Weight loss name and shame (or congratulate!)



  • Hi Yersinia

    Firstly - congratulations on your weight loss already - great news.

    Secondly - I really like the idea of having targets to work towards.  i've kind of just pootled along seeing how I get on, but I think doing what you have will give me a better focus.

    Nice to meet you (virtually) too image

    Waves to everyone else  image

    J xxx

  • Hello to new peeps.

     Gym at lunchtime for me today .  Pie & Peas at a comedy night tomorrow - always a challenge not to pig out when there is plenty of food around.

  • aaarghh...the 8 min run was a bit too much for my kneeimage it just gave away suddenly under me today and now am sitting here with ice on it. I was really looking forward to running my first 2K tomorrow. Lesson learnt the hard way!
  • Hi everyone

    Zara - sorry about that knee, hope it gets better soon.

    Andrew - well done going to the gym at lunch time.  I don't quite have that motivation (or a gym near my work).

    Yersinia - sounds like you are off to a good start and well impressed with your goals.

    JBiT - I know what you mean.  I've battled with my weight since I was about 8, so almost 30 years.  I can say hand on heart that I am now the fittest I've ever been, even though I'm not the slimmest, which is a bit achievement for me.

    Waves to everyone else.

    Having to weigh in early on Friday morning as I'm away this weekend.  Hoping that the scales are going to be kind to me.  If not I may just bin them lol.

    C xx

  • Hi to all,

    Well weighed myself this morning a not a sausage lost, which is a tad disapointing although deep down I know I haven't been a good as I should have been.   Still I will try to be better next week.  I went for a swim tonight and managed to chop 90 secs off my 2.5km time so am feeling good from that whichI hope will help with the motivation.

    Hi to all the new peeps on the thread.  Good luck to everyone with their goals.

    JBiT - sometimes you can be surprised that the people who you think can eat anything and stay slim are actually those who are very controlled or actually eat little.  I work with a woman who everyone considers to be lucky and natually slim but actually it's all down to exercising regularly and to a fairly high intensity and portion control.  That said there are some jammy b*****ds that just seem to make it look effortless.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Hi to everyone, especially new peeps who've joined since my last posting ..

    Isn't it interesting! Since joining this thread and knowing I'll have to 'fess up at the end of each week I've been much more aware of what I'm eating and the possible effects image I'm a weekly weigher as I know that weight can fluctuate dramatically from day to day. I can lose several pounds by going for a run or having a sauna and put as much on by drinking lots of water. So I'll try and stick to a 'same time every week' weigh in as I figure that will be more accurate.

    Corrah - the mental size vs. actual size difference is something we all seem to have (like you, I think I'm slimmer than I am). I'm not body conscious like some .. would just prefer to not feel as tired with carrying this excess weight.

    Jess - do you have to turn the sound up to hear your telly over the noise of the celery? image

    Zara - red face & hair plastered on scalp may not be a 'good' look but at least we're getting off our bums and out of the door! Oh .. just read on and seen you've hurt your knee  .. sorry to hear that image

    Puffin - glad to hear your mojo is back from it's hols. Sorry to hear you weren't a 'loser' this week.

    Toby - well done re the gym session. I've always figured my running times will improve when I can shift some weight. I sometimes visualize myself with 7 or 14 bags of sugar round my middle (1 or 2 stone) and think how much easier it would be without them.

    BTW I read somewhere of buying a bag of sugar (or similar) that weighs what you have lost that week and leaving it on the kitchen worktop or table .. to show yourself what you've achieved.

    JBiT - one thing I don't have a problem with is Mc Anything .. have only eaten in there a handful of times (and that was when nowhere else was open).

    Yersinia - I'm 'old skool' and brought up on lbs and stones so have problems visualizing stuff in metric. But I know its easier to work stuff out that way. Now I've got those digital scales I'll try using Kg instead. So that means I'm currently 212lb (96.1Kg) and want to aim for 192lb to begin with (call it 87.1 to make life easier) .. so 9Kg to lose.

    Andrew - well done for getting to the gym at lunchtime. I'm hoping that I can get my partner's garage sorted out soon - to make room for the weights bench her son left behind. And my treadmill & sauna which are currently still at my house and gathering dust. 

  • How is everyone doing today? I've been for a run this morning, and I'm busily trying to figure out how many calories are in gnocci for my dinner later!

    How's your knee, Zara?

    That's a good idea about imagining bags of sugar - I bet I'm a brilliant runner when I'm slim LOL!

