That's it, I've had it. Where I liveenow there is no lighting on the pavements and they are all completely potholed. I will get a broken ankle before I get a PB in the 10k.

The only time I can run is in the mornings and now it is dark in the mornings. I am therefore contemplating buying a treadmill and placing it in the garage and doing my morning runs that way.

Any recommendations on treadmills or links to reviews would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


  • why not get a headtorch?? that will throw enough light so you can see where you're going.

    and a damn sight cheaper than a treadmill!!

  • Got one of them. My LED headtorch could be used from the top of prison towers to take potshots at escaping convicts it's so powerful. But no good around potholed pavement. Tried and tested. There's also safety issues here, with morning traffic and pedestrians. You ever seen the sidewalks in a German town? They are about 2 foot wide with cars buzzing past at 50 miles an hour. Not very pleasant even if you are dressed up as  a well lit Christmas tree (like myself).

     It will have to be a treadmill I'm afraid.

  • fair enough - at least you've tried it.

    how about a gym treadmill? gym membership may work out cheaper over the winter months than buying a treddy which usually cost a good wodge for a decent one. cheap ones tend not to last that well I believe.

    there have been a few threads on treadmill ownership - perhaps do a quick search
  • Thanks, will do that search thingimy. I think you are right. If you are going to buy a treadmill you need to buy a proper one. That means forking out some serious dinero.

    I have given much consideration to the gym idea. There is one close by. My real worry on that front is that I am fast approaching middle age red blooded male.

    If the gym is full of fit women I'm liable to get excited.

  • "If the gym is full of fit women I'm liable to get excited"

    all the more reason to join then eh?? image

    as the Yanks say - do the math. and then see what may be the best option. and when you look at the treddy maths, think of resale value as well in case you get fed up with it. depending on model, it may have zilch resale or top dollar. those used by gyms are usually good pieces of kit and hold the value well on resale; consumer versions might not do so.
  • All the more reason to join for sure. Mrs JayVee knows it as well and might have a word or two to say about that.
  • I bought a reebok treadmill via e-bay - new - for the princely sum of £150.

    Its lasted 2 years so far and still going strong.

    I use it maybe once a week / fortnight, but the wife runs on it 3 times a week.

    Loads cheaper than a gym and serious waddage not neccesary in my opinion.

  • There's a lot of different treadmills out there of varying degrees of quality.  We bought one mainly so the wife would have a chance to get some exercise while looking after our little nippers.  However we ended up spending a bit more (£1000) to get what we felt was a good one that would last us a while.  I use it myself during winter and think it's a great piece of kit. 

     Your choice will really depend on what features you want in the treadmill and how often you plan on using it.  What top speed you want, how high an incline level, the motor power, linkage to your heart rate monitor if that's important, does it need to fold up, what length/width of belt......

    I spent a long time researching ours and based on lots of other good reviews went for the Horizon 507 - So far it's worked out very well, had it for over 3 years now and haven't had any complaints.

  • Thanks for that.

    What about the noise on the Reebok and the Horizon?


  • I brought a Reebok one about 7 years ago.  Use it roughly 2/3 times a week.  Cost £750 but still going.  Motor came with 10 year warranty.  Cheaper than al them gym memberships plus added advantage of being at home for conveniance.  More likely to use it.
  • Noise is not bad on the Horizon, I've used it at 5am in the house without waking up wife and toddler so it can't be that bad!!!!  It's no noisier than a gym treadmill, you get used to it pretty quickly.
  • Ghost Rider. Wife and kids is a very good becnhmark. Exactly the situation I'm in.

    I think I found one EUR 650.

  • I bought a ProForm 3.6 treadmill a year ago for about £450. I've used it 3 or 4 times a week and it has given me no problems. It's pretty solid and the perfect size for me (68kg, 165cm).

    There is a later model now and so this version can be picked up pretty cheaply now. Look here:
  • I have a ProForm 360P which I paid £399 for 5 years ago! It has never given me a bit of troble and I use it fairly regularly.

    I live on my own so I'm not worried about waking anybody up but I don't think it's too loud. I suspect that reading the post above that this model has long since been superceded but when it does go to that great scrapyard in the sky I would have no hesitation in buying another.

  • Cant really comment on the noise. I mean - it makes a noise - but then the sound of 12 stonme of me pounding along is going to make a racket no matter how quiet the treadmill motor!

