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  • ahapartridge

     i also done the beachy head marathon last week thoroughly enjoyed it for my first ever marathon, it took me 6.03.52.

    when is the brighton marathon is it a good event

  • Hi Decamp and toby 3

    It was my second beachy head and I struggled a bit versus last year, but eventually got round in 5.39, although it's quite a tough marathon.

    The Brighton Marathon is in April 2011, although I think that the normal entry has now shut, unless you can get a charity place or a place from someone who is gonna drop out.  It was a great event last year, great weather, brillant support and good water stations etc.  Looking forward to next years event, just need to lose some weight and I'm sure I can beat last years time. 

  • Decamp Brighton is next April but is sold out i think there are charity place available and there is a thread maching those looking for a place with thoses that have them but no longer want them

  • cheers thanks for that

  • Good evening, got home from the IOW today and am ashamed to say i ate too much and only ran once. The scales will be bad tomorrow image

    But next week is a new start, onwards and downwards!

    Well done to all the losers image

    AHA, i too did Brighton this year and again next year, I did 5:39 so hope to shave some off that by being thinner image

  • Evening

    Not as bad as I thought - steady at 10 st 13 - fingers crossed for you too JT

  • Morning losers image

    Didn't have an entirely fabulous day yesterday (lack of trick or treaters meant that we ate most of the sweets ourselves image) but I've still lose 1lb this week image and I managed my longest run for years on Saturday! Only 4.5 miles but I'm really pleased with that - coming back from injuries is hard work. 

    I think each week I'm going to set myself a target and a plan. So this week I'd like to lose another lb, and i have no excuses not to eat healthily. I have one lunch out planned (Starbucks on wednesday for a friend's birthday) but I will check online before I go, and only have a sandwich. No cakes! And a cup of early grey. Usual assortment of runs and a swim on Wednesday too. Sorted. 


  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Gazagirl - every little (1lb) helps so sorry you were a bit hacked off. Just read on further .. ooops to that Trafford Centre mega-meal! image

    Andrew - be a 'grump' like me and ignore trick or treat - no sweets bought so no temptation!

    Sal - holidays are for forgetting diets - but hope those jeans don't get any tighter. Just read on and see you've stayed steady (yay!).

    ahapartridge - welcome along to the thread. Like you said, if only life (weight loss) were that easy.

    toby - out of date spices are probably okay. But Mrs Wm did point out after I moved in that I had brought some out of date food with me.

    JT - hope for your sake the scales aren't too bad today. 

    Len - re trick or treat sweets .. see above! image I was happy with my 'long' run of 5 miles the weekend before last so you're in good company.

    Just the one meal out over the weekend for me as we ate at home on Saturday when visiting my grand-daughter. But I enjoyed the wine with my roast dinner yesterday and the cheesecake afterwards and decided the diet would have to wait until today. Currently tucking into some piri-piri chicken, lettuce, tomato and celery. No running for me at the weekend but I did do some 'cross-training' when I got home yesterday by moving some more stuff from the garage to my study (moved 2 months ago and still unpacking and getting sorted!). Planning to get out for a 4-5ml run after work tonight. Probably going dancing on Wed eve so I expect I'll be getting out running again on Thu eve.

  • image


    5lb on. but back on track and determined that 'this time i will be good.........'

    Well done Sal and Len, especially after eating the trick or treat chocs!

    Waves to Mel, my bottom is still sore after the virtual kick you gave me earlier image
  • Missed my long run yesterday, just didn't feel up to it so didn't weigh my self.  Meant to go to gym lunchtime today  but its been a nice day so went to allotment instead so got a little exercise.  Car in for MOT tomorrow so I'll run home.  Football on weds but night out on Friday.  Will be happy to maintain the same weight when I weigh on sunday. Ate quite a lot of mini crunchies left over from trick or treat  image

     Well done losers

    Julia - well done for getting back on track

  • Hi all,

    I haven't posted for a few days as I've jsut got back from a long weekend in Paris.  I was mostly good I've run all the days and only drank in moderation.  Meals were quite good as a rule with only 1 treat pudding and mostly fairly good choices (but not so good to be dull).  The only problem is I can't help snacking when I'm travelling - I ate 2 chocolate bars while at St Pancras on the way out and a big bar of really nice chocolate with praline filling at the Gare du Nord on the way home!!  Then, to add insult to injury I had a second lunch yesterday after getting back as I had a snack on the train then OH said let's go out for lunch as he hadn't be able to come to Paris.  The result was that yesterday's run was much shorter and slower that it should have been as I was too bloated to go any faster - I even got overtaken image, first time that's happened to me in a long time.