    I got on the scales this morning when I *knew* I shouldnt have - it's the wrong time of the month to be jumping on the scales. Going ti ignore that until my weigh day (Mondays)... gah.

  • Weighed myself Tuesday night and had stayed the same after being really good for 2 days.  Got the major hump and didn't bother going out tuesday night, partly because I had the major arse and partly because it tipped down just I was lacing up my shoes.

    Had a day off work yesterday and didn't eat particularly well in the afternoon.  Went out for dinner last night to a pub in Chislehurst, had cod and chips image, then when I got home had half a bag of giant choclate buttons.  I blame the wife, she wanted a snickers bar and made me get out of the car to get it so therefore I HAD to get some chocolate for me aswell so I wouldn't feel left out.  Did run 7.5 miles in the afternoon and am back to being good today.

    I'll jump on again tonight and see what occurs, I've got on-one else to blame (maybe the wife??) but myself if I've put on.

     We'll see!!! image

  • Thanks for the friendly reception, and well done to all you fellow losers!

    Goals are very useful for measuring progress and staying motivated, I think, as long as you don't make yourself a slave to them.

    As for metric / imperial - well, although metric is my preferred system, I actually have conversion sheets, so that I have a mini-celebration when I pass significant numbers on the BMI scale and the imperial scale too. Triple the flavour, triple the fun.

  • Afternoon folks, 6 miles done this morning and - dare i whisper it - <<<<i think i may have lost another pound but don't want to declare it until the week is up.....>>>>>>

    I shall now read back and see what you've all been up to.

    Ha ha Lobes, if I used the 'muscle weighs more than fat' excuse i would be female world muscle builder of the year champion! I' m afraid i've done that one to death image

    Sal i thought image to beetroot juice intially, i only bought it because it's good for you but it's actually quite nice image. And it turns your wee pink too image

    Danowat i do totally agree with you, i also use clothes/tape measure/body fat as a clue but weight is the more instant guage of how you're doing and i cannot resist the scales i'm afraid.... But i don't care what i end up weighing, i just want to look at my naked body in the mirror and be happy with it. SORRY too much information!!! image Fantastic on your awesome achievement by the way, you should be really proud of yourself.

    Mel you make me chuckle, Mrs Mel has trouble keeping her hands off indeed image and i'm not suprised to see you, it's great to share the support with everyone.

    Oh Jamie i guess it was the 8 pints that did it! Mind you, 1 pint of water weighs over a pound so if you didn't wee it all out you'd have been carrying over half a stone around in beer....??

    Gareth what an amazing achievement, you should be so proud. image

    Andrew how was the Birthday cake?

    Corrah hope you enjoy the Golden Wedding do, I keep offering to drive too - Mr T can't believe his luck image

    Welcome Len, you sound like me yo-yoing up and doing! It's only since discovering running that i've managed to keep it down image It definitely helps to know that others have the same problems, all hints and tips gratefully shared!

    Puffin hope you have the lovely sunny crisp cold day that we have today. Nice change from the rain.

    Jess hello, you are good chewing celery, i can just about stomach it cooked but raw? image

    Think i will post this now in case i lose it...

  • Zara fantastic to hear you ran for 8 mins, when you start it feels an impossible aim doesn't it? Personally i am still trying to get under 30 mins for 5k, but then i am a plodder, i can go for miles and miles just not fast! I wouldn't worry about times for now, when you can run for 30 mins non-stop see how far you've gone. You can then work on speed, a good site for distance is www.mapmyrun.com if you haven't heard of it. Oh no just read your next post, wishing your knee better very soon image

    Toby that was a lovely post. You are so right about the health issues, My Dad and my Mum died 5 and 3 years ago and i think that was my wake-up call. They both lead pretty healthy active lives (although my Dad did like a drop of Port and Stilton image) but it made me look at my own life and realise i wanted to be here for as long as possible.

    Len sounds like you got the balance right at Nandos. I used to be the same and use outings as an excuse to pig then think 'sod it' i may as well just carry on stuffing for the month as i've blown it now!

    Puffin yes, the motivation of setting PB's is what's keeping me at it. Stupid really, i'm prepared to run intervals and hills and push myself until i'm a heap on the ground, you'd think dieting would be the simple option! Just read your next post, sorry uou didn't lose anything. Writing it all down is the only way for me, too easy to forgets things otherwise!

