Weight loss name and shame (or congratulate!)



  • Ran last night and did 5.11 miles which makes my monthly mileage to 81.42 image so I broke the 79 miles best image phew wasn't sure I was going to make it image

    Finish work today for a week so prob wont be on here much if at all, hoping to get down Weymouth way next week but the weather is still looking very iffy image image especially if we camp image

    Have a great Jubilee Bank Hol Weekend everyone image

  • Afternoon all

    Well 5 miles done ran an out and back course i use when training for Brighton the run took a 43:58 with Avg pace 8:38m/m and comparing it to previous times over the same rout it the fastest i cover it

    Chris no need to ashamed we don’t care how heavy you are we never make fun were here to support each other through good times and the not so good times

  • Hi all

    Chris - You're very welcome in this thread, as Words and Toby said we've all been in the same boat as you and you will always be offered good advice. Tomrrow is the first anniversary of my weight loss and running program, in that time I've manged to go from 17st 2 to 13st 7, I'm 5ft 11, and 51 years old, so not as tall as Words but do look and feel much better in myself!

    Well done everybody else on your running exploits and weight loss, I'm taking the outlaws to Eastbourne tomorrow. FiL has been pretty poorly recently so I'm going to be pushing him around in his wheelchair which seems to be a good way of cross training! Long run on Sunday morning, hoping to mange 15 miles as my 30k race is in 3 weeks. Then a couple of relaxing days to finish off the long weekend.

    Enjoy yourselves everybody.



  • Morning all

    no running for me over the weekend but do have to get out in the garden as we have runner and French beans to plant along with some cumber plants

    sat here eagerly anticipating the return of my O/H as she doing her first ever park run this morning i did get up and set my Garmin for her to take but then i have to say it was straight back to bed for me

    Gary enjoy your weekend hope the run gose well

  • Room for a little one?

    I've been running since January and I'm hooked. It took me longer than the 8 weeks to complete the couch to 5k because I was only getting runs in at the weekends when I was home from Uni but then a friend roped me into running down there so thats long behind and I'm working on building up to 10k now. It sounds so small compared to some of you guys, I've been reading through you posts and have decided that despite the hot weather and tummyache I'm going to power through and finish week 1 of my 10k program image Hoping to do the loch ness 10k in September and if not the 5k... It'll be my first race but since I can comfortably run 5k already I'm thinking I need a challenge.

    I've lost 13lbs since christmas so i'm 9st 6lbs now and hoping to drop to 8st 6lbs before second year starts (september) well done to all you guys who are training for marathons :O thats too scary to think about!

  • Hi all

    Gawd bless you Ma'am! 16.06 wet and windy miles this morning. The last 2 were a mix of run and walk as I was absolutely soaked and cold and tired! Still I mustn't complain as this time last year I couldn't even run for a bus!

  • Evening all.

    Gary - well done on your 16miler! That's a great effort. Hope FiL is on the men's and doesn't mind you using him as cross training!

    Lily - welcome! It's good to have goals - am sure you'll get through your first 10k just fine. Are you following any particular training schedule or just building up the mileage incrementally?

    Booey - congrats on beating 79miles. Are you aiming to beat your new total this month?

    Managed to treat today as a rest day, mainly because I spent a good chunk of it driving to Poole then sitting in Poole General... Mum's pretty poorly at the mo. Hoping to get a 4 or 5 miler in tomorrow morning before heading back to the hospital, then back to Swansea tomorrow evening.

    Hope you're all doing fine!
  • Blimey, nobody been on here since Sunday? Guess you've all been enjoying Her Maj's do...

    Got out for another run this morning. What better way of starting week two of marathon training with a new 5k personal best of 25 minutes and 43 seconds - that's about 30 seconds faster than my previous best. (And my previous best was on the flat, as opposed to the hillier route I took today.)

    One of my goals for this year is to bring my 10k time down to under 50 minutes. I'd really struggle to maintain today's 5k pace (which would give me a 10k of 51 minutes and 26 seconds) for much longer as it stands, so I've got a fair bit of work to do! Still, you never know, and all this training has to be good for something, right?

  • Wow Jealous of your 5k time Wordslinger! I haven't even got down to 30 minutes yet! thats my goal image Hilly routes as well - well done!

    I did week day 1 of week 10 of couch to 10k today image three fifteen minute intervals with a one minute walk in between. I have one really nasty hill right before the end which normally kills me but it was surprisingly easy today and when the ipod said "start your cool down" I was like really? I could keep going. Taking it slowly as I build up to my first 10k though. Easy run tomorrow then thursday is working towards the 10k again.

