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  • just got in from work
  • Still got 2 hours left for me
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Brendan - welcome along to the thread. We're looking for similar weight loss but you're a stone lighter and a minute per mile quicker than me (and probably younger!) Re energy levels .. I think just keep away from the 'junk'.

    Puffin - a fresh approach maybe or just me being cynical, but I saw an ad this morning for Celebrations sweets. The tag line was "spread the joy" and I just thought to myself .. what joy? it's just chocolate and nothing special. Hope those intervals went okay yesterday.

    Twiglet - an encouraging story re your weight loss and yes .. "move more, eat less, or do both" is the only way.

    Yersinia - I don't bother with GI or any other type of diet .. just try and be sensible. But you just reminded me its time I started having porage for breakfast again.

    Zara - my story didn't have a happy ending but please don't let that put you off your club. My club were great and the 'minder' ran along with me all the way and the faster ones stopped a few times so we could catch up. My problem was we ran across uneven fields and I stumbled and stretched a ligament in my ankle. I was unable to run for three months and am sticking to pavements, tracks for now. Not sure we should allow those nightly biscuits btw - maybe make it one a night or one every other night? image

    JT - great news re the weight loss.

    Toby - well done re another gym session done and dusted.

    I am off to Ceroc dancing later - now I'm back doing it regularly I really look forward to it.

  • Morning losers!

    Wednesday weigh-in - 81.3kg - that's another 1.1kg off. 5.4kg in the first four weeks. It always starts fast and slows down though.

    Candy I can take or leave, but wine is the treat that I really don't want to give up. I'd say I've probably almost halved my intake, and it wasn't that high to start with, but I associate a glass of wine with a really nice meal. Not easy to resist when my partner is sitting there with a glass.

  • Hi all,

    The intervals last night went well, it wasn't too ewindy other than the last 200m roughly so i just pushed through.  I didn't think they were that fast but on looking back I saw that each rep was about 20 seconds faster than the last time I did the session so I was pleased with the result.  Today's session is a 2.5km or so swim later as a change from the running.

    Yersinia - congrats on losing again!!  Well done.  Know what you mean about giving up wine, there's nothing like a glass of red at the end of the day.

    I weighed in this morning, same as last week... but then I suppose that it's not really surprising as I have overindulged this week.

    Wtnmel - hope the Ceroc was fun, what sort of dancing is it?  I've heard about it but never actually seen it done.

    I was driving home from the station this afternoon pondering what would possess someone to buy a Robin Reliant.  They're inherently dangerous and very slow indeed - why would someone buy one when there are so many other cheap small cars out there??

  •  the tax on a robin reliant is the same as a motor bkie and you don;t need a car licanes to drive on

  • Thanks Toby - it becomes clear!
  • Afternoon losers image

    mmmmm a large glass of chilled dry white for me, something with a hint of gooseberry and lemon image

    Well i never knew that about the robin reliant Toby. They say you learn something every day.

    Yersinia fantastic result for you, well done.

    Puffin well done on staying the same as you overindulged. Sounds like you had a good interval session too. I need to start them again to burn fat and gain speed, i've spent the last year marathon training and it's done nothing for my 5k pace!

    Decamp you were awake at silly o'clock too - working it would seem?

    I bought a fab Wii game yesterday, My Fitness Coach, get in shape. You have to input your vital statistics and you can input your HR too and it gears it to what you want to achieve. The half hour workout had me sweating i can tell you! far better than the Wii Fit, and only £9.99 in sainsburys!
  • Hello all image

    I have achieved something today - had to go for a lunch at Starbucks for a friend's birthday - so I checked online in advance to see what was good/bad in terms of calories (truly scary - there's a shortbread with over 25g of fat!! Jeeeeezus!!). So I had the falafel panini I planned (362 cals - not bad for Starbucks) and I was going to have a marshmallow stick thing (136 cals) but they didn't have any so I had nothing - not tempted by anything else. Can you believe that even their "skinny" muffins are about 350 cals?? That's practically a meal lol! So I just had my panin and an earl grey. And just eaten an apple. Hooray!