    Jess i suppose you  are one of those people who orders choc cake then only eats half because you've already had something earlier?? image Good plan tho. I managed to leave a slice of bread and some chicken soup at lunchtime today as i'd had 3 weetabix just half and hour earlier image (late breakfast due to the run and computer problems)

    Welcome Christian. glad to come across another alcoholic with a sweet tooth imageimage Thorntons toffee is my downfall.................and wine......

    Waves to Sal, hope you had fun with the baby image

    Very profound JBiT, the food industry definitely are out to get us. They should not be allowed to produce such rubbishy junkfood, if they didn't make it we couldn't eat it. Although i'd still make cakes i guess....

    Welocme Yersinia well done on your loss since the 6th, lots of encouragement and support to be had here.

    Mel it has helped me too, knowing i'm confessing, also at the gym where i work we have a christmas party dress challenge on the wall and that is also helping. after all it would not look good to the members if i put it on would it!!

  • Well i reckon my fingers must be slimmer after all that typing! I'll try and keep up now.
  • Julia - LOL!!  No time to read all the posts now so will post again later.  Good so far today, energetic swim at lunchtime and am heading out for a run after work. 
  • Did have some birthday cake image  such things taste nicer when you are dieting.  Other than that not doing too bad so far.  Going out tonight with a couple of wifes friends  who did amsterdam marathon on  sunday and have challenged me to a marathon next yr - don't want to be beaten by girls image.  Gym tomorrow.

  • Good evening all

    Julia and Len - my knee is definitely on the mendimage(helped by lots of ice and ibubrufen) - my mistake was getting excited about doing the 8 mins and then doing another 2 x 5 min runs. Plus the fact that it started raining on the way back, so I did not spend enough time on doing strechesimage

    am going to take it easy till the weekend, then go for a slow run on Sunday if the weather is good. Going to join a beginners running class in Nov, so hopefully that will help with breathing and running skills - can't wait for the day (a) when the scales show I weight less than 15 st.,and (b) when I can run continously for 20 mins. I know, I know - the things that make us happyimage

    Weigh in day is tomorrow before I go out for dinner, will be happy with any loss!

    Has anyone managed to achieve a steady 2 lb a week weight loss over a sustained period? It seems to me this is what most doctors/nutritionists/personal trainers  recommend - but in my experience, I will lose nothing for a couple of weeks, then suddenly lose 3-4 lb.

  • Julia - I am really really impressed with your ability to remember names - I can barely remember names on the same page, let alone on the previous posts!
  • I think that for a woman, in particular, it's pretty normal to have peaks and troughs of weight loss.

    Changes in water retention over the month can mask fat losses, so I think you have to take the 1-2lb per week guideline as an average figure. If you're dieting and exercising fairly consistently, then hopefully it'll even out overall.

    To have lost 4lb in a week through fat loss, you'd have needed a deficit of about 2000 calories per day, which is very unlikely, especially if you were eating and doing very similar things to those you did on the weeks where you apparently lost nothing.

    I guess we have to keep on slogging away and keeping our long-term goals in view.

  • ha ha Julie T image

    If only I could leave half a chocolate cake - no chance! Unfortunately, I was always told to clear my plate which consequently means I have no portion control (I blame my mum - who is blessed with being naturally petite - my little Irish Barbara Windsor).  I don't stop eating when I'm full - I stop when the plate is empty.  I've resorted to buying a smaller plate, but my husband just piles things higher (he cooks - I can't cook at all, hence a diet of beans and pot noodle).

    I'm, unfortunately, not someone who can have a little bit of what they fancy either - I want it all (whole pack of jaffa cakes, not just one) so I'm best not having any.  Makes me grumpy though. image

    God I sound like a right bundle of laughs!!!  I've lost two pounds this week so far - but it's heading to the weekend, and that's where I faulter.

    Zara - well done on the runs, and I'm like you too - can lose 3 - 4lb one week, then nothing or go up a 1Ib then lose that 1lb for a few weeks.  Been stuck at my current weight now for ages.  Although I've lost 2lb this week, I think 1lb will be back on by the weekend at least (even though I'll think I've been good).

    Hello to everyone, and big wave to Julie T (my oracle) and Toby 3 xxx

  • I again all.

    Jess, I'm so there with you on portion control, if it's on the plate it's eaten so the only way is for it not to be in the plate.  Usually I'm strict about weighing my food, especially carbs so that I dont overindulge.

    Andrew - cake always tastes good!!

