I've won the loan of a Wattbiike

Just had amazing news today. I have won a cycling weekly competition for the loan of a Wattbike for six months along with support and advice from a coach and sport scientist. There are three of us and our progress will be tracked on a monthly basis.

Watch this space for more news...

So excited, never won anything before 


The competition 


  • Oooh watt fun PT

    Well done    image
  • Ooooh congrats.... great price! 
  • Wow!  Well done, IPM
  • Oohyou lucky beggar ! Well done you !!

    <awaits phonecall from the Gadgetshow>

  • What a fantastic prize!  Congratulations. Look forward to hearing how it goes. image
  • That's nice - had a few goes on them - what did you say you were training for to win it ?
  • Fantastic...well done you.image
  • brilliant...............

    are you going to have a party so that we can all come around and have a goimage

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading regular updates.

    When does it arrive?
  • I was thinking the same seren image

    Love to hear what it's like, whether they're as good as they claim.

    Well done, IPM

  • a watt bike party... thats different !!!

    the bike is arriving the first week in November i think....

     I have to go for an assessment at the Fletcher Sport Science peformance centre sometime during the first two weeks in November and then I will be given a training programme.

    I will make sure I keep you all updated with progress.


  • IPM lucky you! you gonna be a bike monster by next years IM effort then?image
  • That is very cool. I'll be doing some Watt Bike coaching, but sadly I have to pay for it myself!! image They are great training tools image
  • Hi Lee hows your IM training going?
  • mmmm total silence from Lee..........image
  • Thats probably coz she is to busy trainingimageimageimageimageimage
  • umm.....what's a "watt" bike? One that has a power metre? never heard the term.

  • Yes basically just a spin bike that measures power.   They are quite nice.

    The company has some kind of tie in with British Cycling - so all the regions have some and the regional BC officers take them round different venues and events to promote cycling.   My cycling club does a lot of kids stuff and we've had them down our club room a few times.   Think they are just under 2k a bike so not cheap but when you think about it there's probably more to them than a normal 2k road bike.   

  • i've got one of them, its an excellent way of establishing how shit you are!
  • Off to evesham tomorrow to measured for the bike and also to have a "physical assessment", hope they are not expecting a cyclist! image
  • well I've been interviewed, videoed, photographed and assessed for my training programme.

    I arrived at the assessment centre at about 11. (See the link below). Its a brand new building and the main room is full of  gelaming brand new watt bikes, rowing machines and treadmills

    The physical assessment was quite easy - it was basically 30 minutes of gradually build up followed by a 3 minute max heart rate test and then a 10 minute cool down. The 3 minute test was good fun and I'm pleased to say I hit my max heart rate

    The first part of the assessment look at my cycling technique... which apparently has a lot of room for improvement!! The Watt bike has a linked screen showing power, hr, cadence and load of other stuff.  It also shows the power you are putting thru each leg in the form of a peanut shaped graphic.

    Next week I will be sent my programme - after each workout I download the workout details to a laptop and then send to Eddie (sport scientist) for analysis.

    There are three of us who won the competition and we meet monthly for assessments and progress checking.They are looking for some good PR and so are really keen to help us progress and improve.

    My Watt bike should arrive in the next week. I'll post the programme when I get it

    Sport science place
    Watt bike

  • I've striving to get a peanut.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I could bring you some peanuts to Rutland

    PTL - cool - does having the wattbike mean you don't have to do outdoor cycling till the nice weather comes back?
  • Nice one Purple.  Looking forward to hearing how you progress.  image
  • debbo - yep thats correct imageimage, thats suits me just fine. They reckon 1 hr targeted training on the bike is worth 2hrs cycling on the road.

    still wanna new bike tho  image, will drop you a mail

  • holly - apparently I can get a peanut but its not fat enough image
  • sounds coolio IPM I take it you are fighting fit wasnt your hamstring playing up? mine is still killing meimage its that bad I am seriously thinking of going backonmy word and entering a 2011 Ironman to teach a lesson image
  • peanuts after a winter of training on that you wanna see brazil nut  shaped graphs
  • ridge - not hamstring, Ive been having ITB problems so not running much.

    so which IM?? Wales/Henley?? goooo on you know you want to imageimage

  • IPM SSSSSHHHHHHH! secretly saving for IM Wales but gonna try and link it in to taking the kids away for a week hiking in Snowdonia after (good post race recovery yomping up Snowdonimage) while I am in the area imageif its full if/ when I get the cash together Henley also sounds good

    I can cycle and swim no problems with no pain more than 30 mins of runninng and my hamstring really starts moaning very strange hope the ITB band clears up I take it you are doing all the usual ITB stretches etc

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