Weight loss name and shame (or congratulate!)



  • Hi all,

    oooh - Yersinia and Zara the cakes all sound great!  Like the thought of only having to imagine myself running!  Mind you I think I'd miss it, when i can't run for whatever reason I find myself planning my next run and thinking about how good it will feel!

    Hope everyone has had a good weekend.  Andrew - I'll join you on a new diet tomorrow!

    Stu - I agree with the others, buy the jacket, it's good to have things to aim at and when you get to wear it you'll feel amazing.

    I have been much better today, I have eaten well but healthily and done a 12 mile hilly muddy run, the sort where you come back caked in mud from the knee down and grinning like a loon.  I've really noticed how cold it's suddenly got though, I had to wear gloves this afternoon.

    The only down spot is that my boiler has gone the way of Jess's and is not working - as it's 27 years old it could well be time for a new one - I get the shakes just thinking about how much that will cost.image

  • Evening all, had a good race, 64.20 which is slower than i ran it last year but one of my better times so am very happy. I felt strong too (6lbs or so less to carry around too) and finished strongly overtaking other runners which is always fun.

    AND I managed to stay strong and have eaten sensibly too. Excuse me while i polish my halo image

    Stu hope your sunday was good and you didn't blow it all image

    Decamp that must have been fantastic, i absolutely love it up there and would move if it wasn't so far back to family and friends.

    mmmmmmmmmmm Nigella's cake mmmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum. I have a good book called red velvet and chocolate heartache by Harry Eastwood (cook yourself thin fame) and the cakes are all pretty healthy with vegetables in such as beetroot and carrot and courgette. Highly recommended.

    Welcome aboard Andrew nice to meet you image

    Mel fantastic loss, it's not cheating, i do it too if i can't lose any other way!

    Zara i have 4 black sacks full of 'snug' clothes. I removed them from my wardrobe because they were depressing me. I'm looking forward to fitting into them and chucking away the too big things. I'll check out the site but don't hold your breath that i'll be able to actually get them to appear on my posts!

    Puffin sounds like you had a great run. Sorry to hear about the boiler - they never go wrong in the summer do they image
  • well done Juliaimage

    Nigella mmmmmmmmmimage (not tried her cake though)

    ooh eck Puffin -new boilers are dearimage  close to Christmas aint the best time.

    Been very good today -getting back into fruit a bitimage

    See if jacket is till there, if not I will get summat else too small for me-lol

  • I've been a bit naughty, eating wise but I've kept up to the running (apart from today as I helped my brother out by playing 5-a-side football with him as they were a player short) and my time over my Two mile run was quicker. (16.3 minutes).  Can't wait until my next run though. I think I'm going to extend it to around three miles.
  • Morning all

    just a quick post

    Had a rest day Friday but went over the gym Saturday afternoon with the O/H

    May well have ago at a run this week just to see 

    glad every one is getting on ok  well done Julia T on your time

  • Thanks all
    If I could afford the move to the lakes I would be here in a flash.
    Had a balanced meal last night salad ( the good) and chips (the bad)
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Morning all,
    Puffin - well done re that fast swim on Fri. I checked and Lucozade comp prize included drinks, powder, gels, jelly beans, bottle etc. .. should arrive today. Oops re the too many wines, over-indulging. But impressed with that 12ml muddy run you did. I could have done with some gloves when i set off yesterday - but my hands warmed up after a mile or so. BTW I decided to go for that govt scheme earlier this year and got some money towards my new boiler.

    (((Yersinia))) - sorry to hear you've not been well but glad to hear you're better. Sorry to dissapoint you but imagining exercising does not help! image

    JT - you don't have to like the Beatles! I like all sorts but still enjoy hearing the old Beatles tracks from time to time. Like recently when I started to digitise my lp's for my ipod. Am re-discovering old tracks as I work my way through them. I tried art classes myself a few years ago - at least it proved to me I don't have an artisitic eye. Well done re that 10k run and a great time too.

    Jess - great to hear you have heat and hot water. Are you still in the bath? Piccies? (fnar fnar) image

    Decamp - gentle run vs. up and over Hellvellyn .. nope, does not compute! Impressive stuff!! Chunky chips are the best - less surface area for fat.

    Stu - clothes shrinking has been my problem lately - I blame the tumble dryer myself.

