many injuries!!

    I haven't been on here for a few weeks as i've beenoff injured too, first my back, then my IT band and then my ankle.  Luckily i've decided that's it now andwill be back training again next week.  I am really nervous about though as I haven't run properly for about 6 weeks and i'm scared i'll be starting from scratch.

     Anyhow, reading your posts on here has given me inspiration and I look forward to hearing more about how things are going for you all x

  • Hey everyone, not been on the forum for a while - not good on the injury front  image hope you're all back to it soon.

    I had a couple of weeks of doing an 8.5 mile long run and really feeling on top of it, then this sunday shuffled my way round 7.5 feeling so shabby, same for my 4 mile this morning - hope it's just a training blip - probably partly down to my crap diet......must step away from the jammy dodgers!

    Keep it up everyone!

  • Hi All, my first post on this forum.

    I am running next year for CLIC Sargent. My long runs are so far up to 7 miles with a view to starting the Hal Higdon intermediate training plan mid December. What training plans are others following?

    Has anyone else given up the drink??? I have so far gone 5 weeks and not really missing it but sure Christmas will be a test.

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