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  • Helen if your having Shin problems repeatedly have a look at newton shoes. They are designed to promote midfoot striking and have a raised section which is mounted on rubber which helps reduce impact.
    I always used to suffer from shin and knee issues and really could not run on road for a long period of time. Since moving to newtons I no longer have any issues or injurys. I believe that the reduction of impact really helps me.

    I personally can't speak highly enough for this shoe and I believe that they have help resolve a number of issues for me.Im not suggesting that they will solve your issues but they might be worth investigating or having a look at to see if they help you.

    You can find out more about them at

  • Thanks Squeaks, I'm in Asics Kinsai (hmmmmmm lovely shoes) at the mo, but if this continues I might just try Newtons..

    Did a 45 minute spin class last night with no ill effects, so will try a little trot tonight - I've been told pain free funning only, so I think I'l go the gym & do a couple of miles on the Treddie fingers crossed!

    Clairwiththehair.. I feel your pain (literaly sadly!).. Had IT Band issues myself in March after the Eastbourne half,  had a wardrobe malfunction & was too pig headed to stop & sort it, finished then limped for weeks & ended up having it stripped... Ouchhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    Please take it steady a few easy weeks will be much better than another injury _ In truth that statement is as much for me as you!

    Karmus.. Hello & welcome.. Given up the drink, are you mad? I have cut back but my glass of red the night before my rest days is both a reward for all my trainig & good for my heart.. flavins an all! If you're going sub 3 I can see it is probably worth it, but for a back of the pack slogger like me, nope I jast can't see it!image   

     Nik40 - Take a day or two off. Maybe you are coming down with a cold. Are you drinking enough water ? Remember, man cannot run on jammy dodgers alone.. The odd hob nob will help, it's the oats! image 

  • i've got a question if anyone can answer.  I entered the lottery in may, was informed in October that magazines had been sent out to alert candidates, but up to this time have received nothing in the Mail.  Is there a way to contact someone to get status or to find out if my notice was lost in the mail.  Or is the lack of  a mailer notice that you are not selected.  Confused in Texas.
  • Hey C Lowert, sounds like you might have missed out on a place image But to be on the safe side, you can contact the organisers at 

    Regards, Helen

  • Hi Nik.. maybe its the weather as my long run sunday was for no reason awful! I told myself it was just a random off day and then had 2 good runs this week... so fingers crossed you`ll be back on target by now!!!

    I feel like a bit of a freak at the moment as i seem to be one of only a few who arent injured....maybe i just dont push myself enough!! Anyway long may it continue and hope you all recover real soon!!

    Vds... its not snowing yet!!!

    Welcome Karmus... i was thinking of doing Hal Higdon training programme too starting soon

  • Hi mattys mum

    Yes, watching the weather forcasts carefully. My sister lives near Norwich and I'll be up there this weekend. Hopefully the race will go ahead.

    I'm number 2311. I'll say hi if I see you.

    I hope those of you who are injured are taking it easy, and only building up slowly. Mate of mine always seems to be injured, but then he's really impatient and keeps pushing too hard.

  • Helen as a matter of interest I had Asics Gel Kinsai 3 and athough they do not feel heavy if you put them against a really lightweight shoe you can notice the difference. I personaly feel the majority of the weight is on the rear of the shoe in all that lovely gel as such it encouraged me to heal strike and the weight of the shoes made me do it quite heavy.
    Don't get me wrong I really like the Kinsai and still do, they are really comfortable and I really like the way the laces kinda follow the path of the foot, but these were the shoes which I had all my injurys in...
    Just thought I would mention it.

  • Squeaks - thanks, hadn't thought of that! I was previously in Kayano's & in truth apart from the wardrobe malfunction issue, I never had a problem & I've gone through 5 pairs of those... Hmmm Vereee interesting!image   
  • Thanks for the welcomesimage

     I think I am a bit mad giving up drink but want to feel I have done as much as possible to have an enjoyable VLM experience come April and at the finishing line there will be lucozade for me just plenty of cold largerimage. If I keep it up I should be able to shift a few pounds as well as save some.

    Matty's Mum - which plan do you think you will follow? I have done a few half marathons and think that I could do the intermediate 2 but the reason I like his plans if I find it too hard I can drop back to intermediate 1.


  • Hi all, been at a conference this week so not had a chance to look in! Nearly time for all these 20 weeks training plans to start as VLM informed me this morning image 

    Squeakz, thanks for reminding me I should get some accomodation looked out. I'm making a whole weekend of it and have a brother who lives down there so going to impose on him on the Friday night but need to get a hotel for the Saturday / Sunday!

    Nik40/Claire - keep smiling image, plenty time to get yourselves back up to speed - no point in overdoing it now and regretting it later.

    Mattysmum/VDS - good luck this weekend, looking forward to hearing how you get on!

