Weight loss name and shame (or congratulate!)



  • Decamp - lol!! 

    Hi to everyone else, sorry no time to do a proper reply.  Tummy still not right but hopefully should manage to run tonight - I'll stick to an off road route with plenty of bushes to dive into if necessary!!

  • Mel i love all your animations, they are groovy image (that's about all i can do now i have changed internet browser)

    Decamp fantastic news at weighing 00. Are you now slipping down the drains and cracks in the pavements?

    Hope you enjoyed the rest day Len

    Toby well done on the weight loss, i'm really chuffed for you image

    Jess that is a good strategy for the scales. I have a feeling i may have lost some more but i am not getting on the scales until i'm certain it's gone because if i'm still the same i'll be GUTTED.

    Yersinia and Puffin, wishing your tummies better. Is it spreading through the thread do you think?

    Zara i only went to yoga once and fell asleep at the end. I was too ashamed to go back image Shame about the dance class but good news that you've found a better running club.

    I have to buy new headphones as my right ear is not working. I enjoy listening to all the music no-one else at home likes, when i'm running
  • Hi Julie T

    Don't listen to The Beatles with only one earphone working - you'll either get bass and drums, or just guitar and vocals image


  • Julia T - a lot of people fall asleep during the shavasana or corpse pose image - don't let that put you off trying another class. Once you have found the right instructor for you, you will know what I am blabbing on aboutimage

  • p.s... good luck on sourcing a new ear!image maybe this time get one with a lifelong warranty?
  • Hi all,

    Julia, hope you find a new ear!  Lol at the yoga - I went once when I was at Uni and got bored so never went back, there was far to much talking about sniffing water up one nostril and letting it come out of the other for my liking!  Perhaps I never found the right class!

    Zara - like the new picture, very cheerful.

    Jess - or Queen!

    Did go for my run earlier, was better than I expected, and thankfully - touchwood - my stomach is feeling much better now, maybe it was the cure I needed!!  I do hve to confess to lacking in willpower though, OH bought home some mini flapjacks and instead of just having one, or not at all I had 5!! image  Still they were very nice.  Just about to have a calming chamomile tea and off to bed.

  • Out at 4.15am this morning and just back from a 6 miler, trying to take advantage of the mild mornings.

    Not been eating great this week and have been trying to take motivation from everyone elses great stories.  Felt sick this morning, I think due to a bit of dodgey fish I had last night, my fault, but it was only 1 day out of date, that'll teach me.

    Ran this morning for the first time with one of those £12.50 Alkpit head torches, it's probably the best £12.50 I have ever spent on a piece of running gear, can't comment on how long the batteries last, but the light is good and the price can't be beat.

    On the scales though and have lost 3 pounds this week, so not all doom and gloom, just need to start eating properly and training more, can't remember who said to me on here, may have been Julia T, but need to find something in the evenings to do, apart from sitting watching rubbish and eating rubbish.

    Good luck to everyone this weekend, AHA

  • 4.15 am run ???  and lost 3lbs  - outstanding.  Puts me to shame - I need start again  on the eating front but running is going ok.   Good run on Tues,game of footy on weds.  Nothing now until long run on sunday.  Few drinks tonight image

     Well done everyone else

  • AHA - that's fantastic!!  imageimageimage  Well done!  And 4.15am - that's hardcore!

    Headtorches are a wonderful invention, a really light one makes all the difference as you hardly know it's there (except I always get a sweaty head).

    I'm off for a swim at lunchtime and then to the fireworks tonight!  Which will involve a few drinks like Andrew - it would jsut be too miserable to go without sometimes!

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Do excuse me - just trying a few smilies to see how they display ..

    image  image  ;)  image  image  8)

  • Hi all,

    First post and thought this was an appropriate place for it. I'm currently on a weight loss drive for my wedding in August 2012. Seems a long way off but I've got a long way to go.

    I was 25st (yes you read that right) in January this year and managed to drop down to 21st 7lbs in mod August just through eating properly. I then hit a bit of a plateau until a couple of weeks ago and I decided to give running a try.

    In the last two weeks I've dropped a further 7lbs (3.5lbs this week).

    Running-wise I'm doing probably a 12-13 minute mile pace for about 20 minutes at a time so far - never thought I'd say it but I find myself actually looking forward to the next time I go out...

  • http://imgsrv2.tennisuniverse.com/wtaworld/images/smilies/smashtard.gif

    Felt too crap to even cycle far yesterday evening. Feeling better today. Trying to decide whether I'm better enough to swim, or whether I should just content myself with a shortish ride this evening.

