The Skeleton Run 5

Anyone entering this race?

I never run in the dark before but this race sounds like a good experience. Anyone ran this before or got any info?




  • race day nearing. Anyone else inteding to run this?
  • might have a chance of winning this. Looks like i running on my own.
  • Oh no your not !!

    Think there are 4 of us going image I have my outfit all ready !
  • Brilliant. You done this race before Toonette?
  • No not done before, but got the bug for night running at Thunder run and this looks fun.
  • Me & a couple of friends are running it. Did it last year and it's very tough (you go up Beacon Hill twice), but really fun image
  • I not done this before. Dont really know what to expect. Is there any club runners who do it? What an average time to get round?
  • I'm doing it with some people from my running club. It's pretty tough as you climb Beacon Hill twice. No idea what time as I don't know how fast you are and we only really did it for a laugh anyway. As it's going to be pitch black, I wouldn't expect anything fantastic image
  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭
    I did it last year, it is tough but good fun. I think my time was about 34 mins and I was 4th. The two laps are pretty tough, but what goes up must come down, the decents can be fast so a good head torch is a good idea. Not sure if I am up to it this year, I have lost speed! but it is a fun event too so maybe I will give it a go. Good luck all those doing it.
  • Really enjoyed this last night. I though the organisation was excellent. Anyone else run? Anyone know when finish results are available?
  • Hi,

    Thanks to everyone who took part last night, you all looked great, especially mankini man who ran like the wind and came 3rd! Perhaps he was just keen to get back and get a cardi on. The results are done and dusted and have been sent over to the webmaster chappie, so they should be up on the The Skeleton Run page, (click on the Pure Outdoors button on the home page)sometime this afternoon.

    I have a few items of lost property so if you've mislaid anything let me know.

    Thanks for all the great comments, we take on board everything and are always trying to make our events even better. In response to a couple of comments;
    We used 760 glowsticks on the 5 mile course, I can always use more if needed. There was a marshal at the upper car park at mile 3 from 7pm. The prize giving was later than usual. We had a couple of marshals who would have been handing out drinks at the finish not turn up, so I was busy ensuring we had enough water/cups for everyone; I'm afraid I think making sure the race and runners are safe is more important than the prize giving and would hope that you understand. The microphone decided to stop working just before the prize giving, such is life. All of the winners were present and received their prizes apart from Zoe Procter who was 2nd Lady. I had already spoken to her and she was happy for the 1st Lady to collect her prize for her as they're friends.

    Finally, to the 'kind soul' who pinched the Start banner, how pointless is that. It belongs to Up and Running who would like it returned if possible.

    So thanks for making a brilliant night, we had a laugh.

    Gaynor Prior.
  • Another fantastic race. Loved it!! There seemed to be more people in fancy dress this year, so next year we're going to make more of an effort image The only thing we were disappointed with was that the toffee apples ran out so my friend didn't get one. Still enjoyed ourselves though and the hot chocolate van was a godsend.

    Looking forward to next year already!

  • Good fun, really enjoyed it. Where can I find the results?

    Also zap me the dates of all next years races so I can add them to the Toonie Express Adventure Race Calendar

  • The results are on the webiste. Looks like you came 22nd. Well ran.
  • Enjoyed the race and also missed out on the Toffee Apples image I came in at 57'24 .
  • the winning chap from Barrow was a bit speedy. I started of the grid with him and he shot off. I stayed with him for about the first 30 seconds but that was about it. The first hill really rook it out of me.
  • Yes, Tom has either won or placed a few times on that course, either at The Skeleton Run or The Beacon Hill Run, he is rather quick! Well done to everyone though, some great times on a tough course.

    As to the toffee apples, we had enough toffee apples and bananas for everyone. As I said the marshals who would have been dealing with the drinks and goody bags etc didn't turn up so my Dad was roped in to help. I'm afraid he didn't stop the earlier runners helping themselves to more than one toffee apple/banana although I kept telling him to and so they did run out, which is a shame. Next year I'll have loads more marshals and I'll just order extra so this won't happen again, 'cos we all love a toffee apple!

    Chris, I'll send you over the dates when they're finalised; so far The Beast will be on 27th February (so we don't clash with your event on 6th March) and we have a new race The Dirty Deerhunter on April 9th.

    I'm going to set up a Facebook page for The Skeleton Run in the next couple of days so you'll be able to upload any photos etc.

  • Gaynor

    Will the race be scheduled on the Friday of Halloween weekend next year?



  • Hi James

    Yes it'll be on the Friday before Halloween. I'll get a Facebook page with a link from our website up and running this week so I can put any info/updates on it. If anyone has any photos from the night we'd love to see them, please email me. Also I'll be having a meeting with the Head Park Ranger this week. We need to address the car parking entrance as the machine is just too slow. I'll see if they will disable it and we can possibly add the car parking fee to the race entry fee. Obviously I'd prefer if there wasn't a car parking fee but all that money goes towards the up keep of the park.

    Anyway I'll keep you posted...

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a decent turn out. I was unable to make it, I had stuff to do and coudn't there on time, shame - i'd even replaced the batteries in my headtorch in preparation.  I'll pencil it for next year.

    Although, If i'd have ran the same time as last  year i'd have been 3rd, but since I am probably a minute or so slower this year it sounds like i'd have been following a guy in a borat suit, so maybe a blessing in disguise that I never made it!

  • I'd just like to add our thanks to everyone for making this a fun night!

    As newbie runners I found it was a nice balance, a fun but challenging event.  We'll definately be back!



  • Gaynor just some feedback for next years race.

    Could there be clearer visable mile markers?



  • Hi James,

    We don't have mile markers in any of our events. Our races are all trail or adventure races, not road and as such we feel that mile markers detract from the sense of being out in the country and it adds to the fun not knowing, unless you have a garmin, how far into the race you are. I only run trail ultras and wouldn't expect to see mile markers in a trail event. Sorry if you like them James but we'll never use them!

  • Just saw the thread and thought I'd post! Really enjoyed it - was great seeing so many people in fancy dress and loved the toffee apple! (Thanks so much!) I was a bit worried about turning up in fancy dress (as I was a bit worried I'd be the only one) but the atmosphere was great and running in a tattered wedding dress just added to the fun!

    Will definitely be entering next year although I'll be getting a better head torch as a failing light on the last, fast mile made it a bit more 'adventourous' than I wanted! image


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