Weight loss name and shame (or congratulate!)



  • The may is because I haven't arranged a time yet, and it can be tricky trying to arrange things around my family.

    I aim to strike a happy medium, but weekends with my sisters can be challenging, partly because I end up eating at different times to I'm used to (and needing alcohol). And because I'm only two and a bit weeks into the diet, I don't feel like I've really earned a holiday from it yet!

  • i've just started my diet and exercise programme today and weighed in at a embarrissing 16st 9lbs need to get down to 14 st really so alot of work to do will let you know how im getting on!

  • Back to work this week so food consumption went down the fruit got a hammering every time i wanted to pick good news is got on the scales today and am down to 13st so going in the right direction

     No running for me the last 3 days will try and get over the gym tomorrow 

    Hope everyone is keeping well

  • Well done Toby image
    I have been eating a lot of grapefruits and apples. And glugging loads of water.
    Hi to everyone else, i always feel i should reply to everyone individually but it gets time consuming so can i wave instead?
    Hope you all have a good weekend, anyone racing this weekend?
  • Hi all,

     First post, i took up jogging up 3 weeks ago... mostly in the gym for 30 minutes on my work break and taking on the road at the weekends image

     In 3 weeks i've managed to go from running 3.14km in 30 minutes to 4.04km in 30 minutes... and on the road i've been running 4.5km in around 35minutes

     And to this point i've lost 10lb image

  • Hi Kirk

    Welcome to the thread - nice to meet you (virtually)image 

    Well done on your times and weight loss - that's great.  Keep it up and keep us informed.  Made up for you

    Have a lovely weekend

    JESS ximage 

  • One 1lb and 0.5 inch lostimage must try harder next week!

    Puffin 1 hope you enjoyed your run. 

    am off to enjoy a stir-fry with friends.

  • Kirk welcome to the thread well done on the 10lbsimage

    Yersinia/Gary try not to think of it as a diet and more that you’re just cutting back on your fuel intake image

    Zara a 1lbs a 1lb it’s still a loss and it’s one more pound you don't have to lose and with 0.5”loss well doneimage
  • Nah, it's a diet and I'm okay with that. Except that I've just arrived at my mum's and I'm a bit tiddly, and she's bought tiger bread and I can just imagine the taste and texture of it with lashings of butter.

    I've... got to be strong... and try to hold on...

  • Well went up the gym today but just opted for a swim as my back was giving me jip when i got up and not showing any sign of freeing up and my knee was also playing up


    yersinia  you get on with my son if anybody get between him and a loaf of  tiger bread watch out you could lose a hand

  • Fantastic Kirk, well done!
    Zara that's great, 1lb loss a week is really good - you're more likely to keep it off if it's slow, well done image
    Yersinia DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!YOU'LL ONLY REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Waves to Toby and Jess
    I am cooking for the in-laws so need to find some will power (or rather, WON'T power) to not drink too much nor eat the apple puff and custard............
  • Hi all, 

    The run yesterday failed due to traffic and a lack of motivation!!  Got stuck in a really bad traffic jam so got home late and tired so didn't fancy going out for a run and got stuck into the red wine instead - doh!!!  Had a little bit of a hangover this morning that has passed and am trying to work up the enthusiasm to go for a run today to amke up for the missed session yesterday.  Only problem is that I have been eating Haagen Dasz this afternoon and ice cream and running down work for me!!    So, thus far the weekend has been a total failure diet wise, but tonorrow is another day - and I will be stronger!!

    Toby - good for you for still doing something even if it wasn't the session you had planned.

    Yersinia - did you win against the tiger bread??

    Kirk - welcome and well done with your progress so far.

  • Yersinia - one of my friends who is good with food says she uses the 80:20 rule - as long as she eats healthy food 80% of the time, she does not beat herself up about the other 20%. I guess this only works if you can stop at the 20%, but I thought you mention it since it might work for you.
  • Zara - I'll be happy with 1lb and 1/2 inch after weigh tomorrow.