     I figure that I'm not going to stop living/going out - but I can make the healthiest choice I can when I'm there. 

    Plus I managed a run this morning, and I'm swimming later too. Yaaay! 

  • Len, Well done. I wish I had your will power. lol.

     My vice is the snackingon sweets, chocolate, etc etc. I need to do some study on good/bad foods. I know sweets and chocolate are bad, but most of the food I eat is probably bad for me. I'm just too fussy an eater to be eating loads of veg and stuff. lol.

  • wtnmel, I'm 30. I am quite lucky in that, even though I'm overweight, I've always been quite fit. I've always had a desire to push my self to the limits over the years whenever I do something.
  • afternoon

    when it comes to snacking im ok so long as the packet remains unopened but once the seal is broke then its open season.

    had quiche when i got up at 1100 after a nightshift  for dinner or was it breakfast.

  • YEah I just had Scrambled Egg on toast for dinner/breakfast after a night shift.
  • Starbucks stuff is truly astonishing in terms of calories.

    I used to work with a woman who was permanently obese, permanently dieting and going on about 'syns' etc, and pretty much every day would have one of the fatso Starbucks coffees and a "skinny" muffin. Totally misleadingly-named item. Might be okay as an occasional treat, I guess.

    The falafel panini sounds like a sensible and tasty choice.

  • ......is officially a dress size smallerimageimageimage having just managed to fit into a dress that I have been unable to wear for three years! (& trying very hard not to "treat" myself with a pack of jaffa cakes!)image

    off topic re reliant robin---eeek!! so what kind of license does it need? did anyone catch jeremy clarkson trying to drive it in Top Gear - I think in an episode sometime this summer - it tipped/rolled over 2-3 times en route to its destination.

  • Congrats on the smaller dress size

  • Hey losers!

    Julia - Wii fit game sounds fun, I've tried some of them and they seem good and harder than you think!  Speed training is the only way I shift pounds and get any quicker so it has to be done.  Feels really good once I've finished!!

    Len - I too admire your will power - good for you.   Know what you mean about Starf***s there's a lot of calories in most of the stuff they sell.  Also read in the paper this week about them and Pret's breakfast granola pots - huge amounts of fat and sugar while purporting to be healthy options.

    Decamp/brendan - weight loss when working shifts is harder asyou're never eating when you should be so well done to both of you.

    Zara - well done on dress size - what a boost it is!!!  imageimageimage

    Re: the Robin Reliant - the person driving seemed to be a bit of a menace - 25mph mostly then up to 50 in a 40 zone!!  I'm sure she was scared about rolling, she was doing about 15mph even around the most gentle corners.

    didn't maange my swim today, have had a dodgy stomach since last night that has not got any better through the day - in fact I was very thankful I chose to work from home today as I was up and down to the loo at scarily regular intervals.  So, in case it's a bug I thought swimming would not be wise and so ahve stayed home eating pizza instead - oops!

  • Morning all

    Went over the gym yesterday did about 50 minutes that breaks down to

    10 minutes on the bike

    10 minutes on the rower

    10 minutes on the cross trainer

    10 minutes walking on the treadmill with it set to 15% gradient

    10 minutes on the stair climber

    Did a few of the exercises given to me by the physio then a nice swim and a Jacuzzi

    Puffin sorry to hear about your tummy i hope it gets better soon

    Zara echoes the congratulation on dropping a dress size

    Len well done on resisting temptation

    Waves to everyone else

  • brendan chadwick wrote (see)

     My vice is the snackingon sweets, chocolate, etc etc. I need to do some study on good/bad foods. I know sweets and chocolate are bad, but most of the food I eat is probably bad for me. I'm just too fussy an eater to be eating loads of veg and stuff. lol.