    Was defeated tonight by jacket potatoes!  I put some in the oven when I got home from work so they would be ready for after my run to go with lamb chops and veg.  On taking them out of the oven to remove the foil so the skins would crisp up I dropped one on the floor, so had to quickly do another in the microwave and pop it in to crisp.  Then while I was in the shower my OH heard a funny noise that turned out to be another potato exploding in the oven - creating a big potatoey mess!!!  My fault for not pricking it.  In the end managed to rustle up 1 1/2 v small potatoes each with non-crispy skins. image

  • Oh Puffin - that really made me laugh. Sorry. I'm terrible in the kitchen - forever burning things are cooking a pie on the outside but it's still frozen in the middle.

    Hope you enjoyed your 1.5 potatoes. Not had jacket spuds for ages - think that'll be my tea tomorrow. Let's hope I don't have a 'Frank Spencer' moment like you did tonight image x
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Morning everyone,

    Len - visualising bags of sugar strapped to my waist definitely works for me!

    Jamie - go on ... go out running in the rain. I like it as it helps keep me cool and its neither here nor there with me as I end up soaked by the end anyway, rain or no rain. Lets hope that run helped vs. those chocolate buttons.

    Yersinia - my mini-celebration for reaching a target would have to be a little treat of some sort.

    JT - re "muscle weighs more than fat" - as someone said on the telly recently about people being "big boned" .. have you ever seen a fat skeleton? image  Never tried beetroot juice myself but had a image re the 'pink wee' effect! I think you just need to accept what your naked body looks like in the mirror and be happy with it as it is. I don't have a problem with mine - but would prefer to be slimmer than I am. BTW - after all that typing you should have done one more ... Connect 4! image

    Puffin - well done with the swim - hope you got out for a run last night. Had a image re the jacket potatoes story.

    Andrew - nothing like a challenge from the laydees to get us men motivated! image

    Zara - glad to hear the knee is better. Hope you find you've lost this week and get out for a run on Sun. I've not managed any sustained weight loss - with me its lose a couple, stay the same, put a bit on etc. Don't know how Julia does hers - I have a notepad file I create my masterpieces in which I copy & paste when I'm ready to post.

    Jess - I've put on weight since I moved in with Mrs Wm .. she does cook lovely grub. Had a image re the smaller plate so pile it higher comment! image

    Mrs Wm and I went shopping yesterday afternoon. On the 'reduced' shelf they had an Indian meal for 2 (chicken tikka, chicken korma, pilau rice, 5 onion bhajis, 2 nan breads) for £4.39 which was such a bargain we couldn't resist. It won't have helped my diet but boy did it taste good. I had been for a 3ml run before the meal so that might have helped a tiny, eensy-weensy bit! image

  • Morning all image

    I don't think my calorie intake was all that good yesterday - had too much for dinner. But I did run in the mornig so I'm hoping that will even it all out a bit. i feel utterly vile today, headache and sinus pain - I'm trying very hard not to be poorly, and not to eat everything in sight!!

    Jess - I am completely the same with portion control and eating everything on my plate. Which is why I force myhubby to weigh stuff like pasta and rice before he cooks it. I have no inner portion control at all. If it's there, I'll eat it. And there's no such thing as biscuits in the cupboard here either. If they're open, they're gone. I also have none at all. I'll try and learn that skill slowly, in the future!! Maybe a timer on a padlocked box?! image

    LOL at the spuds, Puffin! Reminds me of the time I wanted to cook a curry and  had no onions. I was really poorly but dragged myself to the shop for an onion. Got back, and the dog had eaten the chicken!! I'd stupidly left it out while I fetched the onion! The dog has also been responsible for licking half the topping off a pizza which I'd just taken out of the oven. Grrrr. Flippin' useless hound!!!

    Any plans for the weekend? I have a longer run tomorrow (4.5 miles I hope, as long as I'm not ill!), a kids party to go to, the Korean Grand Prix to watch, and maybe a trip to York! Hooray!   x