    Hi Karmus - I'm running for Clic Sargent too  so I look forward to hearing of your progress especially! I haven't given up drink though (I have incorporated it strategically into my training schedule image)

    I ran 6 miles this morning in -2 degrees and it felt good! Going for seven tomorrow, my rehabilitation is going much better than anticipated! Have a good weekend all image

  • Hi everyone hope everyones feeling good!

    This week did a 7.2 on Sunday morning before work time was......57 mins 30 sec image

    on Tuesday after work did 7.1 mile run diffrent course But in..........55min 16sec image

    And today on me day off did a 19 miles in 2hr 39 sec...11 mins off my last 19 mile time

    So i must be getting fitter image Starting night shifts tonight for a week so will do a few runs in the days next week,

    Will let you know how i get on. Bye for now.

  • Hey

    Miggito - thanks...just hoping it doesnt snow as predicted!! hoping the race is on or i will  feel like I`ve not run for days. 

    vds...I have just packed the largest bag of running clothes for all weathers!!!! going to parents who live in Norfolk for the weekend. gather they have snow already and more to come.

    Karmus.... Hi I looked at the intermediate and novice plans. I have done some half marathons but alas i am what it says "Mattys Mum" and so i dont have that luxury of time on a saturday due to his football! I liked the idea of sat followed by sunday run but then thought i`d go for the novice as i havent run a marathon before. Dont want it to take over my life COMPLETELY!!!

    Sounds like you should be running for the same charity as me....Action On Addiction!! No i havent given up drink but I`m running in memory of my best  friend who struggled with alcohol addiction so i dont touch that much anyway!! i was thinking with all those long runs i should probably have more!

    Hope you all have a good weekend.

  • Miggito I booked through the greenroom as the hotel I have does the following :-

    • Pasta meals and nutritional breakfasts to keep your energy levels topped up for the race.
    • Free coach transfer to the start line.
    • Early breakfast and late check-out on race day.
    • Sports physiotherapists will also be around for a complimentary rub down after the race.

    Slightly on the higher end of the price scale but I just want a hastle free day without any problems, booked a premium suite. image

  • 5 mile run in the snow and cold, and for some reason I quite enjoyed it!

     8 miles planned for tomorrow, longest run for about 5 weeks.

     Hope everyone is still getting out in these testing conditions.

  • Afternoon all!

     Just been out for a 7km (first one back since holiday) in the freezing cold!  It was sleeting!  But I found it to be good training as it was too cold to stop as I usually do!!  Did it in 48 minutes... not bad as it is up and down a hill....  May need to rethink my running gear though..!

     I've just got an iPhone and downloaded the miCoach adidas app - so I had Jonny Wilkinson telling me my split times etc - that was also a motivator image you can have Victoria Pendleton, Jessica Ennis or Andy Murray too.  What are everyone's thoughts on app's like these?

    Anyone going to the Running Show at Olympia this weekend?

  • Pooh.

    Arrived in Norwich to find the half marathon cancelled as a result of the weather. And it looks like it might be a clear blue sky day tomorrow afterall.

    Ah well, will look for a new long run route instead.

    I use micoach as well Jo, though I have Jessica Ennis whispering in my ear instead. I like the achievements part of the website, but I've found the GPS to be pretty inaccurate as compared to my garmin. Just installed mapmyrun to see what it is like.

  • Hi

    Didnt even set out for Norwich!! had snow report and knew it would be a no go! It will all freeze again tonight so would have been really slippery... dont need broken bones with all the training we got ahead of us.

     Will just have to run my normal 12 mile tomorrow instead... no snow in Reading  just yet!

     I`m taking the positive from it that at least entering the Norwich half got me into the running again, not lost anything and my legs will not be so sore as i imagined this week so can do more miles than i planned!!! i think fitting the rescheduled Norwich half in after xmas is not going to be that easy tho.

    Enjoy your FLAT long run then vds

  • hey all,

     hows everyones weekends been? sorry to hear norwich was cancelled, thats annoying but like you say matty's mum better than broken bones!

    Luckily no snow yet in London so got out for 9 miles this morning.  The cold weather seems to send my breathing a bit skew whiff though! Also need to invest in some gloves, my hands were freezing!

    Did you go to the running show Jo? How was it?

  • Hi

    Ran my 13.1 miles today... 2 hours 5 mins which i was pleased with.

    Little N /Miggitto..... i used the SIS tropical gel...found it really good i wanted to run faster but as i still had 7 miles to go i didnt want to get too carried away..could have done with another at about 10 miles.Will definitely be using again...thanks

    Gonna get some runs in early this week before the snow gets down south!!

    Have a good week all

  • Great time Matty's mum - well done.  Glad you liked the gels!
  • Great time mattys mum!!  You've been working hard!!

     I did go to the Running Show today... there were some good sessions, but still a bit small... And repetitive!  Got a good goodie bag though and I'm going to book my orthotics appointment this week too!  I postponed it last week post holiday (££!) but think I'm best off getting them sorted now!!