    Apparently chocolate is very good for you IN SMALL AMOUNTS. Particularly dark chocolate with a high coco percentage. It is similar to the heath benefits of red wine in that it has lots of antioxidants. There are a lot of 'bad' food which are really good for you as long as you don't over do them. Beer, in particular cask conditioned with purer ingredients, is better than some commercial re-hydration drinks. It re-hydrates quicker and replaces lost carbs. It also has some antioxidant properties, is good for the skin and alcohol helps thin the blood. On top of which it reduces kidney stones as it decalcifies and flushes the system out. That doesn't mean 10 pints a night will be beneficial but one after an intense workout can be part of a healthy calorie controlled lifestyle.

    I think there are a lot of diet myths that are based on biased of erroneous research. I don't think low fat is actually good for you. Butter is a pure product and much better for you that some hydrogenated vegetable spreads. I don't believe that you should cut out all the good things, just spend the same amount and buy less but better quality and appreciate what you do have more.

  • Oh dear, guess i'd better stop eating the 'skinny' muffins then, unless it's for lunch instead of a treat.

    Zara fantastic news on the dress, well done.

    Len well done on avoiding the bad stuff in Starbucks. I looked up the calories for Harvester pubs and was shocked to discover my favourite desert (lemon blizzard) is over 700 cals!! will not be having them again.

    Puffin hope your stomach is better today, one way to lose weight i suppose?? image

    JBiT i totally agree with all you've said. I read something in a Good Food Healthy cookbook which said -

    "The more a food is processed the worse it becomes for your health and the more expensive it is!!!!!!"

    too true
  • waves to everyone else image
  • Thanks for the good wishes - still not feeling great thins morning but have come into work so will see how it goes and decide whether to run later.

    *Waves to everyone*

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Morning losers,

    Yersinia - well done re more weight lost. I'm the same with wine - but when I suggest a cup of tea instead Mrs WM says image 'Syns' are a term used by WW or SW (can't remember which one) but the lady kidding herself about 'skinny' stuff that isn't doesn't sound all that unusual!

    Puffin - well done re those intervals .. shame you stayed the same but there you go. Ceroc is modern jive. Do you remember one of the films they used to show between BBC programmes .. a roomful of people dancing in a hall with a teacher on a stage? That was Ceroc. Ha ha ha - just seen your reference to Starf***s. Sorry about tummy trouble - hope you're feeling better soon.

    Toby - I knew that about Robin Reliant's but had forgotten until you reminded me! Well done re your gym session.

    JT - what, no hint of beetroot in your wine? Happy nooo Wii game - keep on (sweating) glowing. AFAIK there is no such thing as a 'skinny' muffin - its just something dreamt up by marketing people to kid you into buying it.

    Len - well done for being very virtous at Starbucks and for the run. Hope you got swimming too.

    Brendan - no need for me to study good/bad foods. I have the first two WW books courtesy of an ex-girlfriend and the details are all listed there. Ahhh .. I remember 30 <sigh ..> I'm only joking! I'm actually 59 next year but mentally I'm a lot younger and busy trying to grow old disgracefully.

    Zara - a big woo-hooo re dropping a dress size! imageTreat yourself to something non-fattening like some new lippy, perfume or something new to wear. Not sure what the male equivalent is! image In the meantime, here's your dancing fruit (another idea shamelessly ripped off from another thread I write on) ..



    JBiT - agree with your posting. I'm not a believer in 'fad' diets or any that say none of this or none of that. I think my doctor had it right - everything in moderation.

    Ceroc dancing was good last night - but the intermediate class was sooooo confusing. It took me ages to 'get' the moves. I wasn't alone though - the teacher said he'll make it a bit easier next week .. just a bit! May get out for a run later - depends on whether Mrs Wm and I decide to undergo 'ordeal by tesco' tonight or tomorrow.