    But - it's a new week and I'm not going to let this put me off track, and hopefully I can be good and by Wednesday I'll be back to last weeks weight.

    Well done all those who have lost this week - good for you!!

  • Evening all

    Puffin1 - I am really bad when travelling as well, something about sitting on a train/plane makes me want to stock up on crisps and chocolate & my meal times get all messed up, so end up eating twice when normally I would eat only once. I always end up feeling bloated when I get off at the end of the journey.image

    So after starting to run for two months now, I decided I was no longer ashmaed of how slow I run and decided to join a absolute beginners running group - the criteria was joining the group was "do you get breathless after running for 30 sec?" I thought I would be in good company (i.e. other slow runners), but turns out I was the unfittest of the group and was miles behind everyone else - the group had to keep stopping and walk back to me in order for me to catch up. Never been so embarrassed in my lifeimageimageimage

    On the plus side, I have now lost 1lb and 1 cm (where most relevant!)image also went for a coffee with friend today to patisserie valerie and resited the temptation to indulge in anything other then cappuccino (my big weakness).

    It was a lovely day for a run, so hope those of you who went out there enjoyed it.

  • We need to stock up on healthy snacks before we go travelling, and not carry any spare change, from the sound of it.

    Sounds like your group wasn't really abosolute beginners, Zara, but hey, if you keep resisting the patisserie, you'll soon catch 'em up.

    I'm hungry now, but Mr P doesn't get home for dinner till ten, so I keep nipping into the kitchen and grabbing a handful of breakfast cereal. Maybe I should get myself a piece of fruit instead.

  • Zara - don't worry about being the slowest to start with, I'm sure most of the group were where you are once and will be only too happy to support you as you improve.  If you enjoy running with others and the people are nice stick with it.  Well done on the weight and inch loss.

    Yersinia - I think you're right, I did take fruit with me but somehow I just didn't fancy it!!

  • Morning all

    Went over the gym yesterday did 50 minutes in the gym then went for a swim

    a really pleased as this is the first good work out i have had for a while hoping to get over for a swim today if time allows

    oh dear it’s Pringles season again i am going to have to be very good with them this year but having said that i haven’t got off to a very good start as we have already emptied 3 tubs oh i do love a Pringle

    Well done to all of you who have been good or got back on track

    and a big wave to everyone eles

  • Hi to everyone, after coming home from work yesterday I was very good and had a nice healthy salad. Then it all went wrong again, I found myself later on in the evening sneaking into the goody cupboard and eating loads of choccy baddies. I need help/therapy, I think its either boredom or habit, so tonight I'm coming home, having dinner then out for a run.
    Well done to everyone whether their losing weight or starting again, AHA
  • good morning

    feeling frustrated today as i was only weighing myself every 2 weeks ive now started to do it weekly.the LCD display on the scales as decided to play mind games with me and omit some of the reading so today my rough weight is 93.8kg which is up from 93.5kg, so i tried again to see if the imperial display was any better and i started off at 14st 1 weighed myself a couple more times and the result just kept going up so im about 14st 10 (i think) i certainly dont feel that heavy.

    so it looks like im going to buy some new scales the good old fashioned dial version when i return from a few days in the lakes(i promise not to over eat and run at once) then perhaps i can start getting an accurate weight.

    on another note does anyone live on the surrey/hamps/berks borders  (camberley/sandhurst area'ish)  who fancies meeting up for a run (put some faces to the names)  either on or off road as i work shifts if so i will pick a couple of dates when im free (shift work gets in the way) if so either post up or send me a PM

    well thats it for now sorry if it's a bit long and disjointed ...... off to pack .......

  • Is it time to re-think having a store of treats and chocolate.....

    Not that I'm blameless, I too bought T or T supplies (I know it's American but it's nice to see the kids happy and interacting with the community). I keep looking at the bag and think a mini bag of Maltesers wouldn't be too bad. According to the advert they're not bad for you at all, advertisers wouldn't deceive us would they??? I'll bring them into work Friday and fatten up my colleagues instead.

    Very happy to have lost a 1/4lb this week. I've eaten quite healthily and now into the home straight on the beginners prog, week 7 of 8. But I've drank a bit more than I should have (you have to when you watch the Albion), if I kept a diary I think it would be telling. I lost about 5lb the week previous though so I'm happy overall.