  • Morning all

    had a nice rest full weekend this weekend did a gym session Monday with another fartek session on the treadmill which involved walk half a k run half a k flat out or as fast as the treadmill would go which is about 7.5 miles an hour

    then did 4 miles with the O/H yesterday i took her on one of my out and back course out along the A38 she walked a lot of the hills but ran nearly all of the homeward leg even at one point telling me to get out the way as i was running to slow for her

    Just 3 today it may have to be on the treadmill as i have to be in work early again this week which means taking the bike and if it’s tipping down i really don’t fancy getting wet twice

    been a bad boy over the weekend eaten a little to much but back to it now

    Lily welcome to our haoppy band of losers

    word great running as always

    Gary WOW 16 miles can only dream of 16 miles at the moment

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Morning all.

    Lost 1lb this week not a great loss but still loosing and getting fitter did 5k Sunday and Tuesday, last 3k on this Friday, then all my runs are 5k and over gulp!
  • Morning everyone, and welcome Newbies!

    Words - congrats on the 5k time, sorry to hear your mum is unwell though.

    Seems like everyone has been putting in great work over the past few days, I've been struggling big time.  My back is giving me real problems, and apart from Parkrun (24:29) I haven't done anything in over a week now.  I had those 2 days off (wife was working though), had the kids to look after and couldn't really do much with them because of the pain.  Feel pretty guilty about it, combined with being in pain, and not feeling able to run, I've had a bit of a depressed head on.  Fell off the food wagon in style, eating at least my body weight in cake (it was my youngests 2nd birthday on Sunday).  I weighed myself this morning (163.5 lbs)and I am actually 5lbs heavier than I was last Monday! image

    Have to get my focus back and sort my mood out, no bad eats today, and I think I'm just going to run despite the back (was fine during Parkrun, felt a bit of reaction after though).

  • JLB3 don't be to hard on yourself it best to rest if your injured i do a lot of swimming when i have an injury or may be you could try some cycling

  • Morning all

    Well just 3 miles for me yesterday sun was out so went out for a run instead of using the treadmill the whole run took me 25:44 with an Avg pace of 8:30 m/m so pleased as that’s the quickest i been round that route for a while split wise they were 8:42, 8:17 and 8:29

    Just need to increases the distance i can run and maintain that pace comfortable as to ran a sub 1:50:00 H/M  you need to run at some ting like 8:13 m/m

    rode the bike to work last night did get a little wet but nothing as bad as i thought it was going to be so with the run that’s 9 miles in total for yesterday have a rest day from the running but do have to ride the bike in again lets hope it says dry

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Ghod I'm happy, jogging even a little bit just seems so much fun.

    I love it, and in conjunction with a lot of work on my diet I am feeling do good.

    BMI on 21st March when diet started 37.5, today 32.1

  • Toby, good running, I'm hoping to get sub 1:50 for HM later this month, but now I have picked up the back injury, doubt has set in!  Especially as it's my first go at the distance, I may have to revise my goal down to just managing to run the whole thing.

    Booktrunk, I like your sunny attitude, hopefully it will rub off!

    The sun started shining over Belfast last night, so that gave me the extra boot up the behind I needed to hit the road.  Did about 12k or so in 66mins(ish), my Garmin battery ran out about a minute from home so don't know exact details.  My back was a bit tense during the run, but no additonal pain.  After the run I was pain free for the rest of the evening, must be endorphins or adrenaline, unfortunately the all to familiar ache was back again this morning.  I'm much happier to for having run, and scouting out a new route.  Scales were a little friendlier this morning as well.

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    I weighed myself today and 4 weeks and 3 days in to running, cycling and eating more healthily I am 20% closer to my target weight! I've dropped 1 stone image 4 more to go! I imagine it is going to get harder and harder to lose weight as I approach my target weight of 11 stones?

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    JLB3: I decided to be happy about it all, it's my fault I got my body in the state it was in, so my responsibility to sort it , and sounds like you had a nice run.  When your garmin runs out does it keep the run upto that point, and when you charge it you have that info upto that point in your run or does it loose the whole of that last run?


    Amir: Congratulations that's great.  I've lost around 2 1/3rd Stone. I keep thinking i'm going to hit a wall where i seriously struggle to loose more, but I think as long as you get in the right habits it keeps going, just not necessarily as quickly.  I'm on WW so that's 1,200 per day plus a weekly treat allowance, that takes you upto approx 1,500 calories a day as i'm still so overweight i'd need 2,500 to maintain my current weight so still loosing at a decent rate, even when I get lower if you can keep to 500 calories below your minimum maintenance amount then you should keep loosing, and of course burning off all the calories help.