     What's tiger bread?

     80/20 rule is s good one - 100% diet would be miserable and difficult to keep up.

     Kirk - great effort

  • Hello all ... Can I join in?

     Currently at 12st7.5lbs (I know this because I joined Slimming World this week-again). I can diet and am fantastic at it, unfortunately I'm even better at putting it back on. This is the heaviest I've been despite taking up running when I gave up smoking in January and currently running 5-6m three times a week. I've lost inches but the bloody scales are so stubborn! 

    Weigh in is Wednesday and so far I've been ever so good this week... although there is a swiss roll bellowing at me from the kitchen.  I'm surprised you can't all hear it ;0)

  • I did beat the tiger (bread), because I wasn't really hungry, having had a nice restaurant meal, just really tempted by the lushness of it, especially under the influence. It helped to get the temptation out of my system by venting here!

    I do agree that you have to allow yourself off the leash occasionally, but just two weeks into the diet, I think that I would still be in the first flush of motivation, and not needing a break from it yet. But the social aspect of eating / celebrating with kith and kin overrides dietary requirements at weekends like this one.

    @Andrew - Tiger bread is fresh, soft, white bread with a crunchy, savoury, sesame-oil infused crust. Just irresistably mouthwatering.

  • Welcome Gazagirl, I have been wondering what that noise was, i've been through all my cupboards and the only remotely nice thing i could find were Clif Shotblox. so it was your swiss roll eh image

    Well done at avoiding the bread Yersinia, i did have a small bit of apple puff and a glass of wine but hey! It was saturday night.

    Hope the scale say nice things tomorrow Andrew image

    Zara 80/20 is what i've heard too, but i have trouble stopping image

    Puffin sorry things did not go as planned but you are still here and have the right attitude, yes today is another day. Tooo many times in the past i would let one bad day ruin the whole month.

    I'm off to Hyde Hall today (RHS garden) with my Daughter for their 'Taste of Autumn' celebration. May have a piece of cake with our pot of tea BUT it will be lunch.

    Off for a 6 miler now, enjoy your sunday everyone
  • Yersinia well done for avoiding the tiger bread

     Julia T have a nice time at Hyde Hall today make shore it a small piece of cake  image hope the run goes well

    Gazagirl welcome

  • Tiger Bread? Swiss Roll? Cake? Have I accidently stumbled on a culinary forum thread!!!

    Only kidding, better the devil you know- 'So Mister Flaming Hot Pizza we meet again, and you've bought Speckled Hen as well'.

    Not a good weekend for me so far. It started to unravel on Friday with a very poor run, I just couldn't breath and had to walk a few times. I cooked a healthy fish pie but without really going off the rails I have put a couple of pounds back on. Hopefully today's run will see a return to form.

    Zara, hope the knee is OK now. My big worry is to have to stop running again. I don't seem able to keep it together without running to focus me. 

  • I managed to keep the rendez-vous with the old flame to a liquid lunch, so not doing too badly on the potentially dangerous weekend.

    But I am taking nephews out on two days this half-term, so more eating out on the way, but probably balanced by frantic activity. Might try to swimble too.

  • Hi to everyone, hope you're all enjoying your weekends. 

    Thanksfully today has been much better for me, I did a good 11 mile run this afternoon incorporating some steep muddy hills in preparation for my next race and have resisted the lure of any naughty foods - it does help that OH finished off the ice cream while I was out this morning.

    Yersinia - double well done on avoiding the tiger and keeping on track at social events.

    JBiT - some runs do just go like that don't they?  And mostly for no apparent reason.  Hope that you've managed to get out there today.