  • Well the LCD display on the scales finally gave up,so today I weigh 00
  • Huge congrats on the dress size, Zara! How good does that feel? I love putting n smaller clothes - it's a real motivator!!

    How re you feleing, Puffin?

    Managed a half hour swim last night. Today is my favourite day though - Rest Day image.

  • Afternoon all

    Well just had my official weigh in for the week and weigh in at 13st so i have now managed to re-lose the weight i lost 2 weeks ago which grand total of 4lb since we started

    I was kind of hoping the weight would start coming of quicker when i started exercising again which it seem to be

    As for getting to worried about the calories in everything i am afraid that if that was the case i would not last five minutes on a diet as you would have to cut out to much off the food i like

    As Mel’s doctor said everything in moderation i just couldn’t bear the thought of not eating certain foods ever again i no i am a weak, weak person

  • Hi Everyone

    Firstly - well done Zara -  good work.  Hope you're feeling fabulous.

    Well done Toby - relosing what you put on is at least going in the right direction.

    Hello Julie T and everyone else.  Hope you're all good.  I'm using JBit's 'chocolate is good for you' (although my forget the "little bit of"' beforehand).

     I've not weighed myself since Sunday (I usually weigh myself everyday) but have a feeling I've gone back to 10 stone 5 (which was what I was two weeks ago, before I lost 3lb, put two back on last week - think another's probably gone back on this week).  I think it will depress me if I go back on the scales again, so will just keep at it, try to be good at the weekend and if I'm still 10.5 on Monday, I'll be happy enough that I've not put any more on.  About to go for a quick 3 mile run in the gym as I need to wash my hair (finally getting boiler fitted at home tomorrow - whoo hoo).

    Hope everyone is well image


  • Well done Toby on the 2lb and Zara on the dress size.

    Like puffin, I've had to cry off swimming today with a slightly gippy tummy. Hopefully I'll feel up to cycling into town this evening for a show, so that will have to be my exercise for the day.

    Got a perilous weekend ahead - making a big chocolate fudge cake for my nephew's 18th birthday, and going out for a meal to celebrate.

  • Thanks everyoneimageimage and to wtnmel for the crazy dancing bananaimageimage might save up my brownie points for weight loss till christmas and treat myself to one of those super-slim nearly-not-there ipod thingys & a decent set of headphones that don't fall off when running.

    Feeling fab today - dress will get another outing this weekend, plus I went for a early morning yoga class and came out feeling like I was walking on air - one of the best instructors I have ever had. Makes me wonder how I have lived without exerciseimage - surely this must be a turning point?image

    Puffin 1 and Yersinia - hope you are both feeling better or on the way to recovery. Remember that the body needs a bit of rest to fight off illness.

    JBIT quote" I don't believe that you should cut out all the good things, just spend the same amount and buy less but better quality and appreciate what you do have more." - I couldn't agree with you more.

    wtnmel quote"I'm actually 59 next year but mentally I'm a lot younger and busy trying to grow old disgracefully." - I passed 30 some time ago, but mentally I keep trying to be 30, which is quiet hard when the bank calls up and asks me for my age on my next birthday *sigh*image

    Re: the beginners running group, I am not joining in next week, I don't mind running behind a bunch of people, but its no fun when its cold, wet and muddy outside. Instead found a lunchtime running group which though not a complete beginners group is much more supportive of my running - the running routes are desinged in such a way that us beginners can do the shorter routes and catch up with the rest of the group for the next round.The only pity is I ditched a dance class to try the beginners running group - now the class is out of spaces.

    Jess L- good luck with the weight loss, and great to hear that you boiler is arriving tomorrow - now you can pack some of the woolies away!image

    Len - enjoy the well deserved Rest Day! 

    Decamp - Great news - enjoy it while it lastsimage maybe even buy some size 0 clothes?

    *Waves to everyone else*

    **Wonders if there is a limit on the number of smileys in a post**

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