Sospan Road Runners Multi-Terrain 10

I have been doing this event since 1994 - it's always been a favourite. 
The rising cost of entry is making me think again about entering. As a couple, that's £30 spend before we leave the house.
Why do we want chip timing? 
Why no entries on the day?

No showers, presentations done outside in all weathers - not exactly top notch facilities. It's always been a rough and ready club run that was extremely enjoyable. We've laughed at the naff prizes over the years - the letter opener was classic - as was the huge red fleece hat.

It's sad to see these popular races going the way of the big money spinning events. Our own race is just £7 to enter, we give T-shirts to all entrants, lovely glass trophies to the winners, and still donate over £500 of the profits to charity.

Think I will give it a miss this year - shame. image


  • We've had same thought - and its an extra £2 to enter online???? always thought that was the cheaper option?

    we've managed to keep our race to a tenner again, and you get a xmas pud, a goody bag, free parking [another £2 here], and loads of spot prizes.

    seems ott to me!

    Harriercat - did you do it back in the days when it was 8.75 miles??

  • I'm sure the first time I did it it was under 10 - and it used to change slightly depending on logging in the forestry - hence you could never compare times year on year - you still can't, the weather can drastically alter your times. If the wind is behind you on the beach your feet don't touch the ground!

    Your race has to be the Merthry Mawr!  another great fav.- my first time was in 2001. As you say, price held down at £10 - last year I had sherry and mince pie at half way too.....

    I would guess that they have added the Runners World on-line entry fee to their entry fee, rather than take a hit on their entry fees.

    Your entry fee is a great selling point - I will certainly push it to our members. When we select our club championship events we have to be mindful of what we are asking members to pay - especially when we have couples taking part.

    See you at the pudding run!

  • thanks for the kind words - they'd better be quick if they want to get in though - its almost full already!
  • And now it is full!
  • Anyone had their numbers yet?

    Despite the expensive entry i am looking forward to this race,but the weather looks a bit dodgyimage

  • Even though you have paid the increased entry fee, they are not sending any numbers out, so we have the pleasure of queuing up to collect our numbers in the freezing cold.

    oh, and don't forget you also have to pay to park....

    Still, as you say, looking forward to doing it. (Probably for the last time, think we will concentrate on the lovely mountain runs, they tend to be just a few quid to enter, and we don't miss having a medal/t-shirt/hat/mug  for finishing.)

    see you there! 

  • Harriercat, i dont like queuing..especially in the cold image

    If you like offroad hilly races,theres Ras y mast the following weekend ,near LLanybyther about another 50 minutes north of Pembrey organised bt Sarn Helen running club ,its one of my favorite races,6.5 miles mostly offroad,but a couple of big hills and lots of mudimage

  • sounds great, I will check that out, especially as I missed the pudding run entries this year, (and sodbury slog) never been one to plan too far in advance!
  • not had my number yet
  • This is what is printed on the postal entry form - although I can see that it doesn't appear on the website, so if you enter on-line you may not be advised. 

    Chips and race numbers collected on the day. For further information, please contact Gillian Phillips on 01269 860671 or

    I'm too tight to pay an extra £4 just to enter on-line (for both of us) hopefully that should cover the cost of parking!

  • thanks  glad somebody knows whats going on
  • dont need all that messing around b4 a race
  • They have now decided that you can enter on the day - which kinda suggests that they don't have too many pre-registered after all. Just make sure you dress up warm... but then your car will be half a mile away from the start...image

  • That's a good little half mile warm up back to the car after registration then back to the start!  Keeps you warm at least!!

    I wouldn't miss this race for anything (apart from perhaps the stinking cold i have developed today but chucking lemsips down my neck right now!!) but this year I hope there's no sideways stinging rain on the beach.....that was quite hideous last year! 

    The only downside for me this year is that i don't think i've really recovered properly from Snowdon to do a decent (for me) time but would stilll rather do it than stay home!!!

  • Elan Valley 10- the day before and only a tenner on the day, with pronises of soup and cake!image

    Good luck to all runningimage

  • Now decided that I'll probably do Elan Valley and Pembreyimage See you there...
  • Harriercat- where does it say you can enter on the day?????????
  • I've been told that too Jason, from a Sospan member! So it must be true!!!!
  • Andrea- and a Sospan member told me at today's race that you CAN'timage

    And their website says the same....

    1.09 btw on the Elan Valley 10 today- hills, but great weatherimage

  • Morning image

    Have a great race everyoneimage

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