    I'm actually starting to think i need to eat more.  According to my garmin I burn off 2,500 calories last week and was still only eating around 1300 per day so maybe getting a bit to low, which is why i had a smaller shift, it's a balancing act, and sometimes to little is as bad as to much.  But if you are like me then you have another stone or so that can go reasonably quickly :0

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    awesome image My knees will be grateful lol

  • The Garmin saves the run data but your run ends at the piont the battery goes flat.

    You both are doing really well, if you stick to the healthy lifestyle the weight will look after itself.  The hard part is sticking to it when the scales seem stuck, I've had periods of maybe 3 weeks of saintly eating and excerse and hardly lost an ounce, but if you stick to your guns you get the rewards.  I'm pretty content at my current weight (5'7" 160lbs) having lost about 2.5 stones since last July, I'm just scared of slipping back into bad habits and undoing all the good work!

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    My trick for not worrying about what the weight is doing is to set myself non-weight related challenges that still require me to eat healthily and maintain regular training. These challenges are the runs and bike ride I have lined up for myself. If I feel like slacking I remember what lies ahead of me and just how much more it's going to hurt if I don't keep things going. I'm very new at this unlike yourself who seems to be doing amazingly well image I hope my strategy pays off image

  • morning all

    just had a wet and blustery ride home from work i have 6 miles to do today if the weather dosn't in prove it will be in the garage on the treadmill with a good DVD playing

  • Toby, i don't have a treadmill so i don't get to watch telly but i'm a book worm so i listen to audiobooks while i run, i'm always disappointed when i stop because i have to wait for the next run to get the next chapter! :O

    Had the stomach flu this week but i've still managed 2 45 minute runs image Lost 2lbs this week so i'm super chuffed, although it doesn't officially count until sunday! 

  • Spam bounce

  • Afternoon all

    Well got the 6 mile done yesterday eventually got up with every intention of doing them but made the mistake of sitting down and which something on the television and a case of CBA was setting in but in the end guilt got the better of me and did them on the treadmill

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭


  • Bloody hell, all this spam makes it very difficult to find this thread! I had to search for it but managed to get here! Well done on your 6 miles on te treadmill Toby.

    Is it wrong to be disappointed that I only ran 12.07 miles this morning? I had wanted to follow up last week's 16 with a similar run today. I had problems with my Camelbak as I somehow managed to get an air lock in it so I couldn't drink from it in the normal way. I had to stop, take it off my back, open the bladder and drink out of it like a dog from a bowl! At least I didn't have to get down on all fours to do so! I didn't have a very good night's sleep last night so maybe that was part of the reason.

    Never mind, onward and upwards.

    Waves to everybody.


  • Wow Gary, if your disappointing run is 12.07 miles you must have very high standards! :O Sunday is supposed to be my running day off but i have to do three days a week of the 10k training program and I've been recovering from stomach flu image so it will be a 45 minute venture into the nasty looking weather later on! Sunday's my weight day so i've officially lost 2.5lbs this week! Super pleased with myself this week image

  • Sorry I haven't been around much - been spending a lot of time in Poole, where mum passed away yesterday morning. I'll try and catch up with the thread asap (now that I've found it among all the spam).

    Forced myself out for a long slow run to clear my head today, and ended up with a reasonable 12 miler (yes, Gary, I'm pleased!) along the coastal path from Llanelli to Loughor and back. Really quiet and peaceful, with only the occasional runner or dog-walker to be seen. So you can imagine my surprise when I rounded a corner to see this character crossing the path. We both stopped and stared at each other for a few seconds, and once I'd taken his/her picture, he/she scarpered. (Look, I'm not Kate Humble, OK?)



  • Hi all should be my Gym session today but may just go out for a 3 mile run instead as you guessed it i have to be in work early again this week it wouldn’t have been a problem as it should be my turn for the car but the lady that my O/H shares with has to leave early so she needs the car which means i on the bike again

    Thank goodness it’s only 1 day with the weather being what it is at the moment signed up for are locale park run just waiting for the bar code to arrive all i have to do now is get the O/H to kick me out of bed on Saturday morning

    Gary 12.07 miles is nothing to be a shamed of i only done one 13 mile run since Brighton back in April

    Lily hope you’re feeling better now and the stomach flu has all gone

    Word sorry to hear your ad news but well done on getting out for a run and love the photo

    Waves to everyone else hope the running is going well

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