  • Morning all, HURRAH, got on the scales this morning and am now 12 - 7 so have lost 4lbs. yippee!
    Aha Zara, i have 2 tabs open at once and read one whilst typing on the other image Glad the knee is on the mend. and my body is very random, i rarely lose a regular amount of weight every week. Hope the scales are good to you today
    Puffin i did laugh about the potato saga. I've been avoiding them as unless they are smothered in butter and cheese they are not the same.....
    Andrew yes, that is an advantage of eating less, what you do have tastes much better. You can do a marathon no sweat.....(well, probably a lot of sweat but you know what i mean!)
    Very true Yersinia, 1lb of fat is 3500 cals i believe?
    Jess i am the same, no control, so i don't buy it now. If my Daughter and Husband want nice stuff they'll have to go and get it themselves! Apart from when i lose control and make cakes of course ;-(
    Mel they often suggest a new lipstick or nail varnish as a treat for losing weight. Pink any good for you? Glad you are still getting the running done and your foot is holding up. In Sainsburys they have put very bold nutritional charts on the food and the last time i looked round the ready meal indian section i have such a shock i dropped the box like a hot potato and ran!

  • Crossed with you Len, i am so pleased to know that there are so many people who have the same addiction to food!

    Just going to try out some smilies, i've lost my bar as i swapped to google chrome!
    image image image image image image image image :'(
  • Smilies are working Julia image

    I don't thnk any ready meals are good for you. I've been veggie for a few years now, and I was browsing the veggie ready meals in Tesco last week (husband has had a vomiting bug, so I've had to forage for myself!!) and some of them were shocking - HUGE amounts of fat in them - and they're the veggie ones image. I had one of those Innocent veg pots in the end - loads better.


  • I agree about ready meals. I still cook from all the healthier WW books my sister has discarded and the difference in amount and quality (as well as satisfaction and feeling full) by using fresh veg is amazing. Even when you compare the same points value of WW ready meals.

    I'm doing OK this week, running is up to to 3 x 8 min, possibly 2 x 12min on Sunday (it says 3 x 12min on the RW prog but I think it's a typo). Eating really well, I made my own chicken stew from a home made stock and the meat off the stripped carcase. I couldn't believe the meals I got out of a small bird, 2 roast dinners and about 4 portions of stew.

    I have had a few beers but try to limit it to one or two pints and maybe a whisky nightcap. It's all part of a calorie controlled diet. The grapefruit and cinnamon seems to have been helpful but probably just a placebo effect.

    Totally agree about little victories. I work in stones and pounds and getting to a new 'stone' is great but looking forward to under 90kg soon. I also like to look at BMI and % lost from where I started from. 

    Going to try and have a good weekend.

  • Julia - well done on losing 4lbsimageimageimage...that's roughly two bags of sugar?image

    WW meals are the only ones which i have genuinely found to contain both low fat and low salt....some of the other branded "good for you" meals are horrendously deceptive.I quiet like the Sainsbury traffic light system as opposed to Tesco's food labelling.

    Len - hope you get better soon and are able to run tomorrow - tomato soup with lots of pepper and chilli thrown in always works well with me!

    Enjoy the weekend everyone - and the runs you have planned.

  • Hi all,

    Glad to have amused with the spuds, OH was laughing at me loads, and I still have to clean out the bottom of the oven properly this evening.  I am usually a good cook and have managed to grow out of the clumsiness I had as a child (Frank Spencer was my nickname when I was younger) - but sometimes these things just come back to bite you!!

    Julia - well done on the weight loss - 4lbs is great image.  The studs were with low fat marge and chilli sauce - I've not tried with the chilli sauce before but it really makes up for not having the cheese.

    Agree with all above about ready meals, some of them are very high in fat and cals but always look so small once they're out of the box - I much prefer home prepared food where possible but sometimes it's jsut nice to bung something in the oven.  

    WM - I'm also a sucker for the reduced shelf, my freezer is full of meat and fish etc bought on the sell by date, but I don't buy anything that's too high in cals, if it's there, I'll eat it!   I generally also have to not have bread in the house at all as I love toast so much.   

    I have a 6 miler planned for this evening including some hill reps then rest day Saturday.  Hope everyone enjoys their running or whatever else over the weekend. 

  • This weekend could be a diet disahster dahlings. Got a meal out for Mr Y's birthday tonight, then a family do for him and my BiL, and then I may meet up with an old flame for his b-day and another meal out.

    I may have to eat virtually nothing between the celebratory meals, to limit damage.

  • Yersinia - I always think it's important to give yourself times when you're not as strict as normal otherwise dieting becomes a chore.  I'm going to Paris next weekend and while I will watch what I eat and drink I won't be as strict as normal.  Enoy the weekend!!  Why only  to may to meeting with the old flame?

    The weather outside is looking great for some evening running today, light wind and a little bit of cloud so it doesn't get too cold. 

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