  • "It's the honeycomb middle that weighs so liddle"

    *Dives off highboard*

    We don't have a treat store.

    Even when I'm not dieting, I don't keep sweets, biscuits, crisps, cakes etc in the house - I just buy them when I have a particular desire for them. But I do usually use a lot of butter, and probably drink more than I should, and like bready and creamy and cheesy things.

    So I don't really have a difficulty resisting treats when I'm dieting, but do have to find a way around the flavour and satisfaction holes left by reducing fat and starch.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Afternoon everyone,

    JT - oops to the 5lb back on image But you'll soon be back on track. And for anyone wondering ... JT's (no doubt lovely) bottom deserved a kick because on another thread she said she thought two months was more than enough time for me to unpack all my boxes after moving in with Mrs WM! image

    Andrew - I would love an allotment (actually have time for one these days). Hope its good news for you when you weigh in on Sunday.

    Puffin - glad Paris was good. I'm the same when I'm travelling .. anything will do (and it does). BTW - I'm always getting overtaken when out running .. gives me someone to chase I guess. I take fruit to work and eat it .. wish I could be the same at home.

    Zara - I had a similar experience when I visited my local running club. Although they were the 'slow' group, they all shot off into the distance. Luckily I had a 'minder' who slowed down to keep me company. Now then .. where can that relevant cm be? Your leg .. your arm?? image

    Toby - well done re the gym & swim. I like Pringles but obviously not quite as much as you and Mrs Toby do! image

    AHA - well done re the salad but oops re the goodies later.

    Decamp - I have to hop on and off my scales a few times. They are so sensitive the numbers keep changing and I need to find out the 'average' each time. Enjoy your break in the lakes. Afraid I'm a bit too far from you (Gloucs) for any meet-ups.

    JBiT - time for a rethink re goodies? Yes! image If they were in my house I would eventually eat them. So I didn't used to buy them apart from the odd packet of peanut M&M's which I made last a few nights (a treat after a run). But now I'm living with Mrs Wm there are some temptations around. Resist! Must resist!!

    Yersinia - I think that's the problem .. the flavour of fatty & starchy things is what our bodies miss. Its managing to control the intake of them that's the difficult thing.

    Well .. my flourescent jacket and I had a little run last night. I felt good so I kept pushing along at what was a quite reasonable pace for me. I managed to do a 3.5ml circuit in 37:40 .. which works out to 10:45 m/m running. Pleased with that as it means I'm getting a bit faster.

  • Hi all, first time on here. I'm wanting to lose a load of weight. (about 2 stone, ish). I do Taekwondo but with the shifts I work, getting to training is very hit and miss. So I started running two weeks ago, as I can do this as and when I please. I weighed in at 14 stone on the dot two weeks ago, now at 13, 11.

    My rout is about 2.5 miles and I averaged 11 minutes per mile for the first two runs or so. Now I'm at about the 9.5 - 10 minute per mile. and almost made it all the way without walking on my last run. I'm looking to enter a race in the new year with a view to running the Jane Tomlinson 10k in Leeds, might even do the York one too.

     Any tips on keeping my energy levels up?

  • Hi all,

    Like a lot of others I can only avoid snacks and treats by not having them in the house, but sometimes life and others just get in the way!  Like today - there are chocolates in the office, so I have been a bit bad a had 2 - they were my faves!!

    Toby - well done on the gym sessions, you seem to be very good at not missing sessions, I admire your dedication.

    Decamp - I know what you mean, I usually take an average of 3 readings on the scales!

    JBiT - congratulations on the weight loss image

    Brendan - welcome along.  I wouldn't worry too much about eating anything extra at this stage, you actually burn surprisingly few additional calories running so anything extra you eat will only defeat the weight loss you are trying to achieve.  In terms of diet just try to keep it healthy and based around fruit and veg and avoid processed foods where possible.  What's your general diet like?

    Well done on getting out there and increasing your speed, it's great to have a goal to work towards too especially in the winter.

    It's Tuesday so intervals session for me - 1.5 mile reps.  I can hear the wind from in the office whistling around the building so I'm not confident about being maga fast tonight as at some stage I'll have to run into the wind!

  • Hi All,

    Just wanted to give you all a bit of encouragement on your weight loss journey. A year ago I was 13 stone and now I'm 9! My username could have been tree-trunk-thighs! I was convinced I had a medical problem but after a battery of tests the doc said "move more, eat less" So I did. All down to diet and running. I joined weightwatchers last September and started running. It worked for me.