    I think it's time for me to start dressing for winter, I went out today in t-shirt and 3/4 tights, the last 3 miles of my run were into a cold north wind - I hadn't really noticed it before then - and my hands were freezing!!  maybe I'm just a wimp but it's time to dig the gloves out again.  Alos after congratuating myself on nothaving fallen over lately I slipped on a particularly muddy section and skidded sideways landing on my bum.  Thankfully the mud meant it wasn't painful but my legs ended up in a patch of nettles and are still stinging now!  When I said I had got over my clumsiness the other day, perhaps I was wrong.....image

  • Really good 8 mile run this afternoon.   Weigh in not so good - no change,   In fact first time I weighed myself I'd put 1lb on but after a bath I was back to where I was last week - 13st 1lb.  Not to worry I am happier with my running.  I did had 3 pints of guinness on thurs and have had cake a few nights - must try harder this week. 
  • Hi everyone

    Well done Puffin 1 and AndrewB10 on your runs.  That's great. image  I know what you mean about the cold weather - my boiler has just packed up, and then using my cooker to heat my kitchen - that blew up - so it's actually motiviation for me to run about the house and outside - just to keep warm.

    Saving my weigh in for tomorrow morning - so not sure how I've done.  Was doing OK food wise until today (with the loss of the cooker) which consequently means I've snacked on cheese & crackers (I love cheese - like Gromit)

    Was supposed to do a long run today - but my knee is still very tender - so decided to so a short easy run on the treadmill in the gym (that has support) so I could still get a bit of a run in without hopefully doing any damage.  I did 3.5 miles, but my leg feels fine - may have even helped a bit loosen muscles a bit.  Fingers crossed my weight ill be going in the right direction tomorrow image

    Big Mexican wave to Toby3 and Julie, and everyone else image


  • JBiT - I know what you mean, it is my biggest worry as well, especially having waited 30+ years to take up running and then finding out that is has such a huge positive impact on my life. I have been walking gentle uphill walks this weekend and the knee is holding up fine. I will try going back to 3 min run/walks tomorrow, even if I am not doing the 8 min, at least I am out there and running. Trying to eat well and take multivitamins to encourage the healing process imageI hope you have  a better run today & enjoyed itimage

    Yersinia - well done on avoiding the tiger bread. There is nothing worse than an active imagination sometimes - I have the same problem with cheese  image

    Puffin 1 - Hope you have calamine lotion on hand, ouch!

    Andrew - well done on the run - I just worked out yesterday using google pedometer that my current run/walk route is about a mile - I was quiet pleased to have got around it once with run/walk, but having to get around it 3 times (for a 5K run) seems a difficult feat to achieve by easter!

  • Mmmm. Crispbread. image

    Diet wise I've had a good day and I forced my poor children out for a ten mile bike ride but I'm craving something stodgy and sweet now. 

    Puffin: I'm always slipping and falling over. I have discovered since beginning running that wet cow dung is the slippiest substance known to man. Fortunately there is usually a handy patch of nettles to break my fall. image

    Day off running/cycling/working tomorrow. Might even have a lie in!


  • Jess - poor you, hope you managed to get the boiler fixed soon, I am no good in the cold, I get all cross and unhappy so I really feel for you.   Also hope the knee is better soon.

    Zara - hope you're back to running again soon too.  Injury is the worst thing and soo frustrating.

    Gazagirl - lol!  There's never just a patch of nice clean grass to fall into!  My worst was being surprised by my own shadow coming up behind me, jumping and falling over on flat concrete - thankfully no one was about but I did feel a total fool for a long time afterwards. I'm very envious about the day off tomorro, I'll be up at 6.30am as usual.....

  • Back to form today, run wise. I might even move up to week 6 on the beginners prog tomorrow.

    A good weekend generally though, couple of pounds on but I think that was a bit unfair so hopefully it will even out in the next few days.

    I am really desperate for some tiger bread though. It's not that bad is it???

  • HI JBiT

    Ahh great news on the run - glad you're back to form

    All this talk of tiger bread is making me hungry image xxx

  • Now I feel guilty for introducing the subject!

     I suppose it's only bad in so far as I can scarf down multiple doorsteps of it laden with butter, if it's fresh and warm, and I'm in a tigerish mood.

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