     I went for a run this morning and it was -4celsius when I got back!  Yikes! I think I'm going to have to join a gym, the pavements were far too icy for me to risk regular running. 

     Anyway, sleep beckons!  Have a good week allimage

  • Bah.No running today for me.The snow was outrageous.I managed 6 miles on Saturday but just couldnt go out today...too deep.Is it just me or does everyone get grumpy when a planned run doesnt take place..Lol


  • Sandor  - completely sympathise with you!  It's the anticipation of going for a run and knowing how good you will feel on your return then to have nothing...!!

    Anyway, I've just joined my local gym and about to book the orthotic appointment!

     Happy Monday everyone!

  • Thanks Squeakz, I'll check it out - it sounds good! I need to get something pretty central as I will be there with Mrs Miggito and Junior Miggito (he's 3). Mrs Miggito will be heavily pregnant too at that point imageso don't want her doing too much travelling either.

    Sorry to hear the Norwich half was cancelled but well done Mattys mum for doing the 13.1 miles in a very respectable time!

    I managed 7 miles in the snow on Saturday (that was fun image) but today  was a no-no and guess tomorrow will be too so will just get on the bike (in the garage) and get a few miles in on that!

     Little N - get those gloves! Best thing I ever invested in for the winter running (apart from my lycra leggingsimage)

    Sandor - I know what you mean - it's very frustrating - I'm really hoping this snow will be all we get this winter.

    Safe running peeps! image

  • Thanks for the support guys! Did 9.25 miles yesterday - furthest yet! Wouldn't say I enjoyed it but felt much more on top of things, so hopefully over the blip (until the snow gets here!). Great half time Mattys mum - nice one!

    Meant to be doing a 3 mile before bootcamp tonight but depends what the pavements are like - not sure it's that sensible to be pavement skating! Not impressed with this weather either Sandor - SO frustrating....... Guess I could get on the bike in the garage - good plan Miggito image

    Keep warm guys!

  • snowing again image the bike is so boring compared to running! As I am tight I don't have a gym membership so can't get on a treadmill - if I could even get to the gym that is!

    Got my training plan finalised today (had to jiggle days around to fit in with my lifestyle) so I start properly on the 27th December!

     Bring it on image 

    Ps - Is it just me or I am eating more in anticipation of Xmas and the cold weather?!?!

  • completely fed up. image

    Soleus strain will not give it up! Two exceptional Physio sessions including acupuncture & Ultra Sound..Went out for a 4 mile trot on Saturday.. Not comfortable, but I wouldn't say painful either, then three disasterous slow miles yesterday that saw me walking home in a blizzard....

    I hate this weather, I hate the fact that I can't run & I just want to get going. Husband doesn't understand, thinks I'm barking for taking the Marathon on in the first place...

    Miggito.. believe me I'm fighting the urge to eat myself happy! image

    Well done everyone.. You are all doing great, I'm soooo envious. Do take care on those pavements, you don't want to end up like me! Have decided to rest the calf completely for 7 days,, No spinning, no running, no cross training.. Rest, rest, rest plus massage dog walking & stretching..

     Have sorted my programme, just in case the calf recovers - Training starts on December 13th! It's ok, it's a Monday..  


  • Hey Guys .. you all sound soooo fed up!

    Just have a week off .. we will be wanting that when our programmes start!

    Helen... sorry to hear you r still injured.... rest up while its snowing ready to start on 13th. thats my start date too. If it makes you feel better i have a husband who thinks I`ve lost the plot too!

    Dont eat too many mince pies... you will regret it after xmas!!!

    On the plus side if we get all this snow out of the way now we may not get anymore after xmas!

    Cheer up everyone and take care in the snow and ice.

  • Wise words mattys mum - it's a bit like everyone is raring to go but can't! We still have lots of time! I can't stop eating though - not been able to get to the shops for decent treats so last night I munched a whole box of champagne truffles that were left over from last Xmasimage I promise to go on a proper healthy eating plan when I start my training on the 27th!  

    Helen, try not to feel down - use the time wisely to rest/get motivated/buy new gear/read running books/load your ipod with new tunes etc etc  - all things that will keep you going. I have been doing a lot of looking at the course and reading the website and getting to know my charity better too so although I'm not running - I don't feel like I'm doing nothing.  I'm biking for the moment and haven't run since last Saturday now - frustrated but after my disatrous (never ran) Kilomathon experience, I have learned my lesson! after my previous knee problems I had to walk 7 miles in the p1ssing rain along a muddy canal so I know how it feels but keep smiling - you will be fine in time image

    As I only started running a year ago, my wife thinks I am a total fruitcake too and doesn't understand when I go on about niggles or any form of running talk so we're all equal there image

    Hope to see you all smiling again soon!

  • Im counting down at the moment, I have a week left at work and then im off work for 32 days.. how awesome is that. I hope the show buggers of by then so I can get some serious running in
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