Colds and stuff

I've currently got a bit of a head cold with a sore throat and headaches. While I'm quite happy to give the running to a miss for a few days I was wondering if the old adage 'feed a cold, starve a fever' stands true or if it's just an old wives tale (please tell me I can stuff my face!)




  • Feed a cold with lots of wholesome food, yes.

    Best way to get rid of a cold, as well as eating healthiliy: put on some warm clothes and boil up some red wine (just a glass full). Drink it before bedtime and go to bed with all the warm clothes on. Sweat it out.
    In the mean time take cold tabs and Vit C.
  • Not too much wholesome food - no face-stuffing, sorry! :-)
  • Beth, being a Scotsman I have to argue that it should read warm up a glass of whisky!!!
  • Whiskey is also fine, Gordon. A hot toddy is great.
    Actually any alcohol will do in effect.
  • But it can't be Whiskey... it has to be Whisky.

    Correct, I'm being a pedantic Scotsman.

    Whisky (without the 'e') is the correct spelling of whisky but, by international law, it can only be applied to Scottish whisky. To be classed as a Scottish whisky it must have been produced and fermented for at least 5 years in Scotland. The amber nectar from anywhere else in the world must include the 'e' in it's spelling.

    You have learned something totally useless today but I feel more patriotic for teaching you.
  • a pal of mine swears by eating a nice hot chilli or vindaloo to sweat out a cold!

    I havent tried it yet myself!

    Those Zinc Lozenges are supposed to be good for boosting the immune system, I tend to cook lots of dishes that have plenty of onions and garlic as they are supposed to help (not your social life of course) beat colds.
  • I said in my first post that I was happy to lay off the running for a few days but my training partner (pictured top right) had to go out so I weakened and, rather than trudge round the roads, we had a couple of hours on the fells. I forgot about my cold immediately I started running and didn't notice it again until this morning, I don't think it is any worse for the run. I wouldn't even contemplate running if it were more than just a head cold!

  • There are only two things proven to shorten the duration of a cold.
    1. Curry. As hot as you can bear, preferably. Something in the chilli might stimulate your mucus-producing cells to produce more of a virus-inhibiting enzyme.
    2. Chicken soup. Any sort, from Jewish mother's special all the way down the social scale to chicken cup-a-soup. Nobody is quite sure why.
    Decongestants, paracetamol and hot drinks will make you feel better. Keep the air around you on the chilly side as your nose gets stuffier and drippier in a warm atmosphere.
  • Have you tried byriani dahl(sp?)?
    It's like tarka dahl but 'otter!
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