    Andrew - hello and welcome to the thread <psst! playing along with idea you are new here>

    Zara - I also have lots of trousers in my wardrobe I hope will fit one day.

    Brendan - great time re that 2ml run .. good luck with the next one.

    Toby - well done re they gym *waves*

    I managed my first 10k run yesterday - was pleased to manage that distance as I've only been back running 6 weeks. Ankles are a bit stiff again today - will keep on with the stretching until they improve. I pottered around in the garage yesterday afternoon - moved some more stuff upstairs to my study and made a bit more room in the garage as a result.

  • Morning losers, piddling down with rain here so am going to have a session with my Wii personal trainer.

    Stu good luck with the jacket image

    Well done on the time Brendan, that sounds quick to me! And footie must have burned loads of calories...

    Morning Toby have a good week.

    Decamp if i was eating chips i couldn't put salad with them. It'd have to be a big juicy steak. or cod. sausage and eggs with runny yolks? oooooo sorry to swear so early on a monday

    Mel i was pleased to see you're up to 10k again, i was thinking about you yesterday at Billericay, still it'll be on again next year i'm sure and perhaps we'll both be in with a shout for a sub 60? I'll race you....
  • Hi all,

    Julia - well done on the race time, it's such a great feeling to finish overtaking other runners even though you're only really competing against yourself.  Can understand why you fancied the Wii fit option this morning, it was horrible!

    Wtnmel - well done on getting back to 10k.  Thanks for the tip about the scrappage scheme, we have looked into that and should be eligible, we were hoping ot would last until the spring but it's refusing to light now.  Still we'll see if the can be fixed, at least temporarily.  Thankfully I have always washed up by boiling the kettle and we have an electric shower.

    Hope everone else's runs etc go/went well today.  It looks like the weather may be a little more clement this afternoon at least.  7m easy paced for me this evening, the rain may help me decide whether it's on or off road.  I'm trying to as much off road running as possible as I'm doing Hell Down South at the end of the month but sometimes I can't really face all the sliding about and ending up covered in mud - I have a piece of newspaper by the backdoor at the moment so I can step out of my shoes straight away and get my socks into the wash before I walk mud throughout the house!

  • Afternoon all

    Oh the shame got on the scales this morning and was 13st 8lbs was so disappointed

    Well went for my first run in over two weeks this afternoon and only the second one since i ran Leicester on the 10th of October weather was lovely quite a change for this morning on my way home from work when it was blowing a hurricane start outside the gym and did a 3.38 mile route that took be back to where i had started

    Had a nice steady plod well when i say had i nice steady plod that was about all i was able to muster any way i wasn’t in any hurry and the whole idea to day was to see if the shin splint had mended?

    Which i am pleased to say it seems to have it took me 0:34:18 to get round which works out at just over the 10 m/m so not to bad then in to the gym for a swim 

    feeling much better now as i have dropped back to 13st 4lbs so there’s a good chance i will lose some more over this week and hopefully get under the 13st mark

    may be forced to have a rest day tomorrow as i have someone coming to have a look at a conifer  tree in the back garden that needs cutting back it actually belongs to next door  and must be at least 30 foot tall and that’s with the 10 foot they had cut of the top a few years back

    It does look nice but the bottom branches are now half way across the garden so it needs looking at

    Puffin i hope the weather holds for you this evening and that your run goes well

    Julia T did the wii personal trainer go well i don’t blame you for not wanting to go out the weather was terrible this morning and the wind was very strong most of the trees that had turn are now bare  

    Mel glad the running is progressing nicely  

  • Toby - well done for getting out running again, especially in that horrible weather this morning.  It's worth taking a rest day tomorrow if you haven't run for a while as you'll need extra rest until you get used to it again.

    The weather did hold for my run, it's turned out clear and cold.  Only slight problem was my headtorch batteries decided that tonight they would go from working okay to barely functioning, so I could harly see where I was going.  And as I couldn't really see where I was going I kept landing in great big puddles!  Very wet feet by the time I got back.  Then to make matters worse I dropped down off a hill into a village and encountered fog patches, meaning I really couldn't see a thing with the pathetic beam from the torch!  Everytime a car passed I climbed the bank off the road cos I was worried they wouldn't see me despite wearing a high vis reflective gillet.  Oh well, new batteries now in torch and it's working much better!!