    Brendan, Puffin's right about not needing anything extra - you need to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound (or eat an extra 3500 to gain one) and running only burns about 70-100 calories a mile. BUT, running will get your metabolism going and make you lose inches so stick with it. If you want to do more miles then cut your pace a bit. I found when I first started that I went off to fast and knackd myself after a couple of miles. 

    Drink lots of water too, it flushes out all the rubbish and means that you'll be properly hydrated for a run and less inclined to run out of energy - which is often a symptom of dehydration.

    Good luck with your weight loss everyone. It's not easy but it is worth it. Nothing tastes as good as slim feels.


  • hi,

    Good idea guys cheers. I'll keep updating with my results.

    I'm looking at entering a race in the new year as a goal. I'm just building up the bottle to enter it. lol.
  • I don't follow any specific diet - I have a rough idea of calorie intake. If I get to a point where my weight loss ceases, I will probably measure more accurately, but for the moment, it's going okay.

    I think the basic principles of the Gi-type of diet are pretty sound - slow release of energy to stop your blood sugar roller coasting. That's one of the main problems with sweets etc - a massive high followed by an equally dramatic dip which makes you hungry and listless quicker than you need to be.

    So whilst I couldn't claim to be doing that diet, I really do try to avoid too many of those sort of foods.

  • wtnmel - please tell me your story had a happy ending - I am building up excuses not to join the group next week.image

    re: goodies and treats, I tend to binge if I start craving stuff - so allow myself a couple of biscuits every night - this really prevents me from binging on an entire packet of biscuits on a friday. image

  • Good evening everyone, luckily 4 of the 5lbs has come back off and i've had two fantastically good dieting days where i have avoided everything calorific so if i can just stay strong for another 5 days i should have a result next week.....

    Andrew sounds like you had a good bit of cross training in your allotment!
    Puffin glad you had a great weekend, i think i've proved it goes on quick but comes off quick too as long as you get back on track quick enough! image
    Zara sounds like you were misled with the group! I would say go with your gut feeling. If you feel they were cool with waiting then go back, trust your instinct.I always have to buy sweets for the car journey if it's more than an hour .....Well done on the loss by the way.
    Yersinia low GI sounds good to me too, sugar is definitely a drug for me. Anything that keeps me full for longer has to be good. Not sure i could wait until 10 for my dinner. eek.
    Toby didn't you know - once you pop you can't stop!
    AHA hope the run has stopped you nibbling? You need diversion tactics, a hobby, knitting, a bath, painting your fingernails, model airplane,painting. Delete according to sex or preference image
    Decamp have a fantastic time in the Lakes, a truly beautiful part of the world. I always used to find that with the dial scales i could lean one way and lose a bit...
    Well done on your loss JBiT. Hmm the lighter way to enjoy chocolate eh? Trouble is i can't stop at just one bag so i have to go without all together.
    Waves to Mel, luckily for you my bottom has recovered.
    Welcome aboard Brendan and well done on your loss image I ditto Puffin and twiglets advice. Also writing everything down and weighing it all can be a real eye-opener.
    Twiglet you have done fantastically, well done! It is all down to simple maths at the end of the day isn't it.

  • Yersinia  - I agree about the low GI method, especially avoiding over processed food as they have little nutritional value but loads of calories.  The other thing to watch it diet foods, they tend to be reduced fat but add extra sugar to make up the taste.  Having said that I also agree with Zara that allowing yourself a little bit of what you fancy can help to stave off binging - whatever works for you is right I guess!

    Julia - great news about the 4lb!  Just goes to show that a bit of over indulgence is not the end of the world especially if you nip it in the bud.  Weigh in day for me tomorrow so I jsut hope that the last couple of days being good have made up for all the chocolate.....

  • Morning all

    Went over the gym yesterday but just did the 3 sets off swim 10 walk 10 in the pool will try to get over there again today time permitting

    Julia T great news about the 4lbs I knew you could do it

    Zara that a good idea about the treats it does stop you craving them

    Brendan Welcome

    tiwglet well done to you it stands as an inspiration to us all an proves it can be done

    Puffin how did the intervals go hope you never got blown off your feet

    Mel oh yes the Pringles get a beating over Christmas i am afraid most people get a beer belly i get a Pringles belly

    Waves to everyone else
  • Toby 3
    What are you doing up at dark o'clock
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