    ( edit) Hello Craig - that's v. impressive weight loss!

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all,
    Decamp - interesting scales you have there!

    Len - well done re Wed's swim.

    Toby - well done for re-losing the weight.

    Jess - glad to hear boiler is finally being fitted today.

    (((Yersinia))) - hope gippy tummy is better. Ahh .. just read on .. glad you're feeing a bit better today.

    JT - glad you like the animations - I just right-click and save any I see that I like. Tried some smilies earlier but couldn't work out any other than basic smiles/frowns.

    Zara - glad you liked your banana and like your new avatar. Glad you've found a running group that suits you better - shame about missing out on the dancing though. PS: don't think there's any limit to smilies but if there is ... image

    (((Puffin))) - sorry tummy is still not right. On another thread one lady had to dive into a bush two miles into her last race. Now they keep on mentioning her bush! image Ahh - read on and seen tummy must be better if you're feeding it (mini) flapjacks.

    AHA - running at 4:15am!! I can safely say I won't be needing a head torch as I'll not be out running that early. Well done re the weight loss. Sorry to hear you've also had a gippy tum.

    Craig - welcome along and impressive weight loss there!

    No weigh-in for me last night. I like to stick to the same routine before a weigh-in (hmmm .. sounding like a boxer now) - like to have been out for run and not eaten - so that the numbers are comparable each time. Mrs Wm and I decided to get the shopping over and done with last night so I'm off for a 3-4ml run after work today. So I'll report back later or over the weekend on what the scales say. 

    I'm planning to do my 'long' (5-6ml) run on Sunday. I got into a routine when training for this year's Bath HM of having an early breakfast on a Sunday, then doing my run. Then once I had cooled down and showered I would sit down for coffee and my 'second breakfast' with Mrs WM. I can almost smell that chocolate croissant cooking already (my little treat!).

    BTW I appear to have won a prize in a RW competition! I vaguely remember entering one to win some Lucozade goodies (a la Liz Yelling). I had an email with my order details for a month's supply - but its all for free. Makes a nice change! image

    Nov - 4ml

  • Hi losers!

    Just back from swim, fastest time over 64 lengths!!  Really surprising as it didn't feel fast and I had to wait a few times for slower swimmers to let me pass but the time was good so I'm pleased with that.

    Craig - welcome along and well done on your weight loss to date - that's a massive achievement.

    Yersinia - glad to hear you're feeling better.

    WM - I'm with you on second breakfast after a long run, you really feel like you deserve it!  Well done on winning the comp - hope you like Lucozade!

  • Seems I spoke too soon, and not really better image. Plus getting some coldy symptoms. SNOT FAIR.

     Well done on the speedy swim, puffin.

  • Ha ha Jess, bought some new ones today designed for sports so the sweating shouldn't affect this pair! Dare i say it........i don't particularly like the Beatles (ducks for cover)

    Zara yoga is something i'd like to try again, i shall have a look for a suitable class. Can you wrap your legs round your neck?

    Puffin ooer sniffing water up your nose sounds well dodgy to me! Glad your tummy feels better. At least they were mini flapjacks! And did you say 64 lenghts ? Blimey!

    Aha fantastic news on your 3lb - well done image Yes a hobby is a good thing, i have just started art classes and can lose myself for hours in a drawing.

    Andrew what sort of drinks are you planning? Whatver you have, make sure you enjoy it and don't let guilt spoil it for you.

    Mel, image 8-( image ;-( image image %-) x-)

    Craig very well done on your loss, lots of support and humour here. I never thought i would look forward to running either - weird isn't it!

    Were you beating yourself up there Yersinia?! Sorry you still feel poorly, an early night and a lemsip?

  • Julia - yes I can - when the teacher places sixteen dozen support blocks around me, and then ties me up with another dozen belts or so (as happened when I was trying to attempt a version of the headstand yesterday)image big advantage of practising iyengar yoga!

    OK lets see if this works





  • http://www.mazeguy.net/happy/bouncy.gif




    *it has been a looong day*

  • ahh loving all the little animations!!  Can just about manage a image

    Nice to meet you (virtually) Craig and well done on the weight loss.  I know exactly what you mean about looking forward to running - I never ever would have believed that I would have got into it.  I'm not particularly fast (and probably never will be) but have definitely got the running bug (and not the tummy bug poor Yersinia seems to have - hope you're feeling better soon).