    The cheapest reebok doesnt have a motorised incline etc, but I just stick a couple of phone books under the front end! For £150 its belting!

  • Thank you all for the advice. I have now bitten the bullet and am a little under EUR 700 poorer.

    The thing should arrive Thursday or Friday let's see if I live to regret the purchase.

  • Which one did you go for in the end?????
  • I bought it from German Ebay. I live in Germany. Below is a link to it, all the specs seem right, but I guess when I manage to give her a good thrashing I'll know if it was worth it. Oi Oi! You just had a dirty thought.

     Here's a link to the ebay site Daily Run 4500

  • Well I hope you have better luck than me.  I bought a Pro-form 585 perspective just over 3 years ago. It was on the recommendation of Runners world and it wasnt cheap (about £750) It has developed an intermitent fault rendering it useless.  It would appear that the only way to fix this -(since it is now out of warantee) is to replace the entire console bit at a replacement cost of £500.  I loved this machine....any suggestions?  It is gathering dust now.

  • 500 to get it fixed? Ouch. Might as well buy a new one right? The whole stress of having to get something like a running mat fixed is something that I hope to avoid.
  • If you don't ask you don't get.

    Why not try the retailer or manufacturer on the basis of 'not fit for purpose' or 'not of merchantable quality'.

    Suggest that there may have been some basic flaw for the console to go so ,quickly after all it is only a pushbutton job and your fingers are hardly4lb hammers! There may also be some 'memory' on the machine to indicate how little(?) used it was until it broke down.

    If you can do this calmly (with a nice smile & fluttering eyes) you may just get a deal. The manufacturer may even be aware of a problem with some of the machines. Most companies encourage/depend on repeat business and obviously will not get that if their (expensive) machines breakdown too soon within warranty or otherwise. They can only say no and get no further business from you or your recommendation.

  • Thanks for the ideas.  I have tried "negotiating" with the manufacturer several times to no avail.  It would appear that the problem is related to the complexity of the console as it had a built-in DVD player. So if any advice needed out there avoid running machines with fancy whistles and bells.  However I am also of the view that what has been made by man can be fixed by man- anyone know a guy out there that might be able to do the job? (Glasgow area?)

  • Just out of interest what is the fault with the treadmill?  If it's intermittent it may just be something simple like a loose connection.
  • Exactly.  Tried all the obvious things, and  gym guy I had in to look at it couldnt /wouldnt open the console itself. Manufacturer on broken record of "complete console replacement only" not parts itself.  If I has a really good electrical engineer prepaired to have a go....might be a way forward.

  • Not endorsing or claiming to know whether there are any good, but did a quick search on Google:

    They are based in Edinburgh, might be worth a try.  I'm sure there would be somebody similar in Glasgow,.  You may also try calling Powerhouse fitness shop in Glasgow (They are just along the street from Slater's menswear), and ask them if they might know of anyone who repairs treadmills.

  • The technology can date very quickly these days. Many things nowadays are not repaired but simply replaced. Three years old, DVD.... I doubt there will be much that can be serviced within the console but if you are not getting the use of it no harm in giving an engineer a freehand to see if anything can be done. I can understand an engineer's reluctance as he/she would have to charge you and ask for an affidavit so you have no comeback if they make matters worse.

    I still feel £750 was paid for this complex piece of technology and whereas you could understand problems with the running board etc the console should be the most robust piece of the machine. I would be very annoyed if the manufacturer could not make some conciliatory offer. Did you pay by credit card - they may help. Have you asked the Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards? How about your Household Contents insurance policy?  - I cannot see a console easily coming under 'wear and tear' after such a short time. If the insurance does not cover it you may still qualify for free legal advice thru' your policy.

    Your advice about 'bells and whistles' is so true buyer beware!

  • I bought a NordicTrack T9 Si or similar last winter when it became clear that the snow was here to stay for a while. Bought it over others after it came top in the RW treddy test and have to say it's been great so far. It's nowhere near the quality of the LifeFitness stuff you get at a gym but for £600 it's been very good value for money in my humble..

    Prior to buying we'd had rental treadmills which were also pretty good. You might want to hire one for a bit, make sure you like it and either do a deal with the supplier or shop around for your preferred model.

    Good luck with it.
  • Finally it will arrive tomorrow!

    When I bought it they said 4-5 days. 17 days later and they called and said it will arrive tomorrow morning. Sweet!

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