  • may be worth carrying some spair batties with you
  • Hi to everyone, just back from slightly short of a 10k run this morning, weather still bearable this time in the morning, but you can feel the cold is on its way.  Just need to keep training as the thought of the miserable weather feels me with dread, as it does get difficult this time of year to keep training and motivated as the weather gets worse, however, just need to keep training as already booked some races next year and will only have myself to blame if I don't achieve what I set out to.

    Next run I have planned is the Hell runner down south at the end of Nov, never done it before, but by looking at the videos, should lose a few pounds in weight.

    Well done to Julia T for the race time and everyone else for keeping going.

    Anyone else from the South East  (Kent) area and have any races booked going forward?

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Morning losers,

    My Lucozade prize arrived yesterday - drinks, cereal bars, gels, powders, jelly beans - loads of stuff. Looking at it all I couldn't help thinking if I did as suggested (energy bar before, drink & gel on the run, recovery bar/drink afterwards) I'd end up over-dosing on glucoze! image I shall be using some of it when I'm doing my LSR's on Sunday's and I expect it will last me several months.

    JT - I think the Billericay 10k is a distinct possibility next year as it's an ideal way for us to meet and I'll be able to combine it with a visit to Mrs Wm's sister. Make sure you let me know the date - and yes, I'm hoping to have speeded up a bit by then!

    Puffin - my boiler was getting old and unreliable and spare parts were starting to get scarce. So having a handout from the govt meant replacing it was a no brainer. The new boiler does seem to be as efficient as they promised if the latest gas bill is anything to go by. Well done for getting out for your run but not good news that your torch gave up on you. Guess I'm lucky that all the roads near me are well lit. Removing muddy shoes by the door? - yep, been there and done that. Been out in such wet weather as well sometimes I've had to remove all my gear by the door to stop me dripping everywhere.

    Toby - sorry to hear you were dissapointed when you weighed yourself (if I was only 13st 8lb I'd be leaping around like an excited Tigger!). Glad you managed to get out for a run without any problems with your shin. I had a tree cut down last year - my eucalyptus was 40ft high and spreading over the back garden. It's 2 ins high now and I couldn't believe how much brighter the garden was as a result.

    AHA - well done for getting out this morning. Just keep adding extra layers as it gets colder! Or think of the hot shower when you've finished. I'm south-west (Wilts/Glos) myself and the only race I have booked is the Bath HM in March.

  • Would some-one please give me a kick up the backside as it's foul out there but i really need to go for a run. I did the wii fit yesterday but need variety!

    Aha and Puffin are you both doing the same race then? Sounds a bit grim if you ask me! Anything with 'hell' 'iron' or 'muddy' in the title has to be tough! Although my next race is the Benfleet 15 in January and i lost my trainers 3 times last year image

    Toby well done on the run, fingers crossed the shin holds up. Have fun with the conifer today!

    We had to bite the bullet and get a new boiler a couple of years ago, but it was lovely to lose the cold water tank in the loft and also gain more cupboard space with a smaller one.

    Right MUST go.....wish me luck.....

    Oh and the 5lb that went on has now come off, just got to keep working at it to keep going
  • Lost 2.5lb this week and I'm on the last week of the beginner prog so yesterday I ran for 30 minutes. My aim before Christmas is to get back to running 6mile/10K. So far so good.

    I don't mind the winter. I find it invigorating, once I've warmed up, to be out in the icy cold air glowing bright red. And it's wonderful to run in the daytime when the sky is blue and the trees are frosty white. Plus If it's on the weekend and I haven't got to get back to the office there's the pleasure of a hot bath and an Irished coffee.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Julia - in case you are still here, bend over as this ones for you .. *KICK*

    (and well done re the weight loss btw!)

    JBiT - well done re the 2.5lb off and for the 30min run. I'm with you re the hot bath/shower after a run when its frosty and cold outside (I draw the line at icy though). makes me feel very virtous when I go out when its cold as it would be easy to stay indoors in the warm. And if I ever get Mrs Wm's garage sorted and my sauna moved I have that to look forward to as an alternative.

  • I can cope with cool weather and a house that would be cold by most people's standards, but this sudden cold really disagrees with my skin, and gives both myself and my partner migraines, especially if we try and run or cycle into it. I want to swim today, and will need industrial quantities of moisturiser to have a hope of coping.

    So I'd like to cancel winter please.