    I HAVE HEAT AND HOT WATER - WHOOO HOOOOOO!! 2 weeks of having to bathe like Steptoe has driven me mad. 

    Julie T - admiting you don't like The Beatles ... very brave! image  My OH is a DJ by trade and specialises in rare 60s soul / funk / pyschedelia - so we listen to all sorts of mad things in this house.  My particular favourite (mad band names) include BALLOON FARM (I'd love a balloon farm), and FRUMPY (which is pretty much me at the moment) image

    Still avoiding weighing myself.  I have a pretty heavy weekend so may end up relying on snacks - so dreading what I'll weigh on Monday.  Fingers crossed I'll remember that fruit is considered a snack!

    Hope everyone is well xx

  • Evening all

    Well went for a gentle run through Thirlmere Forest then up and over Helvellyn.
    Felt good image
  • Hi folks,

    seem like  you are doing pretty well over all. I saw a lovely leather jacket in charity shop (still had its "new" labels on) and it fitted me like a glove apart from my stomachimage I really have to do something as my washer is broke and seems to shrink everything.

    Jess -I prefer not to weigh myself as you can get too hung up on figures.

  • Hi all,

    Jess - great news about the heating and water!!

    Zara - love the animations.

    Stu - sounds like the jacket could be a good motivation tool?

    Decamp - run route sounds great.

    I have done very badly today, I had a few too many wines last night and spent the day lying about eating crap and have not done any exercise.image

  • Morning losers, off for a 10k race this morning, hoping that will show something on the scales on tuesday image

    Did you buy the jacket Stu? Good motivation, i have several pairs of Karen Millen trousers - e-bay bargains that will not quite do up. That's my motivation! And quicker race times of course.

    Decamp did you RUN Helvellyn??!! I walked up striding edge a year or two ago, amazing!

    Jess hope you are coping with your hectic weekend.

    Puffin at least you confessed to it, another day another diet?

    Zara very impressive yoga achievements, love the animations too!
  • morningimage

    didn't buy the jacket (felt too ashamed tbh) Was a shock to my system. Perhaps I should have done thoughimage

    Puffin -we all have the odd day like that. It is usually Sunday for me. Perhaps do summat like 4 days good / 3 days crap and slowly increase the goodimage

    Good luck Julia on your 10kimage

    Run Helvellyn - blimey that would be a killer!!image 

  • Julia
    Yeah the. Up bit was run walk swear. Then a solid runn back into thirlmere.
    Done striding and swirall edge a long time ago now when I was younger n fitter n lighter
    .I did nt bother with the path on the way up choosing to go straight up the water fall and cut out the zig zagging of the path.
    All good fun image
  • Cor. Impressive.

    Yesterday was cake baking and icing day. Rather too many morsels of chocolate and icing found their way down my throat. Today, I should be skating, but an ongoing pain in my hip puts paid to that idea. Might manage a short walk instead, depending on how the day pans out. Then dinner at Old Orleans in Guildford.

    Not a good weekend exercise- and diet-wise, all-in-all, but I hope it's balanced out by my couple of days with tummy trouble.

  • I'm going to pretend I haven't been on this thread before and start again image  this week I've had a night out with beers and a curry, a dominos pizza during the week and only been for one run and a game of footy.  New start tomorrow
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Just popped by to say I weighed myself after my run today (what do you mean that's cheating!) and I was 95.2Kg. In 'old money' that's another 1lb off  image

    Will do a 'proper' read back and update when I'm at work tomorrow .. *waves*

  • Stu - get the jacket - it will be such a huge boost to your ego when the jacket fit.


    Julia  T- glad I am not the only one hoarding clothes in the hope that they will fit me one day - though I have to say I do find it a  big motivator, esp after last weeks drop in dress size. Just hope my (hoarded) clothes will still be in fashion by the time the weight comes off LOL.

    Puffin 1 - tomorrow is another day, just put this one behind you.


    Yersinia - baked a cake for a dinner at friends house yesterday, and very clevery managed to leave it at theirs. It  was one of the Nigella recipies, and I was horrified at the amount of good stuff - butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, cream, that I ended up using for it. Then I went and gorged on homemade pizza at theirs *sigh* - still went for a run today, so there is some compensation.

    All - the animations are courtesy of www(dot)mazeguy(dot)net.




  • My cake was the Nigella chocolate fudge cake. Ultra-lardy, but there are plenty of us to share it. Didn't get any time for even a walk, though.

    They say you can get some of the benefits of exercise by imagining you're exercising. Maybe I should just imagine really hard.

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