  • hi Julia one kick duly sent

    i am lucky i have a treadmill in the garage so when it got to wet or if there was snow on the ground i used that but it even got too cold to go in there so being the wimp that i am moved the treadmill into the front room

    I liked go in out when the air is cold and crisp  the only thing was trying not to fall over when the paths were covered in ice or a layer of frost

    have a look at this link it may find it helpful

    http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/kit/how-to-choose-winter-kit/493.html<a target="_blank"></a>

  • well back from the lakes the LCD on the scales has given me a weight of 9?.4kg

  • Buy some new scales, Decamp!

    I WILL go swimming tomorrow. My skin is calmer this evening than it was this morning, and the weather forecast is better for tomorrow too.

    I don't have a car, so I have to cycle to the pool, and it was raining at the times I'd have to leave to get to the pool for my favourite (i.e. very quiet and laned off) sessions.

  • Hi all,

    Just a quickie today as I don't have much time.  Well done to all  who have lost weight this week, keep it going.

    Julia - hoped the kicks worked!!

    AHA - we are both doing Hell Down South, I'm on the Saturday - how about you?  It's a bit out of my normal area as I'm in Oxfordshire but really fancied it and the outlaws live nearby so we're combining it with a weekend with them.  Also means I can put the horrendous dirty kit in their machine!!

    Boiler man is coming Thursday afternoon,OH has been checking out the boiler we have on the web and the problem may be fixable temporarily but in the long term we will need a new one.  Would jsut help to get it through to after Xmas.  I am used to a cold house anyway as when it was working it made so much noise and was so inefficient we hardly ever had it on anyway.  I'm pretty much zipped into a fleece until spring now!!

  • Hi puffin1, I'm doing the Sunday run, its one of those races that you watch on youtube and just fancy having a go at, might think different by the time I'm finished
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Morning losers,

    Yersinia - sorry to hear the cold weather is making your skin play up again. Let's hope this Winter is a mild one for you and OH's sake. But glad to hear you skin was a bit calmer yesterday evening - hope you managed your swim session.

    Toby - I'm hoping I can get my treadmill moved to Mrs Wm's garage before the Winter really sets in - for the same reason as you (a safe alternative when its too foggy/icy outside). Mind you, it's a biggy .. once it's in the garage it won't be moving anywhere else (needs minimum of 2 strong blokes to move it).

    Puffin - had a chuckle at your cunning plan to clean your kit using the outlaws laundry facilities! image Hope for your sake your boiler is easily fixed (something simple like thermocouple). Good luck for Saturday.

    AHA - good luck for Sunday.

    I was impressed with my self-control yesterday. I got in from work and made a cup of tea and noticed a packet of dark chocolate hobknobs on the worktop which Mrs Wm had obviously been attacking - but I managed to ignore them! I didn't even 'treat' myself to one after I got back from my 5ml run.

  • Impressive restraint there!

    Gosh, my skin doesn't like this. Been taking a linseed / omega oil supplement, and slapping on the old axle grease, but it still feels tight. I'm going to try swimming today though - at least it isn't raining. 

    Weigh-in day today. Only 100g off since last week. Boo. I blame Nigella.

  • Ha ha i was too quick and you all missed me. Did the 5 miles in the pouring rain feeling like a proper hardcore athlete image

    Well done on the loss JBit, i love running in the winter when it's crisp and cold or even a light drizzle, it's driving rain and gales i don't like when it all goes in my eyes.

    I remember posts last year where people were screwing screws into their trainers to stop them slipping!

    Decamp you really need new scales!

    yum yum choc hobnobs.

    Waves to everyone else image
  • She has a lot to answer for does Nigella
  • and Delia
  • Hello all

    I think Nigella is worse (or better, if you are one of the lucky people able to eat lots of cake and not gain a poundimage) - I have to admit, though, her cakes are easier to make and come out looking like you have spent hours slaving over it, plus they taste delicious.

    Julia - maybe an indoor circuit class will help get us through the winter months? I am very much an outdoor person in the daytime, but don't particularly enjoy running in the dark + mud combination  - just tried my first indoor kickboxing/circuit training class yesterday evening and it was great fun.

    wtnmel - pats on back for heroic restraint.


  • Can I get involved?? Trialled new PROpoints plan for weightwatchers last week, weighed in on Saturday and dropped 4.5lbs taking my total loss to 52lbs!! *buzzing*
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